Slog AM: Biden to Recommend Boosters, Tropical Storm Grace Batters Haiti, Pike Place Market Turns 114



«The Associated Press reports that the Taliban yoinked an "enormous" amount of military gear when they waltzed into power.»

The plot of a dozen movies in the Aughts.
USA always leaves a huge amount of ordinance behind when it leaves a military zone. Too expensive and time-consuming to ship the heavy stuff around the world. So we leave these gifts to weapons dealers, criminals, warlords and anyone else who can carry it away.


«A 68-year-old woman has accused Dylan of sexually abusing her when she was 12 "in his apartment at the Hotel Chelsea in New York City"»

If she really was at THE Chelsea Hotel with Zimmerman in the 60's, then this is a slam dunk case!
Hell she might have molested Dylan at the Chelsea Hotel in the 60s!


"... new and improved earmarks 'cannot be directed to for-profit entities and lawmakers must certify that neither they nor family members have a financial interest in funded projects.'"

this is Total bullshit:
if you're gonna Destroy
any & all Motive for running
for Elected Office you're gonna
get Nuthin' but a bunch of 'do-gooders'
who only wanna Improve this f'd-up Country.

if this ain't the
END of Capitalism
then I don't even know


For the first time in 20 years, America is finally at peace after another catastrophic failed war.
We suffered an historic humiliating defeat in Iraq, too, just in case anyone forgot.

Now we have to survive the Republinazis' virus-spreading civil murder-suicide carried out by the likes of Governor Mengele in Texass and notorious Florida dicktator, moRon deathSentence. They're killing their own people.


@ 1,

The Taliban have their own air force now, thanks to US taxpayers, while our own hate-crazed Tr666pnazi terrorists seethe with envy over how quickly that psychofascist death cult conquered their country.


7.2 Earthquake / Tropical
Storm Grace Batter Haiti
‘Cause Why Not?

Haiti’s gotten the shittiest end of the schtick ever since Black Human Beings decided they’d prefer NOT being chattel Slaves and told the World to fuck off with that notion and leave Haiti and its sovereign Peeps the Hell alone.

so they were Sued into insidious and perpetual Poverty by the Capitalists who’d “lost” all that future Income they ‘would have realized!’ had they only been able Sell those (NOT WHITE) (60%-?) Human Beings on the Auction Block.

so Why can’t
those same Black
Human Beings coun-
ter-sue for reparations for
their Loss of Just About Everything?

well wasn't that Nice
of US to arm the Terrorists
there as well as we arm them here?

who needs a Tank?
anyone? we're having
a Special in Aghanistan!


nyt: George W. Bush says the events in Afghanistan fill him ‘with deep sadness.’

President George W. Bush, who ordered the 2001 U.S.-led invasion that drove the Taliban from power, said this week that he felt “deep sadness” at the group’s takeover of Afghanistan and defended his decision to launch what would become America’s longest war.

“Our hearts are heavy for both the Afghan people who have suffered so much and for the Americans and NATO allies who have sacrificed so much… ”

so sorry gee dubya
no matter how Many
times you warsh or paint
your hands you’ll NEVER get
all that Iraqi Blood off of them

oh and don’t forget to
Thank the dick Cheney
the Real architect of our
Mess in the Middle East.


@5 To fly the planes, they need skilled pilots which somehow I think are in very short supply amongst the Taliban.


@ 8,

Where do you think all the US trained Afghan pilots are? They didn't cease to exist over the weekend; they'll be incorporated into Taliban rule.


While nearly everyone wishes the exit from Afghanistan had been better planned and less bloody, Biden is right to argue that if the Afghan Army wasn't going to oppose the Taliban, then why indulge the expense and risk of keeping our troops there? Biden simply couldn't see that as being worth the expense and risk, and given how the Afghan Army capitulated, it's hard to argue with his logic. The one key mitigating factor: the Taliban's brutal crackdown on women. Terrible. Clearly, the Taliban are trying to appear more peaceable and modern than they were before, but... how long will that last? At least the evacuations from the airport are going well. But... so few theocracies foster anything resembling an open culture. And many Afghan women will suffer terribly because of our withdrawal. Drawing board plans can easily be drawn and erased; not so, human lives.


the So-
called 'right'
has little Use
for womenfolk
other than baby
makers babysitters
cooks and bottlewashers.

the Patriarchy will
die a Very Hard Death and
if they gotta take Everyone down
too they're quite Happy to pay that price.


As to the vaccine booster, the actual report says the 8 month period is for old people (e.g. the ones who got the shots first) and immuno compromised people, who lose their antibody resistance more quickly than do younger people.

If you're under 65, don't get excited, you can wait and get a better tuned combo COVID/flu mRNA vaccine sometime around October-December. Which is about when most flu shots are given.


Wait, the Dems don’t seem to give a crap about the political fallout with what is going on at the southern border and Republicans have been saying we should resettle Afghanis for months now. I call bullshit.
Biden didn’t have a plan and is now looking for political cover.
I voted for competence not a less vulgar clown show.


@8, 9: you can't fly planes that don't have skilled mechanics to maintain them. Prior to the collapse, the planes were being serviced outside the country. That just ceased.

I won't be surprised if they're destroyed along with a lot of other equipment and ordinance in the coming days.


8,9- should be a simple matter to destroy each plane left behind on the ground. Much better use of the drones than blowing up weddings.


@5, @8, @9, @14: And one of the most complicated maintenance procedures is de-commissioning the aircraft for a long period of inactivity; a modern aircraft can't just be left parked indefinitely without preparation. So, those unmaintained aircraft will rapidly lose airworthiness, just by sitting there.



Rich--you're clear-eyed in a way that I appreciate. Thanks for the work and words.


