Its going to take even longer to get a waiter.
It's going to take even longer to get a waiter. halbergman / Getty Images

There’ve been two explosions at the Kabul Airport. Initial reports suggest it was the work of a suicide bomber. Evacuations are continuing, but they’ve significantly slowed. By one estimate, there are still a quarter million people needing evacuation, and the U.S. is likely to leave many of them behind by the August 31 deadline.


Seattle restaurants can’t hire enough workers. Wages are too low, housing is too expensive, and the work is too unpredictable. Meanwhile, supply and transportation issues are making it more expensive to do business. It’s not that food service workers want to stay on unemployment — they’re just leaving the industry for better jobs.

Trump’s buddies are in trouble. Several lawyers who challenged the 2020 election on Trump’s behalf have been sanctioned for “abusive” litigation practices, which means they face potential disciplinary action. Among them: Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, two names I have not missed seeing in the news. I’m sure Trump will come to their rescue, since he’s such a generous sort who always looks out for those around him.

Twitch’s Nazi problem. This engineer says he built a tool that can identify Twitch users with swastikas in their profiles. There are a lot! Seems like something a website would want to do something about!

Books are back on the menu. Libraries, which are like restaurants for knowledge except that you are not actually allowed to eat the books (I tried), will fully reopen in Seattle by the end of September.* That includes the branches that were closed since the beginning of the pandemic, and many locations will have expanded hours. Masks are still required. Among the few things that will remain off-limits are meeting rooms and in-person events. (*26 of 27 of Seattle's library branches will fully reopen by the end of September, but NewHolly will reopen later this fall.)

The whole Jeopardy! situation continues to be extremely weird. Multiple sources have told the New York Times that the Mike guy who wound up as the new host (briefly) wouldn’t allow Ken Jennings to watch tapings in person, and make him hang out in a green room instead. Mayim Bialik is the host for now, though the Internet’s been calling up some receipts on her as well: In 2012 she wrote about how she decided not to vaccinate her kids, and ohhhhh boy she suggested in 2010 that babies should be allowed to die rather than be delivered via c-section, which, OOF.

What made the Surfside condos collapse? Maybe it was money. The NY Times has a fascinating new account of how developers pushed for changes during construction that may have contributed to the building’s eventual collapse.

This is… not real. The FAA posted a video on Twitter that appears to contain the audio of a pilot radioing to a tower about an unruly passenger. But edited into the audio is a bunch of background shouting from some obviously different, unidentified sources. I mean, yes, obviously their point is valid that you should not get unruly on airplanes! But fabricating a scenario for a tweet is… just weird. Anyway, investigations into passenger behavior have skyrocketed this year. Knock it off, everyone.

Ooh, Mary. Here is a delightful interview with America’s sweetheart, Jackée Harry. Topics of interest include her first love (teaching!) and her new role in a Lifetime movie. Not discussed: Whose idea it was for her to sing “If I Can’t Sell It, I’ll Keep Sittin’ on it” in the movie Ladybugs.

Breaking Frasier news! At long long last, one of my friends managed to track down this adorable dog portrait from the background of one of Frasier’s gayer episodes, which is saying something. It’s fascinating how Frasier makes Seattle of the 1990s seem like a city ruled completely by the rich upper crust, which I suppose does predict what it became twenty years later.

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