Slog PM: UN Climate Change Report Is "Code Red for Humanity," Seattle Children's Isn't Doing Enough to Combat Racism, Glo's Will Scoot Up to Capitol Hill Station



Great news about Glo's. I lived in the Biltmore for 4 years and going to Glo's was always a pleasure. Happy to hear it's still around and doing well and now expanding.


How much is Sound Transit delays contributing to CO2?


@3 Significantly less than you do by continuing to breathe. Mind cutting it out?


Jasmyne is probably the most level headed SLOGer. She has an opinion but she expresses it more through her story choices than using lot's of adjectives and bleeding all over the page.
Well done Jasmyne.

A couple of takeaways about the election maps.

1) No matter whether a precinct (or Seattleite) voted for Harrell or Gonzalez, you can bet your last dollar that 98% of them voted for Joe Biden, so can we dispense with the histrionics?

2) The near the water observation works of course to suggest wealthy versus not as wealthy. But I wonder if it points to a disconnect I was surprised by when I moved to Seattle. I moved here because it's by the Sea. It's a port town, not land locked, open to the world. But when I moved here I was amazed at how big swaths of the city are completely separated from the maritime history and industry of this town. As the crow flies the widest distance in Seattle is from Shilshole to Magnuson and that is only 8 miles, so no place in Seattle is more than 4 miles from shoreline. Yet there are places in Seattle you can go and it seems like your are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles from the coast, hell you could spend your day (or life) in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and never know you were near the coast. I blame the bullshit designs of I-5 and the Alaska Way viaduct. It was the 1950s Robert Moses style that completely cut off a huge segment of this city from its history. Hopefully now that the viaduct is gone we can reclaim some of that. There are lots of good blue collar jobs in the maritime industry and historically sea going cities and people have led the charge on equality and progress.

3) Good god such a pathetic voter turnout. We really need to move the city elections to even years, and have the mayor and the majority of council members elected in presidential years.


'Climiate Crisis'?
'repubs' tell us we
got it Handled so no sweat.

when do we Finally
hold them Accountable?

(so glad we're suing EXXON [perhaps et al] for their role in Actual Science dismissal cum Propaganda attack on the Citizenry via Mother Nature. ex-cel-lent. perhaps we'll get 10¢ on the $ ?)


@6 kristofarian: Yep--those are RepubliKKKans, the Greed Over People party for you. They're hellbent on killing everyone and destroying what's left of the Earth for that last Almighty Dollar---and STILL, despite glaring evidence that climate change is human made---- won't take accountability. Just imagine what a utopian world we could have had if Al Gore--Former President Bill Clinton's VEEP from 1993-2001 and author of An Inconvenient Truth had taken command of the White House instead of Dubya / Cheney? The U.S. Supreme Court mishandled the 2000 election on its decision. Ralph Nader's snagging of votes in Florida back in 2000 didn't help the Democrats, either.

I say we should just isolate climate change denying, willful misinformation superspreading RepubliKKKans, their lawyers, lobbyists, fixers, enablers, QAnon thugs, Proud Boys, Patriot Players, trophy bitches & bimbos, snotnosed heirs, down to the dumbest of MAGA-stupified rubes--and ship them off to an island to fend for themselves. I say good riddance. If they're going to stubbornly remain unmasked and unvaxxed, let 'em die. Especially if they proudly claim that doing so is fahtin' fer their Free Dumbs at the cost of hundreds of thousands of human lives.


Ah, good, it was included in the PM roundup. Real slow day today, for there to be only seven posts between AM and PM, with one of them being that the Stranger is hiring.

Maybe everyone was, like me, feeling demoralized at the reminder that misery is the only future Earth has left to give to humanity.


Awww, somebody give Knat a hug


'don't care'
does not equal
burn the fucker down
for massive Profiteering

hold the fawkers

oh and Duck Fart*?
put a Cork innit.

*Methane Mallard?
Gassy Goose?
el Flatulence?


@5: If you're not rounding up, what specific two spots are you using for your Shilshole to Magnuson measurement? It generally seems to be less than 8 miles.


All local hospitals should be investigated proactively assuming the fact that our local institutions reflect the bigger social and governmental institution founded on racism and white supremacy. Investigate the UW medical system connected with Children’s. Or the various “research” studies taking place at Odessa Brown. As a POC social worker I’ve faced the irony of helping the oppressed while being oppressed by the agency I worked for. They are all hiding these assaults. Even the likes of Bailey-Boushay House and its executive director.


"For the first time since the panini[*] began... "

hmm. you musta been
Hungry whilst typing.



The problem being: is there an island large enough to hold them all that would be willing to take them?


@11: It must be embarrassing to be the sole natural gas source in your mom's basement, Daffy. Does she give you a discount on your rent for co-existing with the mice and spiders?

@13 kristofarian: Thank you, kris. I could not have said it better myself.

@18 COMTE; Aw, shit--you're right! Somehow I knew there would be a snag. I was thinking of prison cells in someplace like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba Or how about willfully GOP-forgotten Puerto Rico? Remember how Dubya's VEEP, old Dickwad Cheney loved inflicting torture? Or what if RepubliKKKans ad nauseum were dropped down onto the Sahara Desert or the Gaza Strip where would they would be really unwelcome, and with little to no natural resources to sustain their gluttonous lifestyles fueled by dirty money that they're so accustomed to?
Maybe if the natives having all this toxic RepubliKKKan waste dumped on their desert island nation were given the choice of how to dispose of their vile about incentive.
It seems to me that if RepubliKKKans were stripped of all their dirty trillions$ and resource$ they'd immediately turn as helpless as baby kittens.