Margin Shift

Now this is a fuckin' line-up. First of all, Sarah Galvin is the funniest living poet in the United States of America. Second of all, hearing Robert Lashley read poetry feels like one of those scenes in a movie where a character opens up a book and then a portal materializes above the pages and you can see a whole neighborhood of people walking through the streets and buying stuff from vendors and engaging in lots of side conversations, which is one of my favorite FX. In his latest book, Green River Valley, his vision of our little corner of the country has only grown sharper, and his jukes between modernist and blues modes come off flawlessly.

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I've never read anything by Corbin Louis or Thomas Ahneesan, but that's a thrill. According to press materials, Louis "seeks to expand dialogues of disability and anti-capitalism," and Ahneesan "explores Native American mixed-blood identity, the camaraderie that can be found in poverty, and intergenerational trauma with healing humor & tenderness." Sounds like a nice way to spend a partly sunny evening.

MarginShift Live at Volunteer Park begins at 6:30 pm. They'll read east of the reservoir by the Burke statue, and stream it online.

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