Slog PM: Trees and Breezes Saved Seattle's First Day of the Second Heatwave; Florida Gov. Ronald DeSantis Shows Jeffrey Dahmer How the Game Is Done; The Terminator to Antivax America: “Screw Your Freedom”



There is no constitutional right to refuse to be vaccinated. These fucktards need to be held down and forcibly vaccinated. Every last one of them. One of these asshole nurses in Germany injected 8,600 people with saline instead of the vaccine. Seriously. The Supreme Court ruled no one has the right to refuse a state vaccination mandate. It's how smallpox was eradicated. Every state needs a mandate NOW and every fucktard that refuses can be fined into financial ruin until they give in and get the shots.


@1, Its The End Of The World!!!


In basic training, nobody ASKED you if you wanted vaccinations.
Nobody gave you a choice.
There were no exceptions for age, or religion, or god forbid for politics.
The drill sergeant didn't ask your permission. Or make you call for an appointment.

Nobody objected.
Nobody died.
Nobody pouted.
Nobody complained about their "Freedom".


speaking of Reluctants:

Texas Hospitals Are Already Overloaded.
Doctors Are ‘Frightened by What Is Coming.’

SAN ANTONIO — At least two hospitals in Houston have been so overwhelmed with coronavirus patients this week that officials erected overflow tents outside. In Austin, hospitals were nearly out of beds in their intensive care units.

And in San Antonio, a spike in virus cases reached alarming levels not seen in months, with children as young as 2 months old tethered to supplemental oxygen.

Across Texas, health officials warned of overloaded, strained hospitals, a growing crisis not seen since early February, when a late winter wave deluged the state’s health care system.

More than 10,000 Texans have been hospitalized this week and at least 53 hospitals were at maximum capacity in their intensive care units.

“If this continues, and I have no reason to believe that it will not, there is no way my hospital is going to be able to handle this. There is no way the region is going to be able to handle this,” Dr. Esmaeil Porsa, a top health official in Harris County, which includes Houston, told state legislators on Tuesday.

end the

oh, and,
Fuck off


Coronavirus should do a Passover on the houses of the antivaxxers and their enablers.


When Mayim Bialik was on Blossom, I couldn't help but notice that when there was a story line that she was kinda sorta bad girl, her tits got bigger.

LeVar Burton dodged a bullet, maybe the steady paycheck would have been worth it. But game show host is washed up like a dead seal on the beach.


@ 7, I was moved by the this:
LeVar Burton dodged a bullet, maybe the steady paycheck would have been worth it. But game show host is washed up like a dead seal on the beach.


DeSantis was all for the creation and distribution of a zika vaccine back in the day, pretty sure he took it more seriously than coronavirus

Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06) is calling on Congress to take action on the necessary measures to combat the Zika threat. DeSantis has co-sponsored the Zika Eradication and Good Government Act, introduced by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26).

"The spread of the Zika virus represents a serious public health challenge to which Congress should respond," DeSantis said. "To combat this threat, I cosponsored Rep. Carlos Curbelo's Zika Eradication and Good Government Act and am committed to doing what it takes to protect the American people. Congress should take up this issue as soon as possible."

@7 I like to think he turned them down. he looked at the offer, put on his geordi glasses, and said, "fuck you I'm out!"


"Do you [@2] wait until
it’s burned to the ground
and then go 'well, I’ll go get
those smoke detectors now.'"

not to worry
jakkky'll have his
Cake and eat it too:

apocalypse + dystopia =
Own the Libs
BLAME them!

A twofer!


Charles, I still find it odd that you refer to LeVar Burton by a role he played ages ago.

It would be like saying, Ronald Reagan, you know, the president of the screen actor's guild.

Or Arnold Schwarzenegger, winner of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding contest.


nyt: F.D.A. to Authorize Third Vaccine Dose
for People With Weak Immune Systems

The decision to expand the emergency use of both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines is meant to help transplant recipients and others whose immune systems are similarly compromised.

France has offered additional vaccine doses to certain people with poor immune responses since April, and Germany and Hungary recently followed suit. After considering several regulatory pathways, health officials in the Biden administration decided that expanding the emergency use authorizations for Pfizer and Moderna was the fastest route to reach those most in need.

The F.D.A. is also expected to grant full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine by early next month, a move that also would give physicians more freedom to prescribe additional doses.

--Sharon LaFraniere and Noah Weiland
Aug. 11, 2021

much more at:

how ‘bout if you’re
in close contact with
an immunosuppressed
grandkid? that oughtta qualify.


@11) or Terminator...


@11 The past resides in us all - that is to be respected.



I don't know who you are including in "we," but pretty much everyone I know thinks DeSantis is on the highway to Hell and in the fast lane. Or at least we would if we thought there was a Hell. People like him make me wish there was.


@9, sure, but don't forget that Zika was real, like really really real, not a libtard hoax.


@13, 14,

It's just odd to me that the first thing Charles thinks of when the name LeVar Burton pops up is Roots. Hell, John Amos had more screen time as Kunta Kinte than Burton did.

Like... you don't think of Reading Rainbow first? Or even Geordi LaForge? Roots was over 40 years ago.


@1 for the win!



I give you a pass on The Terminator reference because it's both one of Arnold's signature roles and one that is also very recent (he last played it in 2017, though that film was a mess).

And yeah, Kunta Kinte was a big role for Burton, but it was so long ago and Burton's done so much more since then.


I wonder if the dumbfuck anti-vaxx nurse in Bellingham is the same dingbat who had the sheer audacity to ask me last summer when I, Griz, otherwise happily divorced and childless, was being prepped for a full bilateral hysterectomy five days after my 56th birthday in pre-op:
"Have you taken a pregnancy test yet?"
Here's hoping my amazing OB-GYN, who has mercifully brought 43 years of monthly agony to a sweet end, gave her a bop on her pointed head.
Regardless, I hope that nurse gets fired and soon before she's any more of a public health threat.

@1 +1 Agreed and seconded. xina for the WIN, baybee!!!! :)

@2 STFU, jackass.

@12 kristofarian: Thank you and bless you for sharing some good news, kris. We need all we can get. :)

@16 dvs99: I believe there IS a hell, and the citizens of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are among those currently in it, deliberately misgoverned by Greg Abbott, Tate Reeves, Kay Ivey, and Ron De Santis. The anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers are all going down, kicking and screaming. And when they reach the deepest of fiery depths, face to face with their Lucifer, ol' glowing Orange Twitler itself, their shocked horrified cries will be,"Wait!........WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?" While Trumpty Dumpty laughs its evil ass off for all eternity, sinking deeper into the Mar-a-Lunatic Swamp.
If we can't end MAGA-stupidity, COVID's delta variant most likely will.
I predict that the reddest of Greed Over People regions of the U.S. will rabidly become desolate wastelands within the next decade. Much of the Southeastern United States is already a food desert, and many people are forced to drive long distances to get fresh produce, meat or dairy products, let alone anything close to decent healthcare.

@20 Will in Seattle +1 Agreed and seconded. Thanks for beating me to it. :)


Xina has won at these awards far more times than Meryl Streep ever did at the Oscars.


@23: Elmer for Jealous as well as Clueless! It's a twofer!