Seattle Performing Arts Organizations and Music Venues Announce Vaccination Requirements and Mask Mandates for the Fall Season



Good on all of these and any other venues that implement similarly stringent protocols. Those of us who have been behaving ourselves and playing by the rules for the past 18 months deserve to return to live performance spaces in as safe a manner as practical. And if any of you anti-mask antivas want to cry your little baby tears at how "unfair" this is - I have three words of advice:



This is great news.

Now we need a difficult to forge vaccine certification.

I would be okay with a digital, electronic system, but since not everyone has access there does need to be some low tech version.



I would recommend downloading a copy of your WA Department Of Health Certificate Of Immunization:

It's only accessible through a secure web site, and is probably the closest we're going to get to some sort of "vaccine passport". For added protection I also suggest downloading it into a secured folder on your phone.


great photo on top!
very curious as to how
it sounds when they're
separated by six feetish

and if they
separated more...


antimas and antivas
takin' a Big one for
Team trumpf!

looks like
we got Owned.


@1 COMTE for the WIN, baybee!!!! Agreed and seconded.

@6 kristofarian: I'm all for watching MAGA-stupified anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers drop en masse like Mike Pence's flies. That alone is worth the theatre price of popcorn.


@6 kristofarian: We got owned? Not if the MAGA-stupified anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers die first, kris. They were warned by Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, the Department of Health, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Governor Jay Inslee, and the rest of us maintaining 6' of separation, staying masked, and getting our shots at an opportune time. And their senseless deaths from COVID would be their own fault.
Oh, how the world would rejoice! The Deep Southern-fried United States would become a blackened hollow shell from Greg Abbott's fossil fuel fartin' char-B-Q grill alone.
B-b-b-b-b-BUT!---they fought fer their Free Dumbs!!!!


@4 COMTE: Thank you for helpful suggestions. Is my laminated COVID vaccine card through the VA good enough proof at restaurants, theaters, and other indoor venues? I don't have a Smartphone.


thanks, auntie Gee!

& if That's getting 'owned'
then I'll be having Seconds
& perhaps some just desserts?


Sitting in the Seattle Symphony audience, my own humid breath condensing into rain on my facial hair as I try to enjoy a concert --- no thanks.

I tossed their brochure straight into the recycling this year. I'm perfectly fine with keeping a vax card on file, but I'd rather watch riveting performances on YouTube all winter without having to wear a hairshirt.