It sounds like it's because you're an asshole.


I’ve met him and he is absolutely not an asshole, council members are allotted to give a certain amount of money to orgs that they want. He gave his to the organization I was working with “Minority Veterans of America” he was more than personable and showed real emotion when speaking to us, a tiny org trying for real impact in minority communities. I don’t vote in his district but this is counter to the person I met. They both sound like good candidates though and as long as we don’t risk electing a republican(fascist) then let the race go on. No need for trying to smear a candidate. Save that ammo for the real threats to democracy


*representatives, I’ve obviously got council races on my mind.


Still wrong ¯(ツ)


It is a cop out to use reverse racism, a retrograde term when How to Be an Antiracist spent 45 weeks on the NYTimes best seller list and antiracism has been writ large in social media for the last few years. Upthegrove isn't stuck in the 80's when it was claimed white folks would have gotten into the state collage of their choice but for affirmative action policies.


I don't know either of these candidates and take no personal position on their relative worth as candidates. But it seems like a fair question but one that to the degree it may be true, can cause deep discomfort. Here is a question to consider for those endorsing her vs. this incumbent: If she were not a POC, would she have been endorsed, all else equal?

Also of interest here is that this gay man is no longer considered to be colored if you will. A testament perhaps to our society and region. There is a book "How the Irish Became White" which among other things, discusses the path Irish took from being a despicable minority that was the object of derision and discrmination, to their current mainstream status in the western world. This in a way shows how race is a social construct and evolves over time. LIkewise Italians and Jews, neither of whom win any current oppression points in society. But rich Cubans or Mexicans with blue eyes and European lineage can be Latino when it suits their purposes. Oh well.

And I had to look up the other candidate to understand her Dr. that she uses in her title, learning that is a doctorate of education. Shades of Dr. Jill Biden. Those of us in health care, who have traditionally been called doctor, rarely use it in our daily lives outside of the profession. I don't recall Kim Schrier using her honorific though she is a pediatrician, or Jim McDermott, a psychiatrist. Don't get me started with those preachers who got a doctor of divinity and go by Reverend Dr. so and so. But if it in her mind and campaign legitimizes her and helps her get elected, that is her call.


The doctor title is for someone who has achieved a doctorate, doctor Park Place. A doctor is someone who fixes people in a hospital. in layman's terms. Don't confuse the two and try to find an example where someone like you complains about the correct usage of the title Dr where the person is not female.


@7 Half of my colleagues or more are doctors who are female. Please don’t conjure up an agenda of your own imagination and pin it on me. It falls flat. And the honorific issue is not my main point. Just an aside.


So Upthegrove "threatened to withhold his support for" organizations that endorse his opponent? Is that so he can direct more county support to his mommy's museum hobby?


The Stranger Election Board has in its election endorsements literally used the justification of endorsing a minority candidate because their positions were equivalent and they weren't the white one. It is not "reverse racism" because no such thing exists, but it is certainly using race as a decision making factor. I imagine this is likely true of all these organizations, part of the reason they believe she will represent their interests is because her racial and ethnic background. I think it is fine to do such a thing, but to do it and then pretend it is not happening is ridiculous.


Boohoo, you aren't getting endorsed so you threaten a quid-pro-quo against One America, the Transit Riders Union, and the Service Employees union. We all know your game, Dave.


We have known Upthegrove for as long as he has served and he has our support. He has always served, worked hard & fought for everyone in our community. This is obviously nothing but a hit piece.


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As no one involved in these kerfuffles was foolish enough to commit anything to writing (or, at least, to leave it where Rich could find it), we're left with a 'story' based entirely upon rumor-mongering, much of it anonymous. Reality is that political action groups and politicians try to use each other all of the time. Some do it better than others; some take it better than others. Sounds like Rep. Upthegrove is in the wrong job, as are some of the action groups cited.


We covered this article on Safe Seattle. Critically of course.


Given that The Stranger made recommendations for mayor (who were predictably terrible) based simply on their orientation, he's probably right.

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