Republican governors would rather have their names linked to dead children than life-saving masks.
Republican governors would rather have their names linked to dead children than life-saving masks. FatCamera / Getty Images

Violence worsens in Afghanistan. A public protest against the Taliban turned violent, with protestors and journalists beaten by Taliban soldiers. Hundreds of people marched, and at least two people were killed. The airport has descended into chaos as the US refuses to help thousands of people desperate to escape the chaos we spent 20 years creating. There are some particularly horrifying details about desperate people killed when they tried to stow away in the landing gear of a military plane. Meanwhile, a British lord had the stupidest possible take on the entire thing; aristocrats deserve to be boiled like lobsters.


Volunteers are needed to welcome Afghan refugees to Seattle. Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee Services is seeking help with an anticipated wave of Afghan immigrants. Would you like to pick up arrivals at the airport, or prepare apartments for newcomers? Get in touch.

Florida will punish two school districts for requiring masks. The Florida Board of Education will impose unspecified penalties on Alachua and Broward County public school districts for requiring masks. Members of the board are appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican death cultist who has received millions of dollars from the CEO of a company that invests in treatments for people diagnosed with COVID.

Washington hospitals need help now. Hospitals around the state are nearing capacity, and worker burnout is worse than ever. Hospital overcrowding has been worsened because some patients don't have anywhere to go after being discharged — either they have no friends or family left to care for them, or long-term care facilities are at capacity. Nearly all of the new COVID hospitalizations are unvaccinated people.

Children will die. Pediatric COVID cases are on the rise in the US — more than 121,000 were reported last week. “If you look at those individuals under the age of 12, what you find is that it is very rare that kids under the age of 12 have anything other than the sniffles,” said Mississippi’s Republican Governor Tate Reeves, who opposes a mask mandate. A few hours later, Mississippi news outlets reported the death of 13-year-old Mkayla Robinson from COVID.

It’s against the law to be poor in Halifax. Halifax Regional Police are raiding an encampment this morning while citizens struggle to protect the people whose only housing is a tent or temporary shelter. Surely, this is the best possible way for a government to protect its most vulnerable residents.

Drought is over (if you want it). I have some good news and some bad news about all of our water sources drying up. The good news is that some scientists say that we’re not in a drought! The bad news is that we’re in something worse: Aridification, that is, the long-term drying out of an ecosystem. Several states are now experiencing an emergency water shortage, which means some people will wake up one morning to discover nothing coming out of their taps. Residents “will have to figure out how to deal with the ramifications,” says one official.

Mae Whitman, she of the mayonegg, publicly comes out as pansexual. Welcome out to actress Mae Whitman, voice of Katara and ex of Scott Pilgrim. She can currently be heard voicing Amity on Owl House, which I still haven’t seen, I know, I know, I need to, stop nagging, I’ll get around to it.

Right-wing maniacs will have to pay Rachel Maddow a quarter million. The bonkers news site OAN sued Maddow after she called them “paid Russian propaganda,” a very serious allegation! They probably would have had a better chance at winning the lawsuit if they didn’t employ a reporter who also works for the Kremlin’s news agency Sputnik. OAN will have to pay at least $250,000 in legal fees, so I hope Maddow’s lawyers treat themselves to something nice.

Get out of here, you! The Stone Cottage finally started moving late last night, and I do mean late — like around 2 am. There was supposed to be a bit more ceremony, but multiple members of the moving crew came down with COVID, so they pared things back.

Labyrinth just got a lush remaster. It’s out now in beautiful 4K and will screen in theaters this September as part of the film’s 35th anniversary. Give it a look — you know, should you need it.

New trailer goes back to Star Wars’ roots: Japan. I’m cannot WAIT for Star Wars: Visions, coming September 22 — an anime approach that looks absolutely gorgeous. The original Star Wars borrows heavily from Kurosawa’s Hidden Fortress, so it’s a real thrill to see Japanese artists’ take on it. Once you’re done watching this trailer, check out the Lone Wolf and Cub series, which basically did The Mandalorian before Star Wars even existed. As always, if you would like to discuss anime in more excruciating detail, you may message me on Slack.

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