Slog PM: 70% of All Eligible Residents Vaxxed in King County, Oregon Issues Outdoor Mask Mandate, Will You Tell Me How the Apple Crisp Macchiato Tastes?



Eh? Ignoring the efficacy of outdoor non-medical mask wearing, can someone explain the basis for how eXpErIeNcInG hOmElEsSnEsS (as opposed to actively choosing it, per the JustCare report) makes you less susceptible to spreading COVID, and exempt from mask wearing?


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@1 -- whatever
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I guess the homeless really don’t have to follow any rules or laws.

“Covid is so scary you need to mask up outside! Unless you’re homeless because… reasons.”

I’m sure the Covid virus will just Passover the homeless. Maybe they can smear lambs blood over their tent entrance.

Wait… so now Sloggers are complaining it’s too cold? But I thought the hated heat was too much for you to endure? Make up your fucking minds.


Just got back from the hair salon on Broadway in Capitol Hill. Homeless everywhere in front of the building at Broadway Market, spare changing people. I park in the garage. Homeless hanging out in the garage, natch. I walk to the elevator, two grubby dope heads are shooting up in an alcove. This is in the late afternoon, about 5pm.

Love my stylist, but this is too much. It's no wonder businesses are folding up and leaving town. The time for compassion is over. It's time for the mailed fist.


Who is going to enforce the oregon outdoor mask mandate? They can’t even prevent shootouts and cosplayers from staging battles throughout Portland. I’m guessing most people will ignore the order and go about their lives.


No one is really going to do anything about an outdoor group of maskless housed people either. There are plenty of specious reasons to hate the homeless. This is not one of them.


Homeless are your friends.


@4 You lost me at "stylist."


@8 Whatever. Capitol Hill has become a cesspool. If you want to swim in shit, enjoy.


Good to see that after years of debate, expert opinions, shuffling around of dollars and job titles to-and-fro amongst the homelessness non-profits...the shelter system is still shitty and ineffective. At least the stranger is finally taking notice that, no, simply providing people hotel rooms and tiny homes isn't the be-all-end-all solution it has been touted as.

They moved, this past year, to form a single entity for homelessness across the region but I would argue there are too many cooks in the kitchen still.


Hotel rooms and tiny houses were never touted as the final solution, but at least they appear to have a better success rate than AA.


@9: You best not be going to Buckhorn. And I must remind you that junkies have been a staple on the Hill for at least as long as when I first started hanging out/living there. It's just that back in the day, they could afford a cheap shitty apartment, much like the gentleman across the alley from my place on Belmont in the 80s who would shoot up in his kitchen every morning. We would wave at each other as we started our day, him with his heroin and me with my coffee.
You're just mad that slums are now outdoors where you have to think about them, because that is exactly what encampments and RVs are.


Man, next thing you know they will start burning mattresses in the alleyways downtown - oh wait, that hasn't happened yet? Guess it isn't the 80s and 90s then.


@13: "Seems to me we keep chilling away 64% of our street people into housing that's gonna be 64% fewer addicts on the streets for you assholes squeal about and scapegoat every day.

As well as 64% fewer talking points for billionaire bashing.


@13 It's more like 20 out of 36 that had "unsuccessful exits", so about 45% success, if you want to call paying substantially more than single bedroom rent "successful". The 21 discrepancy between the 36 tracked and the 57 cleared from the encampment is... ambiguous. If you actually look at the Sydney Brownstone article, the majority of tracked people had "unsuccessful exits".

The question in my mind for local policy isn't "why is the whole country seeing an increase in crime, addiction, and homelessness?", but "why does Seattle punch above its weight in homelessness?". And the SECB candidates are pretty much all carrot (free housing! "property destruction is a moral imperative"!) and no stick. Very Enumclaw way to go about it I suppose ;).


@15 Good to know that living in a shit hole is acceptable to you.


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@9 & @20:.....said the terminally bored, trolling peashooter hiding out in his Bellevue tree fort, still fahtin' fer his Free Dumbs. I'm surprised your mom hasn't called you in for weenies and tater tots yet, Swifty.

@24 kristofarian: Isn't this the same malware hacker who claims to be a deported Nigerian prince living in exile?