Slog AM: Meet New York's New Governor, Housing Is About to Get More Expensive, and One Dead After COVID Cruise



"We never suggested our ships would be Covid free”

but our fabulous Buffets
are to Die for.


How to aggravate your software engineers: Deny complete admin access to their development and test machines. That's a walk-out-the-door-immediately offense.


I guess if your business model requires you to serve the kind of people who think it's a good idea to take a cruise during a pandemic, a vaccine mandate would be more detrimental to your bottom line than the bad publicity that comes with the occasional on-board death from a highly contagious virus


"An elderly woman has passed away
after dozens of people tested positive
for COVID on board a cruise ship."

well that's EZ:
Outlaw these
stupid Tests.

oh and why haven't "Republican" Goobernors
simpletonally Outlawed the stupid Vaccine*?
if there ever were a 'no-Brainer' that'd be It.

Speaking of Freedoms:

require Freedom! [Covax] Passports
to participate in America or

*for evryone but Themselves
and their wealthy Backers


To be consistent with other The Stranger posts on police shootings, one must observe that this exoneration of the officer ( is complete bullshit because:

Trespass does not warrant the death penalty.
The person shot was unarmed.
The person shot was not shooting at or assaulting the officer.
The person shot was not (yet) attempting to assault anyone else.
The penalty for protest and acts of civil disobedience isn't the death penalty.
There is no evidence this protester was destroying anything.
The penalty for destroying things isn't death.
Just because other protesters were violent, there is no evidence this protester was.
People protest results they believe are not legit, all the time, even when they are legit. It's a human right (or at least a Constitutional one).
A male officer with training ought to be able to subdue a 125 pound female without a gun.
The job of the police is to take all into custody alive, no matter what threat they pose to the person arresting, so they can be tried.
There is no evidence this individual intended to do anything but be civilly disobedient and then leave.
Just because other officers were assaulted by crowds that day, there is no evidence this crowd was going to. Most protesters did not engage in violence that day and many officers weren't assaulted. You can't judge this protester, or this group of protesters, by other protesters. Cuff them and get them and decide what the charges are on a case-by-case, individual-by-individual basis. You don't get to gas the whole crowd or shoot in a confined space with other people behind the person you are shooting at, even if there is justification to shoot at someone.

Yet we have silence from the editors, writers, and commenters at The Stranger. Strange(r) how these objections go out the window, when the person killed is a ideological wingnut from the other side.

BTW, I think the officer had a reasonable basis to conclude, he or another, was at risk if he let anyone pass through that door. The exoneration is justified; however, if reasonable belief (a belief based on, and consistent with, articulable facts observed moments before the trigger was pulled) is a basis for exoneration in this case, it must be in all other cases. Yet The Stranger's editors, writers, and commenters, only seem to think that is the standard of evaluation if they agree with the views of the person shot.


@3, as we have seen, proof of vaccination still won’t guarantee a COVID-free cruise.


Why would you ever sound 'outraged' when the US is prioritizing US citizens in an evacuation? I have volunteered to shuttle refugees, so I'm all for helping out. But US citizens have to be first in line,

That's a good one kristofarian! Wondering, did the cruise passenger die of COVID complications, or is the media just associating the two? (Could not open the article on NYT's)


5 it's pretty sad that your time is so invaluable to you that you would write a wall of text inventing an argument so you can tear it down like a big tough smart guy but no one said there are no circumstances when it's justifiable for the police to kill someone, for ex someone breaking into the capitol with a riotous bloodthirsty mob at her back is categorically different from a guy who tried to pass a fake 20 at a convenience store who was already apprehended. People view these cases differently because the fundamentals are different, if we treated every case the same regardless of its merits there would be no need for courts or internal investigations HTH but i know it won't


when an overly-well-armed Mob breaks into your
Home (or the People's House) and you'd
seen the Gallows they built just outside
you just May Have a Reasonable Fear
for Your Life @whakkkamole


"replacing the old Red Apple Market."

