Rich, did you interview Yang or at least try to reach her for comment?


Why stop at genetics, Dahling. Wat about them being lazy and/unfit due to welfare, illegal immigration, etc Boo-hoo. not enough money to afford the upper crust preppie schools so your beloved children can be kept apart from the unwashed masses.s.


Aaaah, The Bell Curve!
Some things just never die!



Fuck you.

In an email, Yang didn't answer questions about whether she still holds Murray's book in high esteem nor whether she still planned to sue the district. Instead, she argued her email was "actually following the foundation of Courageous Conversations," an equity coaching company that offers "a comprehensive educational curriculum" that the district incorporated into its equity policy. That claim doesn't appear to hold up, given the organization's support for affirmative action and its efforts to instill within others a "passion for racial equity work."


I'd say a Bell Curve disciple is one of the least desireable people to be managing anyone's education. Both because of what they say about other people's intelligence, and what THAT says about their own.


@5 Yes but at least she's more honest about her beliefs than the much, much larger number of middle-class whites (including plenty of self-identified liberals) who seize every opportunity to proclaim they're "not the least bit racist" while fiercely opposing any and all efforts to dismantle, ameliorate or even teach about systemic racism. I'm honestly not sure which is worse.


@4: Return to sender.

That's not an email with Rich.

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