Washington Superintendent Basically Tells Brandi Kruse that Teachers Can Easily Lie Their Way Out of Inslee's New Vaccine Mandate



I can't speak to what Reykdal intended from that portion quoted--maybe he was somehow just trying to be reassuring to the unvaccinated, perhaps hinting that they will get a second chance to get vaccinated if they missed the deadline--but do you trust Kruse not to try to spend things her way?


Spin, not spend. Sorry.


Yeah you don't have a religious right to sicken and kill people, especially not children. You can refuse to get vaccinated and then have no job.

As of today in Oregon, Governor Kate Brown issued a mandate for all K-12 employees AND health care workers. See, employers can't mandate health care workers to be vaccinated, but the state can!!! Boo ya!!!

Governor Kate Brown Announces New Health and Safety Rule for Employees in Health Care Settings to Help Prevent Delta Variant Spread


And the nurses union is already threatening nurses will leave. BYE! Like an unvaccinated disease spreader is worse than no nurse at all? NAH.


@4 I used to think you had to be intelligent to work in the medical field as a nurse or doctor. Now I know that an educated and well-trained moron is still a moron.


@5: It's typically the most educated with the least self knowledge that are the easiest to propagandize. The medical field certainly falls into that category. I can't tell you how many people in my family I have spoken with who use "well you know many medical people haven't gotten the vaccine" as part of their argument for not getting it. Of all the dumb arguments against getting vaccinated, I always thought that was on of the worst.


@1: Like your other posts where you refer to me out of no where, I don't know what to make of your posts like this. My advice is to stop spending your free time thinking about my comments here. This is a micro-bubble that doesn't mean all that much. Get out and get some sunshine and spend more time with the people you love and who love you. That will give you far more joy than wasting your time thinking about what I did or didn't way on some small local alternative news blog.


If you honestly believe Inslee is going to follow through and fire chunks of dues paying union members in either teaching or other gov offices you have not been paying attention to his administration nor his handling of Covid in general. Inslee is the king of moving the goal posts to suit his needs and when it's politically expedient to do so. Even if he had the political will to actual follow through and dismiss 5-10% of some of these organizations there is no way he can do it organizational without shutting down chunks of the government or severely impairing their ability to function. There are already staff shortages in many areas, schools included, and letting go another group is not feasible. I'd look for an announcement from him as we draw close to the Oct 4 date citing some weird fact or trend to say he won't follow through with any terminations. Many of the unions are already pushing back as well and we may get a court ruling this violates collective bargaining before we even get to that point.


Brandi Kruse puts the « ew » in Fox News.


"Inslee is the king of moving the goal posts... "

nah, he's more like a Referee
it's the Covid what's 'moving the goalposts'
Jay's just tryin' to Keep up -- damn Shame 'we' can't.


Trust Randi to make it worse for all Washingtonians in her pursuit of shock media.

She should resign.


Great writing, Charles. What other paper will quote Foucault?


@4 xina: Yay for Governor Kate Brown! That is good news for those of you in Oregon.

@9 LHS, @10 kristofarian, & @11 Will in Seattle: Agreed, seconded, thirded, and fourthed.


@4 - much as I'd like to see every health care worker vaccinated or stripped of their license, Kate Brown can't do that. Apparently state law bars it for now per your link. The vaccine or weekly test is a good start in terms of getting around that. At least we in Washington don't have that law. There is the matter of religious exemptions though. As long as we have them (and i think getting rid of them is very constitutionally problematic), anyone can say they believe in the Church of Jesus/Spaghetti Monster/Jonestown or whatever & claim an exemption. We have not yet seen how the courts will rule on vaccines although there is a very good argument for a compelling government interest here that might justify it.