Were gonna keep doing this until everyone gets vaccinated.
We're gonna keep doing this until everyone gets vaccinated. MLADENBALINOVAC / GETTYIMAGES.COM

More teens in Washington need to get the jab: Only 41% of the state's 12 to 15-year-olds are fully vaccinated, and about 48% of those 16 to 17 years old are vaccinated. We gotta increase those numbers. According to KING 5, the state Department of Health urges parents to "vaccinate all eligible family members and continue to use best practices for COVID-19 safety like limiting travel, keeping playdates small and outdoors, wearing masks indoors when with people outside of the household and getting tested when symptoms appear." Though cases appear maybe to be plateauing now, this statewide return to in-person school could threaten progress.

Madeleine Peyroux and Paula Cole bring their iconic albums to the Benaroya Hall stage on October 8!
These sensational singer-songwriters celebrate their hit records, Careless Love and This Fire, at Benaroya Hall!

King County will require masks at large outdoor gatherings: Starting September 7 you will need to wear a mask at events with 500 people or more regardless of vax status, and public health officials recommend you don masks outdoors when maintaining six feet of distance from others is impossible, KIRO reports.

Hear it from the Duch himself:

For Washington State Republicans, basic COVID safety mandates present the same affront this country's democratic principles and ideals as America's invasion of Vietnam. Luckily, people like Auburn Sen. Phil Fortunato—pictured below—can only water down tons of legislation and prevent Democrats from considering priority legislation around guns and stuff.

Nothing but respect for this headline over at the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog: "Dick’s slapped with citations after worker health, safety, and COVID complaints." The owners and managers of the burger joint that people like will need to pay $35,000 in fines for citations at two locations, including the one on Capitol Hill, if they don't get right with the law.

Landlords and tenant advocates agree on one thing: The county needs to quit being a bunch of scaredy cats and must start pushing out rental assistance en masse now, or else they're gonna find themselves in court, the Seattle Times reports. The county blames its slowness on a database they need to build to make sure they don't accidentally pay off someone's rent who doesn't deserve it *EYEROLL* and also the U.S. Treasury for means-testing the hell out of the rent money, but the Treasury Dept. clarified the rules last week, so things might go more smoothly now.

That abortion ban in Texas is going to fuck shit up for everybody: Here is a list of abortion funds you should shell out some cash to, along with some initial thoughts on the way the ban will complicate abortion access in Washington.

Wanna spy on Amazonians while doing your art? The company that drives up the cost of living in Seattle while fighting every single attempt to pay its fair share in taxes is looking for seven artists to fill its 2022 "Artist in Resident" program. You get $15,000 and 10 weeks of studio space on the company's campuses in Seattle or Bellevue. Apply here by Oct 18.

The Beacon reopens next week: The cinema in Columbia City made it through the pandemic and came out the other end with a new lobby. The theater will start showing filmz next Friday. Check out the "tighter" schedule here. All public shows will require proof of vaccination and masks.

What was left of Hurricane Ida was more than enough to flood cities and kill at least 43 people on the East Coast. Many of the deceased in New York City drowned in their basement apartments, the New York Times reports.

President Biden didn't mince words when blasting the Supreme Court for refusing to block the new Texas abortion ban that outlaws an estimated 80 to 90 percent of women in the state seeking the medical procedure. He vowed an all-out federal government push "to ensure that women in Texas have access to safe and legal abortions as protected by Roe,” according to the Associated Press.

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Obstructionist Sen. Joe Manchin is obstructin' again, warning top Democrats to hit "pause" on the president's $3.5 trillion spending package, because... [checks notes]... "we have so much on our plates right now"?

A Georgia ex-prosecutor has been indicted for allegedly protecting the white men who chased and killed Ahmaud Arbery, suppressing video evidence so they wouldn't be charged with murdering him, the Associated Press reports.

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