As someone who shopped at the Red Apple for years, I am still baffled by the Stranger's fetish for this store. It was a shitty store with bad service, and arguably the worst produce section in greater Seattle. It seemed like that store specialized in high fructose corn syrup.


Is anyone reminding Californians, especially gay and lesbian Californians, that Newsom issued marriage licenses to same sex couples while just about every other politician was saying to wait a while?


I just read on another news site that Charlie Watts died. A gentleman and a great drummer--and a great loss. RIP, Charlie.


@8, There was a conviction in the case of the guy that was already apprehended.

The issue is, the cases here in Seattle, where there is findings of justification. Then TS writers and commenters trot out all the objections I just made in the Capitol case. They reject the analytical framework that justified the Capitol shooting (it was justified).

Either we use the framework of whether articulable facts would allow a reasonable person to conclude imminent threat to self or others as justification in all cases, or we use it in none of the cases. Be consistent.

If you can raise the objections I raised above in a local case of use of deadly force, then you must also raise them in the Capitol Case to be intellectually, morally, and legally consistent.

I am fine with the analytical framework to evaluate the Capitol case and the resulting conclusions. I apply it in local cases as well. In the Minneapolis case that analytical framework resulted in a conviction. I am fine with that also.


@11 and Ed Murray was instrumental in having gay marriage legalized here in WA state. You can do good things and still be a shitty leader. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when the justification for keeping you in office is "the other guy is worse" rather than standing on your accomplishments and the good things you have done. Newsom deserves to be recalled. CA will be just fine.


@3, All business models are a trade-off. No business is risk free to the public or employees. No business activity is free of adverse environmental impact. What trade-offs do we choose? How deadly is too deadly? How safe is safe enough? How polluting is too polluting? It's subjective.


I agree California should vote NO. Let's keep the crazy train going at full speed! Let's all grab some popcorn and laugh at the calamity ahead. At least they can serve as an example to the rest of the country what their heading towards, hopefully before it becomes too late to change course.


@11, dunno, have you volunteered to do some text banking?


Prioritizing is not the same thing as refusing to help. Also, are any of our allied countries offering to help that people of Afghanistan or do they all just get a free pass?



Kinda light on the details there. What specific policy positions of Newsom do you deem to be crazy?


If I lived in CA I'd rather have Gavin than Larry or even Caitlyn (sorry hon).


She’s the first female governor in New York’s history, but she’s not quite progressive enough for the Stranger so apparently they don’t give a shit.


13 you are inventing those objections from whole cloth, either because you are patently dishonest or unable to understand the arguments on their own terms

If you're not responding directly to an argument someone is making in real time you should at least provide citations to establish that you're responding to a real argument made by a real person, but you can't do that bc you're just pulling this out of your ass like you always do


everyone grab some popcorn and behold the california crazy train


What exactly are the terrible things that newsome has done? I know he had dinner at a fancy restaurant during the lockdown, which was ill-advised, but isn't a good reason to overturn the results of a free and fair election & replace him with someone who, at best, will have earned a plurality from the fraction of voters who voted yes on question 1. Surely there has to be more to show for newsome's incompetence besides a soaring economy and a budget surplus at a time when other state's economies and health care systems are on the verge of collapse.


I find it ironic that a biking component manufacturer is complaining about the middle-man. I have worked in bike shops and the markup is absolutely insane. Not uncommon for a $100 crank to sell for $600, for example. Also ran into customer fraud a lot, people trying to sneak used parts into return boxes and shit like that. Spare me the tears.

And not sure if anyone remembers Mixer, but they had a way better community, far less toxic, less racist, and Microsoft were more proactive in protecting the community than Amazon and twitch. twitch is garbage.


Technically, when I traveled in the EU, it was by train and boat, so the only contribution I made to global warming there - other than by staying at low impact hostels and living like a European - was my flights to/from the continent.

So, I'm ok with that. I did the best I could.


If gavin does get recalled California should really consider making some changes to their recall process, which apparently can be used to replace a governor with one who less represents its voter base.


@24: And someone who once was wed to Kimberly Guilfoyle can't be all that bad.


