all of this makes my head hurt wgaf about recycled trash on tv anyways? Woke shit on streaming is only on streaming because it sells


The preservation of the dominate typifies the tragedy of our times. If people got suckered in by presupposed expectations that would make it good art, at least if thought of as tragedy.
Haven't seen it.


@2 The irony of this critique (especially the last line) as you no doubt are currently typing up a diatribe on another thread is not lost on me. lol.


Uh huh. Whatever you need to tell yourself. Clearly your time away didn’t involve any self reflection.


The entire point of the show is that our sick, cruel society is set up to help rich white people get away with it.

“…black and brown characters who have been thrown into jail, or had their entrepreneurial dreams smashed, or are re-enslaved by white power. The disobedient middle-class manager is dead.”


God that sounds boring.

Glad I've never watched it.

Thanks for the review, Charles!


Making a show about how all the bad guys win after leading you to despise them all is hardly a rousing endorsement of white supremacy. It’s more like a dramatized version of what is likely to continue to play out as it has for a long time.


race racety race race race.

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