Whaddya say we drag this out as long as possible
Whaddya say we drag this out as long as possible Prostock-Studio / Getty Images
New Orleans is in rough shape following a battering by Hurricane Ida. The storm knocked out power, caused heavy flooding, and overloaded hospitals. Some Louisiana residents may not have power restored for weeks. Scientists say that humans made the storm worse.

Washington’s state employee union wants to slow vaccinations. They’re not opposed to the vaccinations themselves, they’re just getting in a pissing contest with Inslee about some of the rules: How to handle religious or medical exemptions, how much assistance the state will provide, and what’s the plan if a bunch of people quit instead of getting the vaccine. They're calling for delays on a vaccine mandate until more details can be negotiated.

White Center rallies for burned-out businesses. This weekend neighbors came out to raise money for the businesses affected by the early-July arson that destroyed The Lumberyard, among others.

We’re on fire. Here’s a harrowing account of combating wildfires this weekend around Lake Tahoe, where ski resorts have turned their snow machines around to spray the buildings in the hopes that they can prevent them from burning down.

A particularly violent weekend in Seattle: Two people were found dead in a Lake City apartment. There was a shooting by Pioneer Square, another one near 2nd and Pine, and a third near the International District. Also, someone was pistol-whipped in West Seattle. In response, a police officer said “we need to have additional officers out there.” Uh huh. How many is “additional”? What are they going to do once they’re “out there”? Out WHERE??? There was also a hatchet attack on First Hill.

Things are grim for queer people in Afghanistan. If you’re feeling up to it, here’s a chilling interview with a gay Afghan who faces immediate execution if he’s discovered, and here's another with a man whose boyfriend was killed and mutilated by the Taliban. Meanwhile, Shanghai University is asking staff to investigate LGBTQ+ students for unknown reasons.

Hey, why not buy a couple extra houses with all that money you’ve been saving up? Homes are about to get cheaper to buy, but more expensive to rent. After a brief dip, rent is climbing up to where it would have been if the pandemic had never happened.

Farewell, Ed. This weekend Ed Asner passed away — the boss on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the gruff old man in Up, and the wonderful Granny Goodness from Superman.

You can go to gates at Sea-Tac without a ticket. The airport has resumed a program that allows folks to head through security and go to a gate even if they’re not flying anywhere. You can use the program if you’re meeting someone, saying goodbye, or you just really like that one McDonalds at the airport.

Traffic lights, now with extra advertising. All of Twitter went “ehhhh” while grimacing uncomfortably in response to a video of actors from the upcoming Cinderella TV special staging a forced-merriment event at some traffic lights in LA. Prominently featured is James Corden, the Minions-meme of late night hosts. Here is a version with more appropriate music:

Gigi Goode has come out as trans. The Drag Race star is trans/nonbinary and prefers she/her pronouns.

COVID claims multiple anti-vax radio hosts. Marc Bernier is the third conservative radio host to hasten his own demise by rejecting the vaccine. After spending the last few months discouraging his listeners from getting the potentially life-saving shot, Bernier died this weekend. He follows Florida radio host Dick Farrell and Tennessee’s Phil Valentine, both of whom also made vaccine-denial part of their brands before kicking the bucket.

When’s the last time you saw the movie Mannequin? It is a shockingly good film.