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It's great fun watching Progressives tie themselves into logical knots while attacking Christians and defending Muslims. Ah yes, a kinder, gentler understanding of Sharia Law from Qasim Rashid, Esq. Thanks for the laugh. No doubt there are Christians who can quote the Sermon on the Mount. But we haven't seen much from either group in recent years, have we?


I’m not sure what Charles was trying to say about abortion rights, but I'll be clear:

A woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy starts and ends with her decision. Autonomy over our own body is an innate right as a human being. It doesn’t matter what “society" thinks.


Hey, Texass, FloriDUMB, Idahopeless and all members of the American Taliban: KEEP YOUR IDIOTIC POLITICS OFF OUR BODIES!!!! As usual, the bald, fat, white RepubliKKKan men in the room have their heads up their butt cracks.

@2 Pretty in Pink: +1 Agreed and seconded.


@2: In King Country, support for choosing to terminate a pregnancy early is near universal. It's only when adult women chose a reasons to have sex that police and prosecutors don't approve of, such as for money, that the criminal system controlling what they can do with their body.


Just... stellar. Viva, Mudede!


@4: Your conflation with hookers is most odd.


"Dagley saw no time for this, nor any time for "slamming a door on a security guard and punching him in the mouth in June 2017." This is the guy who attacked the reporter. He had no fear in him."

Sounds like you are suggesting dude continues to be a dick because he never faces the legal consequences of his actions. Sounds pretty KOMO of you.


If it is white privilege to be anti-vax, what does that say about Black folks who refuse to get the vaccine?


@7, FTW!


Lone star state deserves a one-star review. Fuck Texas. Except poor Austin.

Also, yes, the anti-vaxxers need to step up and/or get out of the way. (Incidentally, a lot of non-whites are anti-vaxx as well, so your persistent racism model fails again). And yes, there is money to be made, Charles. That's how an economy works. Do you work for free? The Stranger certainly solicits for donations on your site, filled with mediocre "journalism."

This virus is making it hard for people to carve out a living and keep their homes. The only people getting well from it are the stock speculators. Good for Alaska Air!


I'd sure rather they kill weeds with automated lasers than with broad spectrum herbicides like Roundup. Neither one involves a lot of field workers, but the former sure has a lot less collateral damage.


It's not the people explaining the history of sharia law who are bending themselves into pretzels here. It's americans who fail to see the religious fanaticism of our own country for what it is. People rely on lazy stereotypes about other repressive cultures to explain something that has been a feature of this country that predates its founding and is, if anything, so ordinary to us we don't see it.

"Taliban are to Islam what KKK is to Christianity" <- that is the point. Christian americans owned slaves, then fought to keep them enslaved, then passed all sorts of laws to relegate the former slaves to second class citizens, and now this culture is actualizing its 5-decade fantasy of doing the same thing to women who don't have the means to travel across state lines to terminate a pregnancy. Poor women will die. Poor women will have children who will die. Poor women will have children they can't care for, all in the name of "christianity."

This isn't a bug, it's a feature. This is our country, but people would rather look down on other countries for their retrograde religious fanaticism than accept that this is part of who we are, too.


@4: Really? You don't see the obvious hypocrisy of someone like Dan Satterberg telling us a women has the right to choose abortion out of autonomy, but does not have the right to choose her labor and sexual choices when as a white heterosexual male he does not to approve? Do I really need to explain how that's related? Sure.

We live in a place that rightly criticizes Texas for their barbaric laws around a women's right to choose when it comes to terminating a pregnancy, while heavily criminalizing a women's right to choose her work and what she chooses to do with her body when it comes to sex.

I thought the comparison and hypocrisy was obvious, but if your still confused look up female autonomy. You can start by reading Foucault on bio-laws. The laws were originally intended to set rules between us while staying out of the areas that involve our own autonomy. People like Governor Abbot and Dan Satterberg have continuously moved the legal code into focusing on bio-law, or the punishment of personal behavior they don't approve of.


@6 Yea it’s really hard to tell whether casino is a sexworker or an exploiter of sexworkers.


@15: For people like yourself there is no distinction. Just like drugs and other lifestyle crimes, it's all criminal since you believe people are exploiting themselves and that should be criminal.

Except for when that comes to you, of course, you fucking hypocrite.


@15: "Exploiter of sex workers"

Are you accusing me of being a vice cop who rapes sex workers for a living?


Charles, you are more anti-wHITE than usual today.