Slog AM: New York Is Underwater, Seattle Heavy Industry Group Wants to Stop Bus Improvements, and Anti-Vaxxers Shut Down Ferries



joe rogan's bags under his eyes have their own bags under their eyes


Some of those alt-right furries could be the anti-vaxxers shutting down the ferries.


& anti-Vaxxers
shutting down our Nation's Highways*?!

time for the Feds to move in.

oh and
who's a 'Proper' noun?
aint it a pronoun?

Pedantly yours truly.

*our Highways
run right Thru
them ferries


Call me crazy, but if I was in an underground subway tunnel and water started gushing in like the Titanic, I would put down my social media feed and run like the fucking wind.


"time for the Feds to move in."

kinda like when ol' ronny the Raygun
FIRED all those Air Traffic Controllers



I think the joke is that he's referring to how Vulcan female names are translated into English. And yeah, I get it, "if you have to explain the joke...", but in this case only a serious Trekker would probably laugh at it anyway. I mean, even I didn't think it was THAT funny.


What kills me about rogan et al is that the monoclonal antibodies he's willing to take were also emergency-authorized by the fda after going through the exact same safety and efficacy testing as the vaccines -- which, btw, help you make your own antibodies for months, probably years, to keep you from getting sick in the first place -- but i guess they are too stupid to understand this.

It's truly a shame these people are surrendering themselves to a deadly virus for no reason other than their emotional attachment to their political identity as a tough guy who hates identity politics. How will our society ever recover from this loss.


Also a shame surrendering themselves to a deadly virus for no reason other than their stubborn malformed spiritual or religious conviction.


Really, ferry workers? That's like, the dumbest iteration of worker solidarity I can think of for labor day weekend.


"Anti-vaxxers will force ferries to shut down this weekend."

Yeah, @3, passengers being required to wear masks for the last 18 months (which is fine with me) didn't bother these same people, but now that they are forced to be vaccinated they cry? What's wrong with this picture?

@4, the thing that struck me was, isn't anyone worried about the electricity in the subway 3rd rail? Even if the power is off, what if it comes back on without warning?

And @8, us Dr Sheldon Cooper types like the joke's double whammy of Vulcanism & correcting people's grammar. Or is it 'we' Dr Sheldon Cooper types.....?

And @9, at 71 yr old I had no problem taking an 'experimental' vaccine because it was far more likely to help me than hurt me by preventing my contracting a disease. But to take the monoclonal stuff when you don't need to is absolute insanity. Again, if I'd already caught the disease I'd take it.....esp at 71, but NOT before.


"Empathy is like pie — there is only so much to go around." - (From Westneat, )

Jeeeeezzzzzz.....I'll really have to meditate on that.

For starters, "The quality of mercy is not strained.
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest:
It blesseth him that gives and him that takes." - Willie

Except, that's mercy, not Empathy.


The west needs all that water more than the east does. Hurricanes have such an east-coast bias.


Maybe if police had taken their responsibilities more seriously the state wouldn't need to intervene and pass laws that criminalize the kinds of actions that often result in their killing people with impunity. It's not like this law just manifested itself from the ether. People wrote it and then passed it because they know the police cannot be trusted to police themselves.


«Whose body was in that North Seattle alley, and why?»
Green Lake Park is home to at least three large hobo dope dens. I regularly step around passed out / shooting junkies while running on trails there. Junkies regularly make death-runs across Highway 99 traffic trying to get back into the park, rather than finding a nearby crosswalk.
Would not shock me if this corpse is run-off from that shit show.


18 - I take that back. It was likely a Phinney Ridge homeowners' argument gone South.


Susan Collins. Hmmm. What a tightrope she has to walk just to keep her job! Gives me a headache thinking about it. I'd find it so hard to be that duplicitous. There are quite a few progressive people in Maine. Unfortunately, there are seemingly as many MAGAs.

Unless Congress acts to make Roe v. Wade law, this shit's going to go on forever. It's going to be like....well, remember the dark old days of being gay in certain parts of the country? Parts where you knew you'd never get anything close to acceptance or civil rights? What did we have to do? (cue: Bronski Beat) You went where your people were. It's gonna be the same for young women. If our Congress can't drum up enough courage to support women's reproductive rights, then you'll just have to move to a state where they are guaranteed.

Until then, if you are a young woman who is sexual active (and most every young person is sexually active), keep a pregnancy test kit handy and start testing when you are two days late, and keep an untouchable bank account to pay for services and/or travel - probably a grand or two. So sorry, little sisters, that you are having to jump these unnecessary hurdles here in 2021.


@20 - leaving Texas seems like it might be more expedient. And the rest of us need to resolve to have nothing to do with that Christo-fascist little state. Boycott their products, refuse to travel there, etc.


As I understand the state vaccine mandate, you lose your job if you refuse to be vaccinated. Nice of the anti-vax ferry workers to identify themselves so we can boot them first.



It's not just junkies making the "death run" across Aurora: I regularly see joggers (presumably, they're not "junkies", because they're wearing sports clothing and frequently headphones) and even just ordinary pedestrians cutting through traffic, because there are only three legitimate ways to get across between roughly N 56th to the south (connecting the north part of Woodland Park to the east with the walkway that circumscribes the Zoo) and Winona Avenue & Linden Avenue to the north; a full mile-long span.

Normal people can't be bothered to wait 30 seconds or whatever amount of time it takes for a pedestrian signal to change in this town; you think they're going to walk a half mile out of their way just to cross a busy six-lane arterial?


@22 these kind of actions coupled with the state workers union suing Inslee is exactly why he will end up changing course on this. Just waiting for waffle to be nice and crisp.


Reagan and the GOP didn’t destroy unions on their own.
They had plenty of help from the unions in turning people against unions.
Since at least the mid-‘70s have drifted away from the wage fights that people supported to seniority and work place rules that only union leadership supports.
Crap like refusing vaccines might be the final straw in crashing any support for unions.


yeah we don't Need no
Stinkin' Unions.
don't 'need' a
stupid Middle
Class either

adios American Dreams.


@21 & @22: +1 dvs 99 for the WIN!!!


@22....Now THAT'S funny!


@25 Spoken like someone who truly has never been even remotely involved in union activity or trying to make people's lives better in ANY way. Spoken like someone who has totally NO idea how difficult & conflicting things can be trying to balance the needs of various groups of ANY society.

For instance, how would YOU council your members who WANT to work 70 hours per week, when the union bargains AGAINST forced overtime.......given that the members who don't want to work ANY overtime have family issues?

It ain't as easy as you think.


@23 COMTE: I can't imagine being a pedestrian in Seattle now. The daily scenario on Aurora Avenue that you and Yeshua @18 describe sounds like serious roadkill waiting to happen.