Slog AM: Outdoor Mask Mandates Start Today, Millions Booted off Unemployment Benefits, Seattle Cops Appear to Launch Anti-Vax Movement



«[W]e've come to expect this kind of unhinged behavior from [Mike Solan, SPOG &] SPD.... the movement's slogan seems a bit too on the nose: "We will rise and fall together."»

So the movement anticipates "falling together." Very prescient. And spooky, doomsday-ish.


Good Heavens.... the end of unemployment benefits.

These folks will have to actually go get a job and it is so very, very hard to find a job these days.

Oh the humanity! One must work to make a living. Will this horror never end?

Where are the support services... rent subsidies, utility subsidies, food stamps, child care credit, local charity out reach... for God Sakes, think of the children... won't somebody send in the clowns.



Low effort, uninspired, standard-issue bootstrap blather.


End it forever.


RE: Rep. Matt Gaetz: this is the best appearance he ever made...


“We will rise and fall together”

Yes we know, we’ve been trying to warn you about that

Here I thought this was some guy speaking off the cuff who just made a regrettable choice of words but apparently this is their slogan. Jfc


2, Yes, so those people will be breaking into your house for all your valuables and driving off in all your family's cars.

Don't bother shooting, they took all your guns, too.


@3 Your comments are in reference to those still unemployed on the public dole ..right? : D


@6 Well actually at this point they have only managed to break into my car ... but I suspect the rest of what you say won't be long in the offing.

I don't own a gun, but am thinking it might be necessary since we have little in the way of police protection. But the thing is most people, even those in law enforcement are killed with their own guns. So its really a hard call.

The statistics do indeed show property crimes, violent crime and murders all on a strong up tick. I guess sending in social workers to "reason with offenders" may not be working as well as we hoped....

Perhaps we need to commission a new study until we get an opinion the city council likes. (Kind of like what they did on the minimum wage and then fire anybody (ie --University of Washington) who has a different opinion... yes true democracy at work... lovely.

In the mean time... I feel your pain bro.... hard times in Seattle.


As long as people are dying and hospitals are turning away sick people away because they don't have room to care for them the government should keep paying people to fucking stay home because it costs us way more in the long term to keep clogging our hospitals and killing people. Also the existence of job openings does not mean everyone can just go out and get a job because most of them require skill and experience. I can only assume people have never actually worked a day in their life if they think anyone can just do any job.

Even in an ideal situation where there isn't a highly contagious virus killing people and destroying our way of life you would still expect a bumpy recovery from double-digit unemployment, where it takes people time to find the right opportunity. But we don't live in that world, we live in one that is headed into another cold & flu season with a pandemic virus in circulation, so you should expect even more chaos. I think it would be great if everyone had a job too but you are not engaged with reality if you think it's a simple matter of people just going out and getting one.


"I don't own a gun,
but am thinking it might
be necessary since we have
little in the way of police protection."

if by 'police protection'
you mean 'Falling Together!'
may I suggest getting Vaxxed
that way when they beat the shit
outta you you're less Likely to pick
up an Avoidable bug you cannot shake.

plus it's Hard
to pick off a Virus
with anything other
than a sawed-off Shotgun.


Gaetz and the rest of the Trump crazies - they're not a troop or brigade, they're more like a Rump Parliament!


Seems like now would be a good time to bust the cop union. This guy would know what to do . . .


@9 ... .or they could just get vaccinated and go back to work.

If you are living off government assistance, it might be time to say, golly, I know its not the perfect job and exactly what I want to do, but it is a job and honest work.

@10... you are a caution. And a very angry one at that. Send in the social workers... we got a hot who desperately need help.


@2: Totally agree. It was a good idea at the time ruined by horrible execution.

It is not the role of the government to create unfair competition for labor by paying people to sit on their arses. I know many people who had no incentive to go out for a job as long as they could sit at home, maybe work a bit under the table for cash, and essentially pocket $20 and hour on State + Federal unemployement.