"Where do you think all the US trained Afghan pilots are?"

They're at the Kabul airport trying to get out of the country.


Good going, Maggie! You are proof that a smart and diligent third-grader can help save the planet. My heart bows low with gratitude.

Gosh, I'm not so sure that with the wide lack of civic responsibility these days there should not only be more crossing guards, but that they should be armed with anti-tank weaponry for those drivers who think fast and furious is a legitimate life choice.

Say what you will about Pike Place Market being mostly for tourists, I think it is one of the jewels of my beloved Seattle. Really, few vistas are prettier on a cloudy autumn afternoon or on a low-light winter's day or during Seattle's Technicolor summer. So happy it has been able to survive when so many other things haven't done. Let's celebrate its birthday by tearing down that ugly and inapposite skybridge at the Convention Center - the one that blocks that gorgeous panorama as one descends Capitol Hill on Pike. That view used to remind me how lucky I was to live in glorious Emerald City.

Haiti. Haven't a clue how to meaningfully help Haiti. I suspect there will be problems raising funds for the people there this time around after all the celebrity telethons and smartphone donations in 2010 when sadly, much of that help was misdirected or bungled and wound up being spent on caviar, vintage wine, and/or put in Swiss or Grand Cayman Island bank accounts. I guess there are still people in tents from the last earthquake. Even the UN peacekeeping force, I've read, hurt more than they helped. I don't know whether to be cynical or naive, but there will continue to be much hunger and misery there, it seems, regardless of what we do to help.

I read yesterday that the new, Taliban-appointed mayor of Kunduz is ordering goverment and other public workers, who have been staying home for a week out of fear, back to work to restore utilities and other services destroyed or interrupted during the invasion of the city. They must report back to work immediately or "face punishment." Well, that didn't take long for the threats to start.


I just got an ad for whippits here. You know some hippycrack would chill you right out.


We can trade Afghan refugees for local opiate addicts. The Afghans get safety and tiny homes, the addicts get to go to the promised-land...straight to the opium source! Every one is a winner.


@9 - Well, the ones who didn't fall victim to Taliban assassination over the last couple of months have mostly fled the country already. Having an aircraft comes in handy for such a thing.


Way to GO, 8 year old botanist Maggie, for spotting a noxious weed to help protect healthy plant life in Washington State! Agreed and seconded with Bauhaus I @19. Please feel free to help many of us eradicate noxious political parties, too, such as the GOP.

Rest in peace, Maji Kari, creator of Sudoku.

Thank you, Rich and Governor Jay Inslee. If the VA notifies me by December 2021 (the CDC recommended eight months after my second Pfizer vaccine), I am ready for my booster with my annual flu shot. It will be worth it to stay ahead of the Delta variant and MAGA-stupified anti-vaxxers.


We shouldn't have been in Afghanistan in the first place. Ugly entry, ugly exit. Smartest thing Biden did was do it early on in his administration. It would have been political suicide year 4 because there is no such thing as a good exit. 3 years from now, you'll all be going on about different topics. So kudos to Biden. I feel for the women, but women are being brutalized all over the world and we don't give a FUCK unless it helps us with oil or arms.


@25: Of course, if I can get a COVID booster sooner than December 2021, I'll gladly take it.


@25 Part III: Whoops! I also give a shout out to President Joe Biden, too, for his sound recommendation of a COVID booster. I'm pretty sure Governor Jay Inslee would be on board too.


Happy 114th, Pike Place Market!!


Happy 114th Birthday, Pike Place Market!!


Sorry, Rich and everyone, for the duplicate post.


when Rush the Oxymoron preached on his radio show he prayed for all the drug addicts to. be. Executed. then he got hooked too but how much Damage had he already done? enter the Sacklers...

shall we Execute them

sorry, Pushers

in the Known fucking Universe.

whatchya Say
gaseous one?
give 'em the ol'
Death Penalty?
show 'em what fur?


more on Filthy
Rich Drug Pushers:

Sacklers Threaten
to Pull Out of Purdue
Pharma Opioids Settlement

A scion of the Sackler family, the billionaire owners of Purdue Pharma, vowed in court on Tuesday that the family would walk away from a $4.5 billion pledge to help communities nationwide that have been devastated by the opioid epidemic, unless a judge grants it immunity from all current and future civil claims associated with the company.

Absent that broad release from liability, said David Sackler, 41, a former board member and grandson of one of the founders, the family would no longer support the deal that the parties have painstakingly negotiated over two years to settle thousands of opioids lawsuits brought by states, cities, tribes and other plaintiffs.

“We need a release that is sufficient to get our goals accomplished, and if the release fails to do that, then we will not support it,” Mr. Sackler declared during the fourth day of fractious testimony in the confirmation hearing for the bankruptcy plan of Purdue Pharma,

whose misleading marketing of the prescription painkiller OxyContin is widely seen as igniting the opioid epidemic.

Instead, he said he believed the Sacklers would resume fighting all the cases “to their final outcomes” — a process that would be inordinately costly and protracted for everyone involved.

by Jan Hoffman; Aug. 17, 2021

when ‘respectable’ Billionaires
cause an Epidemic – a fucking
OPIOID EPIDEMIC, killing tens
or is it hundreds of thousands
we still gotta kiss their asses?
Put ‘em in the Stocks. And let
the Families have Their Say.

speaking of drugs
and addicts and shit


yep good ole Purdue Pharma

whose misleading marketing
of the prescription painkiller
OxyContin is widely seen
as igniting the opioid


The Afghanistan "mistake" was made in 2001/2002. Once we went in there was no getting out unhumiliated. The last 19 years have been nothing but graft and blood soaked procrastinating.