We should have gotten rid of the recall process after the schwartzenegger fiasco. If it only takes a few hundred thousand signatures to overturn a fair election and potentially install a new governor with a minority of voters’ support, this outcome is inevitable.


It was a Samsung Galaxy that caught fire with the incident here, by the way


@32: Good to know.


and after Cali deregulated they gave around THREE BILLION Dollar$ to their Shareholders. nbd, except they COLLDDA USED THAT MOENY TO BURY some of THEIR POWERLINES. Lines which caused/burnt down what was it TENS OF BILLION$ in property?

so yeah a Great Investment for the Capitalists
but yet another Bad Burn for Ratepayers
Taxpayers and Global Warming.

don;t you 'republicans' ever tire of taking up the ass?
that's okay -- I don't really need to hear youi answer.


they = PG&E


@10 -- not to mention the
red apple's sky High Prices.

thank Gawd for the two Cos:
Costco and Winco.*

*Employee Owned!


@31: Consider that the health app on the Apple watch gave permission for the anti-masker to order curly fries.


3rd paragraph FTW!


"It's a pretty sad state of affairs when the justification for keeping you in office is "the other guy is worse""

Every fucking election is like that. Grow up.


@1 & @4 kristofarian, @24 blip, and @31 Professor_Hiztory (especially the third paragraph--BINGO!): for the WIN, baybee!!!

@40 pat L: +1 Agreed and seconded.


@41 not even close and if that is how you vote you’re pretty sad too. I vote for the person who talks about what they can do not for the asshat who campaigns on how awful their opponent is. There is a big difference there. Maybe you can’t see it but if you pause and open your eyes it’s there.


Sorry for being late, but it you have plant ID questions, you can direct them to the helpful research librarians at UW's Miller Library Plant Answer Line. (


"No word yet on what model phone it was, or if everyone said “wheeee” as they went down the slides."

Thanks for noting that one thing which has not yet been reported is the Make/Mod of the cell phone. For me that's probably the most important detail of the story.


May I point out yet again, to @6,
Covid is a viral infection,
There is no cure for ANY viral infection,
Eventually, statistically, we will ALL contract the infection even if it's just in the form of developing antibodies from the vaccination,
There is only mitigation for viral infections,
The mitigation is the vaccination,
The whole purpose of the vaccination is not to cure people, but to keep them from suffering, having their lives interrupted, totally & completely clogging hospitals & crashing the health care system, or dying from the virus.

So the whole difference between an unvaccinated society and a vaccinated society is the former is stupid and deadly while the latter is just somewhere between totally safe & moderately inconvenient.

I can't believe people still don't get this.


@23, @24, People let their anger control them rather than cooling off a bit & using their intellect.

Long ago when Jane Byrne became Mayor of Chicago, my mother whom I dearly loved, God rest her soul, was ecstatic. A woman had been elected. Mom claimed the millennium had arrived with the possibility of Jesus' return in a few weeks.

6 months later, my mother was screaming that Byrne was nothing but another crappy politician just like all the others.

My mother, who additionally hated paying taxes, also forwent thousands & thousands of dollars of income because she insisted on buying tax exempt municipal bonds which paid very little interest rather than buying high quality stocks, getting a healthy dividend, & reaping lots of capital appreciation which is taxed at a low rate. In other words, my mother, in addition to voting her prejudices rather than good judgment, preferred to lose money rather than pay a bit of tax. (I was too young to understand most of this at the time. Besides, she wouldn't have listened to me anyway.)

I loved & respected my mother, but people can be really stupid. BTW, this year, in my retirement, I've been working out how to pay a tiny bit more tax now by selling a few profitable investments every year, rather than getting wacked down the road when I'm forced to sell it all & pay a ton of tax.


@29 & @31, You're so right. And I'm often ashamed of my own thoughts to the effect that we should let the anti vaxers & no maskers do what they want......because it only kills more of them. Just like VA & KY hate the Affordable Care Act & the expansion of Medicare......which has probably killed more Virginian & Kentuckian MAGA people than Covid.

But I know those thoughts are evil, counterproductive, & cruel. So I try not to act on them.