Slog AM: FDA Approves Pfizer, the Vaccines Have Weird Brand Names, Shooting Near Portland Protests Injures No One



Whatever else you say about the wisdom or kindness or other policy implications of sweeping homeless camps, the "it's the Covid" argument no longer holds water when every single camper could be vaccinated yesterday. And I think that most of us kinda DO want our parks back.


The only CDC "warning" I found is this. And this is what Compassion Seattle will do:

Closing encampments can lead people to disperse and result in increased crowding at other encampments or in shelters, which can increase the risk of spreading infectious disease, including COVID-19. Encampment disbursement should only be conducted as part of a plan to rehouse people living in encampments, developed in coordination with local homeless service providers and public health partners.

Vote YES on Seattle Charter Amendment Measure 29.


Hearing about the Proud Boys and Antifa duking it out in Portland reminds me, as bad as things are in certain parts of Seattle, at least we're not Portland.

This also reminds me of this song I caught at the coffee shop over the weekend. Let me see if I can recount some of the lyrics.

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out

Deconstructing these lyrics from a contemporary perspective, it sounds to me like whoever wrote this song was coming from a real position of white privilege.


@1 - I’ve been wondering about the vaccination plans/status for the “homeless”, it’s something that nobody seems to talk about. It’s especially strange since King county is obviously very well vaccinated and eager to get as many people as possible to get one.

They are already enough of a public health hazard without adding covid to their arsenal of potentially unhealthy or even deadly issues.


@1 even though they didn't disappear after any of the sweeps up to this point, I'm sure this one will finally leave the p u b l i c parks in the hands of people who can afford give money to landlords and banks. The ones who deserve it more for some reason.


@5: You conspicuously left out taxes in your enumeration of what "people who can afford". The taxpayers are the one subsidizing the homeless/campers/unhoused.


@5 public parks are for everyone (yes, homeless) to enjoy but not live in, pretty simple.


Since Lennon was shot in 1980, his white privilege has long expired.


I was watching NYC's reopening concert when it was canceled. The performances were mostly amazing but there were so many headliners that we didn't get to see, I wanted to see the Killers personally. I feel like someone really messed up though, either by scheduling an outdoor concert in hurricane season or not rescheduling when a hurricane was forecasted or something along those lines. Also, I wish Seattle could've had some kind of celebration, so lame...


The lyrics also aligned with MLK's nonviolent resistance of the era and a dig at the growing militancy on the left.


Since money is so cheap these days, why can't we design and implement some sort of pump system to syphon off all that unnecessary water falling in the east and give it to the drought stricken west. What a waste.


@3 -- The lyrics of at least one version of the song are "But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out ... in", showing his mixed feelings about the matter. He also wrote "Power to the People", a somewhat contrarian statement. It is easy to find information about his lyrics and history on the web before making other asinine statements.


Well-played on 'comirnaty', Rich!


there was definitely someone shot and killed in Portland last night. must have been a different skirmish.


@4 -- "I’ve been wondering about the vaccination plans/status for the “homeless”, it’s something that nobody seems to talk about."

You should read more:, That is from Seattle's only daily newspaper -- not an obscure news source.


12 was just going to post that -- the album version of revolution had different lyrics than the single

lennon also wrote a bunch of lyrics about beating and killing women, not exactly the paragon of nonviolence his boomer hagiographers want him to be


also the "count me" line was an inspiration for manson, he thought the white album was the beatles' call for a race war


The comments on that chart were spot on. The war was lost in the first few years. The inability of the Bush administration to rebuild Afghanistan after the initial battles (when casualties were very low) was disastrous. No wonder Republicans always complained about nation building -- they are terrible at it. The focus was on lining the pockets of their friends, not in giving the Afghan citizens a country worth fighting for. There is a strong relationship between an increasing standard of living and lack of conflict -- which is why we didn't have similar problems in Western Europe, Japan, or South Korea. We rebuilt those countries, and while many in the old guard weren't happy with what we did (e. g. Japanese men didn't like giving their women all of those human rights) they accepted it, because their standard of living kept getting better.

But then again, the bumbling by the Bush administration might have worked out OK if we had addressed Pakistan's harboring of the Taliban. Either way, the war was lost during the Bush years, and attempts by Obama to fix it were futile. Trump and now Biden were just doing the inevitable -- pulling the U. S. troops out in a war we could no longer win. Biden could have bought more time, perhaps, but without a much larger commitment (which no one would accept) and dealing with Pakistan (which few foreign leaders want either) the war was lost, and we couldn't sustain the status quo.


I’m still pretty happy with Biden.

He was able to shepherd the American Rescue plan and extension of PPP through a near deadlocked Congress and it looks increasingly likely that he’ll get both a bipartisan infrastructure bill passed as well as a budget reconciliation bill that will begin to stem the damages done by the Reagan revolution.

In less than 2 weeks the US has been able to evacuate over 20,000 Americans from Afghanistan without the loss of a single American life.

I wish he had been more aggressive on vaccine mandates but without final FDA approval that would have been difficult. I like that there’s no appearance that he pressured the FDA to speed up approval. That will make any future mandates easier.

And that’s just the big stuff and doesn’t include the appointment of reasonable and qualified people as judges or to executive departments. And he’s accomplished all this without rage tweeting.

We’re just barely past 7 months since the inauguration. With 40 months left to go I would say his first term is holding up well


@18 -- well said.

& here's to staying One step
Ahead of the 'republicans'
in the Messaging Dept.
even without a FOX
nor SINclaire nor
all-Hate cum
Gawd's Own
a.m. radio.

the Day
Smokin' Joe

oh and get a Wanda
fuckinig Sykes. let's
Stir Shit Up and put
'republicans' back
on their Shiny


@19 You know if you spent as much energy on grammar and punctuation as you do on line breaks it might be possible for people to figure out what you are trying to say.


@18 Sir Toby II: +1 Agreed and seconded. So well said and summarized. Bravo!

@19 +1 kristofarian: Agreed and seconded. Also well said and summarized. I find it truly nauseating how RepubliKKKans keep pushing for the U.S. general public to "pull ourselves up by our bootstraps" when all they do is lobby to take everything away from us--including the New Deal originated bootstraps that were designed to hold us buoyant.
Greg Abbott, Doug Ducie, Kay Ivey, Tate Reeves, Ron De Santis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon, Proud Boys, and Patriot Players and their rubes are all in desperate need of a rabies shot in the butt.


@1 dvs99 for the WIN!

Rest in peace, John Lennon. Jesus--that was 41 years ago!


@20 -- yeah
go figure.

auntie Gee!


Wow, auntie is for the sweeps and getting our parks back!


@23 kristofarian: You're most welcome, kris. And thank you for being so consistently spot on. Don't ever stop.

@24 Yes--I am for sweeps and getting our parks back---from the fossil fuel gluttonous GOP. Griz is also for shipping all the MAGA-stupified anti-vaxxers off to Guantanamo Bay Cuba, isolate them, and let them die. It's what they want. Let's make a sweep of all RepubliKKKans and their dupes while we're at it, and replace them with immigrants who want to contribute to the U.S. instead of take from it, destroying the Earth in the process.


I'm pretty sure the Proud Boyz were just helping that van over the fence.