I agree we should pull out Rich, but Adam Smith has long used his image as a social progressive on domestic issues as cover for his historically pro war stance.

Remember, this is the guy that voted with Liz Chaney to pass a resolution restricting Trump from pulling troops out of Afganistan without first meeting a set of impossible requirements that helped extend this war another year.

"How the House Armed Services Committee, in the Middle of a Pandemic, Approved a Huge Military Budget and More War in Afghanistan"

Adam Smith has always been in the pocket of pro war industry lobbyists and will need to balance saving innocent lives against pay offs from his war industry supporters. The pro war industry lobbyists usual win.

"Sure we just droned a wedding and killed 30 innocent people, but ask me about by opinion on gay rights!"


@2: I'm not sure I see your connection between the US military continuing to provide weapons and military support for Saudi Arabia to commit war atrocities against the civilians living in Yemen and the next three years in the US being "a bumpy ride." Are you arguing the only way to protect America from terrorism to to carpet bomb innocent civilians in Yemem? Because if you are, that type of behavior is what gave us Osama bin Laden in the first place and leads to more terror, not less.

Every bomb dropped on civilians in Yemen is more business for the weapon manufacturers here in the US that Adam Smith supports, but I think that is the point of the article. Adam Smith should not be supporting the killing of innocent people in the middle east no matter how much donor support from Raytheon that buys him.


I case you think my "killing innocent people" is hyberbole, here is an all too common event from the Adam Smith supported war in Yemen.

Saudi-Led Coalition Strikes School Bus In Yemen, Killing At Least 29 Children
It's all good though, because Adam Smith is a progressive with a "Rainbow Coalition" bumper sticker on his car!


Everyone stop voting for these jaded candidates who represent the profit interests of the Military Industrial Complex.

With Biden dithering on Afghanistan, the war in Yemen will likely escalate.

Let’s choose intelligent leadership that represents the interests of the American people, regardless of political or sexual orientation.

We can all agree that the Saudis are bloodthirsty Satan worshippers and innocent civilians should not be treated as chattel.

Women are particularly vulnerable in the Middle East, so we need stronger and more ethical U.S. leadership in that region.

Pandering to the Arab world due to their fossil fuel wealth while decreasing domestic oil production is an example of bad policy.

Vote for some fresh horses with new ideas who aren’t on the take from corporate interests and lobbyists.



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