This city is only a month away from three new light rail stations.
This city is only a month away from three new light rail stations. MarkHatfield/

Mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell made a trip to Green Lake Park yesterday, found a spot near the bank of the lake, and began to speak to "the people". He promised them that he would be very tough indeed on the homeless. The present "inaction" is unacceptable. He will do something about the crisis when he is mayor. He will make these people camping in our "city parks, playgrounds, sports fields, public spaces, and sidewalks and streets" know that he means business.

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KING 5 reports:

Harrell also said he would clear the Park encampment in his first weeks in office. "If it is not done by the time I take office in January it will be one of my highest priorities. You will see I don't want to say January, February but I will say January, February because I work with a sense of urgency."

When asked by one of the people where the homeless would go in his plan, Harrell answered he would sweep them into houses.

Let's catch up with Seattle's leading right-wing commentators. There is, of course, Jason Rantz. What's on his mind today? It seems he is very upset that antivax cops are getting no respect whatsoever from the governor. He wants Inslee to be down with the blue men and women who apparently do not live in a world with a virus that has killed 650,000 Americans, that killed 3,000 Americans yesterday, and that's clogging our hospitals with antivaxxers. "Troopers can expect to see their religious exemption request denied in the coming days," frets Rantz. But how about the other popular conservative commentator in our town, Brandi Kruse. What's her hottest tweet right now?

Good heavens. She getz buzy on the track, 'cause she getz buzy on the track.

No love will be found today for August's jobs report. Washington Post: "The U.S. economy added just 235,000 jobs in August, a disappointing month of hiring as the delta variant caused coronavirus caseloads around the country to spike." The unemployment rate is now 5.2 percent.

Alaska Airlines is not requiring all employees to be vaccinated. At present its new policy concerns "new hires." However, vaccinated employees who catch the virus will not "be paid for their quarantine time," and those who are vaccinated will get a $200 bonus. Seattle Times' aerospace reporter Dominic Gates describes all of this as an "undisguised shove to its unvaccinated employees" .

Did someone say rain? Will it make an appearance during Labor Day weekend? Maybe. But if so, not much. The real rain is not ready for us yet.

Northgate Station looking like it will be something special. And see you there in October.

As the vaccinated are hogging hospital beds everywhere, people who poisoned themselves with horse de-wormer medication "are causing emergency room and ambulance back ups" in Oklahoma.

"Horses [of Oklahoma] are you ready?"

Who died during New York’s flash floods? Poor people living in basements. Independent reports that "in Woodside, Queens, one neighbour heard a family calling out for help from their basement apartment as a deluge of water flooded the building. No one could reach them through the torrent. All three of them died, including a toddler." And here we have an image that can be expanded to how billions will experience climate change.

This billionaire is upset about something-something to do with that billionaire. And that's the whole story.

In honor of labor, let's end with tune from the revolutionary movie I am Cuba, Pedrito Martínez' "Loco Amor".