On top of this, they did a shitty job of means-testing. I know someone who's retired and making six figures off their pension + investments. They still worked a part-time gig largely for shits and giggles. They didn't qualify for State unemployment, but amazingly qualified for Federal PUA. They ended up collecting $800/week for most of 2020 - even though they probably never worked more than 3 - 4 days a month at their P/T gig.

If you have restaurants, trucking companies, and others having problems bc they can't find people to work, it's well past time to axe the Federal boondoggle. Unemployment is a safety net, not a hammock for slackers.


How does getting vaccinated help people get a job they are not qualified for? Do you think employers will just give jobs to any warm body who walks through the door? How would any of this change the present dynamic where the entire global order has been disrupted by death and uncertainty?

You have a child's understanding of the world. Every problem has this one neat trick that will solve it, but no one will listen to you. Classic case of the stupid white man's burden.


13 "If you are living off government assistance, it might be time to say, golly, I know its not the perfect job and exactly what I want to do, but it is a job and honest work."

Can you explain why, amid peak epidemic, you think that is a good idea for the economy? What proven gains are there? Why is peak epidemic "time to say..." such a thing?


Good write-up, Rich.


@9: "Also the existence of job openings does not mean everyone can just go out and get a job because most of them require skill and experience. "

When has this never been the case? That's why our first jobs are typically service related. Tons of entry level positions available now throughout the city at good starting wages.

Bootstraps are helpful and always available, pandemic or no pandemic.


@13 -- why would anyone get Upset
when those tasked to Protect and Serve
We the People resist not passing on the Plague?

what's innit for Them?
even More Power?
how long till we
Must avert our
Eyes in their


@16 Getting off of government assistance and supporting yourself by working at a job is always better for the economy, particularly if you're vaccinated. Lower the burden for taxpayers and increase tax receipts. What's wrong with that?


Shorter @2, 13, 14, 22:

"Hey everyone, message from our wealthy corporate overlords, they've ordered all us slaves back to the salt mines."


Putting people in harm’s way for meager entry-level wages & no healthcare during a pandemic is actually not a better alternative for anyone, even those of us with gainful employment. At absolute least we could raise the minimum wage so people aren’t making more money on unemployment.

Everyone wants people to go back to work but no one wants to give them a positive reason to do so. But when people feel like they have to choose between their health & being unemployed you shouldn’t be surprised when people figure out other ways to get by. We’re gonna need to find another way to get people back to work than calling them lazy bums.


Shorter @23:

"Give me free money, I'm entitled."


The only thing ending here is the additional federal stipend. I haven't heard anything about state unemployment being cut off. inslee did reinstitute the requirement that you must be out looking for a job though. Those who can work should be going back to work and for those who can't they need to see if they can find an equitable job until they can again find a one that they love. There was a story on the news over the weekend about a woman who was an opera singer and has been out of work due to the lack of performance gigs. Ok that sucks but that doesn't mean she is not able to do anything else until performances come back.

On the vax front I'm beginning to wonder if Inslee et al might be painting themselves into a corner. If gov depts lose 10-15% of employees and continue operating with little to no drop off in productivity the bloated government critics will have a field day saying told you so. Alternatively, if the service goes to shit or vital gov functions shut down Inslee will take full blame for that as well. I don't see how this ends well for him because at this point there is definitely going to be a noticeable percentage of folks who will retire/quit/get fired over this.


Is $15 per hr. meager, when most restaurants and other industries are starting at least 17 or more?


as heard in today's nyt:

Texas: the state that grants
more Reproductive
Rights to a virus
than to Women.




Ok Uncle Tom


@2, @3,6,7,8,9,13,14,15,16,19,22,23,24,25,26, You're absolutely correct, no doubt about it. All these fakers who are milking Covid benefits should be put in jail. It's good their benefits have come to an and. They've been slacking far too long. It's not like they're rich corporations who got a 40% never ending tax cut that got dropped on them all at once by Our Blessed Lord & Savior Emperor Trump the First!! (If you've never done the math, a tax cut from 35% to 21% is NOT a 14% tax cut. The math is NOT 35-21=14% The math IS (35-21)/35=40% !!!!!!!!!!)

