Slog PM: It's Seattle Audit Day; You Are Not a Horse, You Are Not a Cow; and Hey Kids, Jane Fonda Is Calling!



I'm glad that idiot Mike Richards is out as Jeopardy host. He may or may not be a truly awful human being, but the circumstances surrounding his being named, obnoxious podcasts statements aside, were just really shady. He did tape a couple episodes though and it's gonna be comically awkward when they air and then just abruptly cease. Apparently Bialik is on record with some old anti-vax (pre covid, I believe) statements, so I guess awkwardness abounds.

Mostly just wanted to say though that I'd understand if they didn't go with Burton. Dude is 64 years old and I'd imagine they'd very much like to have someone younger who could potentially develop the same long term connection and camaraderie with the show and it's viewers that AT had. Also worth noting that it's pretty widely known that AT was openly advocating for and grooming Ken Jennings to be his successor. Which I think I'd be fine with. Buzzy Cohen is pretty great too.


Why are these assholes willing to take livestock deworming medication (or consider injecting bleach into their veins), but refuse to be vaccinated?

Why do these assholes run to the hospital to be saved when they get sick, when by then they are literally 100% guaranteed TO DIE?

All the while they have overtaken and overburdened every hospital and all health care workers to the breaking point and everyone else is shit out of luck.

Hope you don't get in any kind of accident, have a stroke or a heart attack, need surgery for any reason, etc. because you're going to be left to die while all of the unvaccinated assholes who CHOSE NOT TO GET VACCINATED get their care until they die and free up the next bed for the next asshole just like them until they die, lather, rinse, repeat.


@2 Stupid is as stupid does.


It's not a horsepital, Mississippi, even if your dipshit governor insists all women are supposed to give birth like farm animals..


@2 It’s not just unvaccinated people who are considering running to the feed store for a good ol’ dose of horse medicine. I’ve recently be involved in a painful conversation with a couple who was concerned about boosters not being available, having to turn to the black market for shots, and how they were looking into going to the feed store as “plan C”. I wasn’t even sure how to respond so I slowly back away into the shadows.


@2 xina for the WIN!
"Hope you don't get in any kind of accident, have a stroke, or a heart attack, need surgery for any reason, etc. because you are going to be left to die while while all the unvaccinated assholes who CHOSE NOT TO GET VACCINATED get their care until they die and free up the next bed for the next asshole just like them until they die, lather, rinse, repeat."
Jesus. Ain't that the GOP-fucked up truth.

Obviously I picked the right year----2020----to get a full bilateral hysterectomy after 43 years of horrific monthly misery including the development of endometriosis, with the only possible snag being a right-wing nutjob RN who, during my pre-op asked if I, happily divorced, asexual Griz, five days after my 56th birthday, had taken a pregnancy test first (testing negative for COVID was a must for my getting admitted, which I was). Fortunately my amazing gynecologist was there and hopefully gave that dingbat a good bop on her pointed head once I went under.


Portland seemingly has enough in-house violence going on that there's no way they can contend with dipshit Proud Boy / black bloc fights every weekend.
Two dumbasses shoot and miss each other but because they are Proud Boy/antifa we report that to death and completely gloss-over the fact the 2 people in Portland were actually shot and killed last night. One at a bar and another outside a 7-11 while trying to separate his wife from getting beaten by two young women. Ice cold motherfuckers out there, just taking lives for the dumbest fucking reasons.


Jane Fonda looks fabulous, as always.


bret weinstein & his wife have been some of the biggest proponents of ivermectin

Who could have guessed these two were a pair of reckless self interested grifters


Can we get on with the care rationing already? No vax, no hospital. Pray your covid away.


@10 Brent Gumbo: Agreed and seconded. I still say we should just isolate and ship off all RepubliKKKans and stubborn unmasked anti-vaxxers to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and let them die, like rats fighting in a trap. Only it's the one that willful misinformation superspreading RepubliKKKans rigged for them entirely at their expense as well as ours. Just watch the RepubliKKKans, nervously penned in with their equally ill-fated dupes, having to explain that it was all a "hoax" as they die en masse.
The rest of the world--what's left of it--will cheer.
I'll bring the popcorn.


@11: And before anyone--especially Elmer--accuses Griz of Schadenfreude, the GOP has been mercilessly been reveling in Schadenfreude since Reagan took office.four decades ago. It was the RepubliKKKan party's revenge for Nixon's resignation in 1974 after the Watergate scandal.


"29 SPD employees have tested positive
for coronavirus since August 4"

well thank Gawd they're Masking Up
in their ever-ending Quest to
both Protect & Serve.


Interesting that the military is only instituting mandatory vaccines now given their history. When we were heading to the gulf in 1991 we were given anthrax and a few other vaccines that were not FDA approved and there was no conversation around it in the military at the time. In fact, it's only because of my background I knew what they were giving us. For anyone without medical training it was simply "role up your sleeve." There is an actual exclusion written into 21 CFR specifically exempting military personnel from the requirement that a drug receive approval prior to distribution.

It sounds like the military has changed as much as society itself over the past 30 years.


@13: I hope they recovered. We need every one of them since there are so few of them left in the department.


@15: Like most major cities in America, we are almost certainly safer with them home sick, or on strike:

"8) What effect has the shutdown had on crime?
All of this is happening as New York has had one of its safest years in several decades. Crime dropped 4.6 percent from 2013 to 2014, and the city had the fewest murders since it started keeping track — in 1963. That broader trend is much more well-established than week-to-week fluctuations, so it's important not to put too much stock in the numbers for the last two weeks.

That said, it appears that crime over the two weeks of the shutdown is lower than it was in 2013-14 (with one exception: there were slightly more robberies the week of December 29 than there were the previous year). However, major crime rates rose from the week of Christmas to the week of New Year's — while they'd dropped from one week to the next last year.

It's possible that the rise in crime is due to broader awareness of the slowdown (though violent crime arrests aren't dropping as much as arrests for other crimes).

However, for many, the bottom line is that there hasn't been a drastic increase — that a 55 percent drop in arrests hasn't led to a 55 percent increase in crime."



Guantanamo - hell, the entire island of Cuba - wouldn't be big enough to hold all these death-wishing dim-wits, and I seriously doubt any island actually large enough to accommodate all, or even a very large percentage of them, say, New Zealand, Greenland, or Australia, would want them even setting foot on their territory.

Maybe we can create some sort of artificial island out of all that plastic floating around on the oceans, and just drop them there?


Many activists and many city governments came out in favor of "Defund The Police".
Almost no city governments actually passed laws to "Defund The Police".
But more and more city governments are actually INCREASING police spending. Some by as much as 20 percent a year.

Does the phrase "Nothing Is Going To Change" ring a bell?


@18 COMTE: Good idea. I like your recommendation even better. RepubliKKKans and their MAGA dupes can just float aimlessly, drifting for days and Great White Shark-infested waters in a nice Peter Benchley / Steven Spielberg-like scenario, and with no Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) to save them. Darn.
As Gentleman Gene Wilder, as world renowned candyman, Willy Wonka once said, in 1971: "The suspense is terrible. I hope it lasts."


Hooray for Jane Fonda and the students of Boise High School and Boise State for stepping up to taking action on human made climate change and working to get Idaho State legislators to wean off fossil fuel subsidies! I would love to see Idaho turn blue, especially if it will make the QAnon thugs and RWNJs finally pack up and leave the PNW.