Oliver on top.
Oliver on top. NATE GOWDY

King County Elections dropped about 60,000 ballots today, including about 30,000 from Seattle, leaving only a small number of votes left to count. The latest tally continues the leftward trend in last-minute returns, and should finally put to bed the perennial bullshit about a conservative backlash, at least with this primary.

Let's take a look:

The big news: Nikkita Oliver now leads Sara Nelson 40 to 39.5 in the race to fill the citywide Seattle City Council president Lorena González vacated to run for mayor. Over 1,200 votes separate the two candidates.

Oliver isn't the only abolitionist leading a race, though. Last Friday Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes conceded after former public defender Nicole Thomas-Kennedy established her lead in the field. Today's numbers support his campaign's decision, with NTK slightly increasing her lead in the three-way race. She's now three points ahead of batshit Republican Ann Davison, 36 to 33. Holmes's vote share stood at 31.

Former Seattle City Council President Bruce Harrell's lead over González narrowed to two points. That race now stands at 34% to 32%. On election night, Harrell was up over nine points.

Seattle City Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, who's running for reelection, unfortunately did not crack 60% as I had hoped, though she still absolutely dominates her field.

King County Executive Dow Constantine's lead slipped a little, but he's still north of 50%. He leads state Senator Joe Nguyen 52 to 32.5.