Slog AM: Extreme Six-Week Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect in Texas, the Kids Are Back at School, It's Meteorological Fall!



It's absolutely surreal to watch the death cult try to kill as many people as possible while also trying to parade under the banner of being pro-life.

And medical exemptions from wearing masks? Riiiight. Why do I get the feeling every mouth breather from the boonies who is attending the fair will suddenly come down with a case of COPD?


Regarding the Texas bill. People are ignoring one of the largest issues. This law is a risk for any woman who loses a pregnancy, not just those who have abortions. Miscarriage is more common than abortion, and far more common than people realize. Dilation and curettage is a procedure used for abortion but also commonly after incomplete miscarriages. This bill deputizes citizens to investigate and bring suit against all lost pregnancies, and subjects them to no penalties if they mistakenly target a miscarriage. Will clinics provide the common D&C procedure to those that suffered a miscarriage or just let women suffer increased infection risk to avoid the risk of a costly lawsuit? Every large employer in Texas should be very concerned; because no child-bearing age woman should move to this medically dangerous state.


I predict that anyone trying to collect an abortion bounty in Texas will end up spending a lot of money on medical bills.


2 - So true and so horrifying. Plus THey got their wish - there will be a case in the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

3 - I don't follow. Just say the point you're trying to make instead?


mind them Vigilanties Texans -- if you have an Abortion one moment after a 'heartrbeat' is detected or if you drive a woman to a clinic or help her in ANY Way -- post-1st-heartbeat -- you're going to Prison. oh and Bonus: your Vigilanty gets $10K. in Cash.

now Who don't wanna Move
right straight to Texas?!
Ca$h and Carry!
maybe when
Steals the
next one you
can hunt 'em?

We'll see!

also -- BINGO @2
thank you


But the Texas law was drafted to make it difficult to challenge in court. Usually, a lawsuit seeking to block a law because it is unconstitutional would name state officials as defendants. But the Texas law bars state officials from enforcing it and instead deputizes private individuals to sue anyone who performs the procedure or “aids and abets” it.

How in the world do they expect to get away with this?


@8 -- you get the Results
you Want when you
Stack 'our'


@6 The graphs there are for the entire pandemic. New York and New Jersey got hammered early in the pandemic and so they still have a relatively high death rate/100K. If you look at current data, the top 10 states for new deaths/100K population are: Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina, Texas, Nevada, Kentucky, and Georgia. All states (except FL) with relatively low vax rates and few restrictions. The bottom 10 states are: Nebraska, Maine, Minnesota, Connecticut, DC, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, and Rhode Island. All (except NE) with relatively high vax rates.

FL and NE are the outliers, but can be explained by FL being so aggressively anti-COVID restrictions while NE is relatively rural ans less of a vacation destination.


new business idea for you budding capitalists:
go to East WA and Idaho selling black-market ivermectin, but really it's crushed-up baby aspirin.
bonus points if you pill-press them. into the shape of a crucifix.


We should pass a law that allows any Washington State resident to sue any other Washington State resident who sues any Texan for anything abortion related for double penalty of the lawsuit in Texas.


6 you're confused why states that were hit in the first days of the pandemic because they were caught off guard & contain the highest population density metro area in the country have the highest fatality rate? Incredible that people still don't understand how contagion works but when there is an entire media ecosystem dedicated to muddying the waters this is what happens.

The criticism of states that are experiencing the highest rates of death and hospitalization right now, a year and a half into this thing, is that we actually know how to control the virus now & have several vaccines for it, yet these states are banning masks and structural control measures while doing nothing to incentivize vaccinations and they only have the most predictable outcomes in the world to show for it. Now their case load and fatalities are actively rising with no end in sight, whereas states like NY are in decline because they learned their lesson and are listening to the experts. This is an active pandemic and it's far from over so there is still plenty of time for states like fl and tx to catch up to ny.

It's darkly hilarious that gop leaders like desantis thought they could "win" the pandemic by rejecting science but instead they were so successful at poisoning the well they wound up killing their own voters. The party of life strikes again.


10 FL’s vaccination rate is likely over-inflated by snowbirds who got their shots in the winter before returning north for summer


@6 Molewacka: NY, NJ, and New England had extremely high CoVID death rates at the beginning of the pandemic, with the most densely packed populations in the country, and the doctors not knowing how to treat patients as effectively as they do now (death rate for people diagnosed with CoVID-19 has dropped from as high as 5% in the beginning to close to 1% now) - recall that back then, we still weren't sure if you could get Covid by touching surfaces, and hand sanitizer was used everywhere. People in the states encountering more CoVID deaths now have no excuse for the high rates - we know what causes the disease, we know how it's transmitted, we know we can drastically cut the infection rates with masks, vaccinations, and avoiding indoor crowds. There's no reason why Mississippi couldn't have the same infection rate today as does New Zealand (similar population sizes) if the people in conservative areas would use masks, avoid indoor crowds, and get vaccinated.
The article you cite is misleading. For example, my state (Kansas) has a Democratic Governor and is shown as blue on the table. but in fact, the Republican state legislature has banned her from imposing mask mandates, and discouraged vaccinations. Do you really think the state of Bob Dole, Mike Pompeo, Kris Kobach, and the Koch brothers, a state that last elected a Dem senator in 1932, should be listed as a blue state?
Similarly, that table lists Maryland as a Red State (hahaha!) because the governor is a Republican....but in fact he has emphasized social distancing and vaccination and told the entire population to "wear your damn masks!"
I conclude that table, and the whole article, are deliberately misleading, and recommend you not use that author as a source of anything in the future. I'd further wager that a map showing the proportion of Fox Viewers in an area and current Covid rates would be closely aligned.


