Seattle Sticker Patrol: Roses Are Red...



Roses are dying
Our lives are blue
Refund the police
Cops are nice too


Oh yeah, that's the one where the guy hit himself in the head with the nunchucks. I grew up with that shit, and forgot that movie (and that scene). Very well done, really -- not all bloody, like some of those movies. Nice clip.

@1 -- Seattle hasn't defunded the police, dumbass. Some cops have quit, probably because they don't want to get vaccinated (or some other wussy-ass reason). Good riddance.


Uh, cops will hardly come for anything anymore. Whether they're defunded or not, they're not enforcing a lot of stuff. Leaving a power vacuum like this is asking for trouble. You don't want to meet the replacements. Remember CHOP security. Imagine that, but the whole city.


If the replacements are meaningful, poverty breaking investments in communities and community based security equal to the money currently spent policing them without reducing poverty or even crime that much, I'll be the one holding the door open!