That's the same math no one does when Bill Gates donates $10 Million to some charity. I once did the math on that. For Gates' net worth it's the same as me donating $600......and you never see my name in the paper when I do that a couple of times per year.


are you sure that's an image from Mexico and not a screenshot from apex legends? lol


@31 -- gotta be Fake
the Blu Dick's too small.


Shorter RW Trolls:

"Gitcher lazy ass back to work at a low-paying, soul-sucking, high-COVID risk service job fulfilling my desire for instant gratification and Gawd-given right to make you feel like an absolute piece of shit while you're doing it. And also, fuck you, cuz I ain't wearin' no filthy Commie-Pinko girly-man mask while I spew my completely justified rage-spittle in your face cuz you didn't get my order out fast enough."


@33 If people don't want to work, IDGAF, just keep your nose out of the public trough snarfing down the money paid by people who do work. When layoffs were the rule and jobs were shrinking like your brain, that was one thing, but that time is over and jobs are now plentiful, begging for applicants. The rent is not going to pay itself.


So many idiots don't understand macro-economics, just as they don't understand the pandemic. It is not about the individual.

At worst there are a handful of people who are receiving benefits when they can work. Big fucking deal. It is good for the economy. The areas where they have reduced the benefits have much higher unemployment. Think about that for a second. They cut off benefits, and the number of people unemployed goes up. Economists would say "No Shit"; historians would say "No Shit (like the Great Depression)"; but you just go "Whaaaa?".

Vaccines are not to protect the individual (although they work well for that). Masks are not to protect the individual (ditto). Both are designed to stop the spread of the disease. Likewise, unemployment benefits are not a "safety net", they are designed to stop the economy from spiraling into a depression. Holy fuck, people, get a fucking clue.


Sad about the deaths.

That said, on the horse paste topic, it causes infertility in 80 percent of humans who take it, so at least there are consequences.

Now, stop whining and go get fully vaccinated.


& NO
on Schlog.


but Where would
our billionaire$$$ be
without Scapegoats?!

keep your gazes down
& remember: there is no
'man behind the curtain.'

--man behind curtain


@36 now that there is a vaccine I’m pretty sure there is more than a handful. I know a handful myself who just spent the summer living their best life because why not? If you’re vaccinated there are very few reasons why you can’t rejoin the workforce.


How many of the homeless in Seattle could consider getting a job when they would have to pass a drug test?


ZOMG! I finally figured it out! You know what would end all of this mess?


Homeless? Get yourself some bootstraps! Addicted? You need bootstraps! Mentally ill? Bootstraps!

We just need to make huge numbers of bootstraps and all our social problems will be solved, once and for all!


(Now, of course, the BIG challenge will be convincing the nay-sayers - and I'm sure there are many - to actually contribute to the making of the bootstraps, because, as we all know, while everyone LOVES the idea of "bootstraps", they don't really want to PAY for someone else to have bootstraps, especially if they themselves are not in need of bootstraps. So, maybe we'll need to start off by making bootstraps that will bootstrap the foot-draggers into a higher level of social consciousness. We'll call them the "WWJD?" line of bootstraps or something equally catchy; give it a nice logo and have Tom Hanks, "America's Favorite Uncle" (tm) do the commercials.)


Seems like there might be a fair number of unemployed vaccinated people (or willing to be vaxxed) who would be happy to accept those nice union civil service jobs. Ferry Deckhand starts at $23.01 per hour and includes a comprehensive state benefits package. Starting pay for Entry Level Correctional Officers is $4,191 - $4,741 per month also with comprehensive benefits. Entry Level Police Officer (Issaquah) hiring at $75,609 - $96,911 a year. All jobs require a high school diploma or GED and a valid drivers license.


@41 -- and how many of the gainfully employed in Seattle could
Keep their job if/when They would have to pass a drug* test?

what we do behind Closed Doors
is no one's Biz but our Own.
btw -- test for Impairment
not history.

*legal drugs or
All intoxicants?


I would hazard a guess that the SCL employees who would participate in a “sick out” to protest the vaccine requirement are the ones with no leave time because they use it as soon as they get it.

I regard the vaccine requirement as an opportunity to get rid of the densest employees, although I can’t imagine that any other utility would want them.