Netflix's The Chair Unfairly Maligns Students, but Sandra Oh Rules



I don't know about English departments, but when I was a psychology grad student, and later a post-doc, teaching classes was something most professors barely paid attention to and in fact, tried hard to get out of doing.

Writing papers and books, and applying for grants. That's like, 90% of what psych professors do.


Mr. or Ms. Forka: my sibling is a professor of grievance studies in the Cal State system. Sounds about right. Before Covid-19 she was constantly flying to Europe to study Extinction Rebellion. Ponder the nature of that group + the fact she will hop a plane at every opportunity to 'study' them...or not as it makes my own head hurt.



Yeah, a career in academia does strange things to people. I myself couldn't handle it. I miss some aspects of it, but I unquestionably made the right decision.


In other words, this series does not conform to Rich and Charles's narrow world view, therefore it is bad. The end.


"Strangely Strong Slapstick"

Sandra Oh's slapstick hasn't been this good since she beat the snot out of Thomas Haden Church in "Sideways." (God, I loved that scene...)

@5: It's astonishingly difficult to get writers at The Stranger to see the humor in a comedy show which makes fun of woke drama queens and past-their-prime writers. Now, Why Oh Why could that possibly be?!? ;-)


Hard to watch w/o directly mapping onto Evergreen. The Weinstein analog not taking the money so he could get back into teaching ... as if...