The United States should do everything in its power to get every single refugee out of Afghanistan that it can. And the United States should do everything in its power to settle those people here in the United States.

And the politics be damned. Fox News is going to bitch and moan no matter what the federal government does.

In the long term those refugees and their families are going to be the biggest assets to America. They're going to be patriotic, productive Americans, just like the Jewish refugees, just like the Cambodian refugees, just like the Cuban refugees. I could go on.


So why don't the Afghanis just get on a boat and flee the country?


oh, so it IS NOT like Vietnam.


@3 The U.S.actually has a very small portion of Afghan refugees - and from a 20 year war that is on us. (Not me, actually. I was against the invasion from the beginning. But most Americans supported it - and if they did, then they should feel a responsibility here. I didn't and I think we do.)

Pakistan has taken about 1.5 million, Iran 780,000 - and we've only taken about 15,500 prior to this airlift. Plus, they say most will wind up in Iran. So this airlift is actually a rather modest number overall, and what you're describing "should" happen - is already the case.

As to whether one culture is compatible with another - hogwash. Every culture is compatible with another because we're all human beings. America is (corny, I know, but still) a melting pot of just about every People imaginable. It's one of the best things about this country - one of its strengths, not one of its weaknesses.

Welcome Afghan refugees.

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