Slog PM: Abbott's Got COVID, Tukwila Fire Kills Three, Name This Tacoma 'Pus!



she's Beautiful! I
shall call her


If he’s asymptomatic, then why is Abbott receiving antibody treatment?


no Sashimi


@5 It's some bizarre form of Progressive virtue signaling.


I'd say "Tacoma 'Pus" is as good a name as any out there.


Another example of the glory of high density living. Even if they had sprinklers and were on flat bedrock foundation your still fucked by an idiot who otherwise would only burn their own house down.


@8 - yeah, I know many, many people can’t afford to live anywhere other than these big complexes but there are so many reasons they suck - fire being a major concern.

I realize sprawl sucks as well. There are just way too many humans, and I think that every time I see a friend posting photos of their amazing baby like they just won a prize or did something special. All I can picture is the mountain of diapers going in a landfill multiplied by millions. Sigh.

I feel terrible for everyone displaced and of course for the deceased.


@ #7: Octy McOctface


The least Abbott can do for the great state of Texas is die. Of course all of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers deny Abbott's vaccinated and will receive treatment they will never receive (and paid for by them, too).

It will be interesting to see how many of the Republicans who attended his unmasked fundraiser end up sick and/or dead (and how many of their family members also end up sick and/or dead).


@11 - Hopefully none



My vote is for Ophelia for Tacoma's newest octopus.

@11 xina: +1 Agreed and seconded. Now if only Greg Abbott could die and take Ron De Santis with him. Then their unmasked anti-vaxxers can all follow their willful misleaders. I say good riddance.


Ophelia, Octavia and Ceph are my 3rd, 2nd, and 1st choices, respectively.

Ophelia is a frilly lace nightie, with vaguely mythical-sounding pseudogravitas—yeah, yeah, it's Shakespeare—but really only in the running because it starts with "O".

Octavia is more grand, with true imperial gravitas; a nod to the slightly educated, and a wink to those eight tentacles.

Ceph is down-to-earth, frank, and approachable. A cute shortening of her taxonomy that makes her sentience relateable.

I took the survey, and by the way: Just as in the infamous The Stranger Seattle Flag contest, if you clear your browser's cookies, you can reload the page and vote again, repeatedly.


"You should be happy
a blavk man is
getting paid."

I know!
we've come
so FAR from Slavery!

thank God
we don't gotta
pay* for their Education.

*very much


@11: But that would make Mrs. Abbot very sad, so don't wish that.


look on the Bright Side, droppins -- perhaps his death from the Covid might go far in her recovery from the Stockholm Syndrome. there's always Hope...


@2 I’m gonna assume that Abbot has financial ties to Regeneron, so it’s in his financial interest to promote it. Same with Ron Desantis, Rand Paul, Richard Burr, Kelly Loeffler, etc. You know what else prevents hospitalization from COVID—getting vaccinated.


@18. How sad do you think the families are who lost kids and parents as a result of his policies? That tree should have finished the job, Abbot is a menace and his demise can't come fast enough.


@21: As a philosophical construct, such a wish for a death doesn't serve any purpose but to quench the visceral human response for vengeance. That said, it can be fun to use to blow off steam - I admit.


@22. It's not about vengeance, it's about getting a madman out of power who makes it illegal by his own whim to mandate masks. His demise (not necessarily death) is merely the most efficient instrument to accomplish this. I could give a rat's ass about his wife when she enables his murder.


@18 & @22: Idiotic comments like these only prove that you really are an ultra maroon, Elmer.

@20 Mr. Friendly: Good catch. I suspect the same thing. Greg Abbott is pushing the Trumpian death cult for a profit, at the expense of all Texans, just as Ron De Santis is forcing exactly the same fate on all Floridians.

@21 & @23 Garb Garbler Agreed and seconded.


@19 kristofarian: Mrs. Abbott is further proof that we really do need a strong vaccine against RepubliKKKans.


@15: Vote however you like, Gaspar. Ceph, however scientifically correct, just doesn't do it for me. Neither does JLo for Jennifer Lopez.