lol how did i miss that his source was the esteemed scientific publication "the national review" because of course it is


we should Sue anyone
maskless & unvaxxed
who comes within
ten feet of us


@16 -- cattle prods?


It’s well established that masks aren’t 100% effective & their efficacy can vary based on its construction and how it’s worn. This is why we don’t rely on masks alone, but in combination with other interventions that are also <100% effective.

To argue that people catching covid while wearing a mask means masks are useless is either a straw man or sheer stupidity. The experts have been telling you for months now that these interventions are not foolproof and you should still exercise an abundance of caution even if you abide by their recommendations, because at the population level they are proven to be highly effective at reducing transmission rates.

People are actively disregarding science while citing “science” to justify ignoring science, for no conceivable benefit other than to pick fights online with people who disagree with them about guns or abortion or whatever. It’s just a novel angle for the culture war for these people, who cares whether their own life depends on it. What a stupid time to be alive.


@14 (#2, Stix) Hey hey - always gotta say hello to a fellow Kansas. I had to GTFO over a decade ago but still have a lot of love for Lawrence and Manhattan.


...sigh. Kansan, that is. Goddamn this lack of an edit feature.


I must say blip, you're getting a number of important points about covid across this morning. Good coffee I guess.


"People are actively disregarding science while citing “science” to justify ignoring science, for no conceivable benefit other than to pick fights online ...."

I love that line Blip. Nice work.


Thanks I actually know a thing or 2 about this stuff


@23 For right-wingers, "I follow the science" has become as much of a throw-away claim as "I didn't vote for Trump...I'm more of a Libertarian."

The irony of "science" becoming a magical word for the right!


Banning abortion does not stop abortion. Ever. It just makes it more difficult to access (meaning if you're rich you can access it just like everything else while everyone else is fucked) and dangerous, meaning more women die (but banning abortion is not about being pro-life).

Trump and his psychosis has truly unleashed an all or nothing wholesale return of this country to the 1800s by any and all means necessary. What a fucking shit show.

Texas should immediately and permanently be banned from any federal funds for any reason. They want to be a shit hole country? Go for it. The rest of this country is not here to fund your hate or take care of anti-science fucktards or fund your vigilante abortion provider murderers. FUCK TEXAS.

As for the Supreme Court. They won't rule on it because ruling on it would mean they would have to uphold Roe v. Wade as the law of the land and they know it. So instead they do nothing,

I long for this country to start sterilizing any and all babies born so that no more humans are born. It should happen worldwide. Humanity is obviously too fucking stupid to live. For fuck sake I would take full on nuclear destruction and instantaneous death RIGHT NOW over this slow shit show of cruelty and evil that is going to play out over the next decades as people are forced to suffer and die for the sake of the 1% getting whatever they want in the world.

Forcing women to give birth to children they don't want and then as a society doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to care for those children is pure fucking evil. It is forcing the creation of life solely to starve it, abuse it, use it, and kill it. Talk about a death cult. This is extreme. This is incomprehensible.


My body, my rights: Right wingers who are against vaccines and masks.
My body, my rights: Women defending their rights to abortion.

The hypocrisy is thick.



Pretty sure if abortions jeopardized the livelihoods and well-beings of the rest of civilized society the debate surrounding their legality would be a little bit more complex and nuanced.


@12 - great idea. And how about a law deputizing anyone in Washington to take any jackass who refuses the vaccine to court?


@1 Brent Gumbo, @2 Incredulity, @16 & @17 kristofarian, and @26 xina for the WIN!!!

@17 I like your cattle prod idea, kris, especially when used on Donald Trump, Greg Abbott, Doug Duce, Tate Reeves, and Ron De Santis. A lot of corrupt white RepubliKKKan males are in serious need of "a zap in the badoobies".
Where is Dustin Hoffman?
Channeling Dorothy Michaels.......


I'm grateful to have gotten my full bilateral hysterectomy last summer.
I weep for women and girls everywhere, especially those held in Texas by the RepubliKKKan Taliban.


Whatever you do, please do not impede the TX abortion law by providing bad data to this and similar sites. Please do not share this site and advise others to do the same.

That would be wrong.


Who needs laws anymore? So many of our older laws are no longer enforced what's the point of new adding ones.


Oops, of adding new ones.


In King Country, support for choosing to terminate a pregnancy early is nearly universal. It's only when adult women chose a reasons to have sex that police and prosecutors don't approve of, such as for money, that the criminal system likes to control what they can do with their body.


@20 ManservantHecubus: Rock chalk!