Im sure this verification system will be loved by many.
I'm sure this verification system will be loved by many. ArtistGNDphotography/Getty
King County is developing a vaccine verification system: The system "could go into effect next month at certain non-essential, high-risk settings," reports the Seattle Times. It would facilitate the process of checking vax status at places like clubs, bars, stadiums, theaters, etc., and make it a much more streamlined affair. The county is also "gathering feedback from community organizations, labor union, businesses, and cities" about the system.

And on that note: Today we got a lot of announcements from Seattle-area sports teams that they will require proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test for entry. Our new hockey team, Seattle Kraken, as well as the arena that will house them, Climate Pledge Arena, announced today that you gotta flash your vax card and mask up in order to watch hulking athletes flit about on ice. Just after that news dropped, the Seahawks, Sounders, and Lumen Field also announced that they will require proof of vaccination to watch their games. So will the Huskies and Cougs. As for the Mariners? They are down with the vaccine mandate, but they're only applying it to the post-season games at T-Mobile Park.

Nationally: 75% of Americans have received at least one COVID vaccine dose, reports Bloomberg. It's a milestone in a country that has struggled greatly with vaccine hesitancy amid a deadly surge of cases thanks to the Delta variant. Apparently, President Biden will drop a "six-pronged strategy" in a speech this Thursday outlining how he plans to get the pandemic under control. Keep your eyes peeled.

Why am I crying right now: Things have been hard, Steve. We haven't forgot about you either!

Mexico's supreme court decriminalizes abortion: The high court ruled unanimously today that criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional, which would set a precedent for legalization, reports the New York Times. The ruling comes after years of protest by feminist activists, and it is a major step forward for the one of the most populous Catholic countries in Latin America.

Meanwhile, in Texas: Noted cretin and governor Greg Abbott signed a heinous anti-abortion bill into law, criminalizing the procedure after six weeks of gestation. Abbott bizarrely promised to "eliminate all rapists" in response to a question about whether or not the measure would force rape victims to give birth. The bill is so fucked up that United Nations human rights monitors have called it "structural sex and gender-based discrimination at its worst." Abbott also affixed his signature to a restrictive voting rights bill after Texas Dems fled the state to avoid a vote on the damned thing. Fuck the GOP.

An update on the Seattle Art Museum: Last week, I reported that a collective of workers at the Seattle Art Museum organizing under the name Decolonize SAM called for a boycott of the institution until SAM leadership retracts two policies meant to address the houseless population. Decolonize SAM wants to see the museum remove "hostile architecture" outside their Hammering Man entrance and to terminate its contract with a private security company administrators hired to police the facility. On Saturday the workers claimed the museum apparently ended its contract with Star Protection Agency after a contracted guard allegedly paid an unhoused person to steal another unhoused woman's possessions from outside the museum last week. I've reached out to the agency for comment.

In an internal email from SAM director and CEO Amada Cruz to SAM staff, Cruz apparently confirmed that the incident occurred and called the guard's behavior "unacceptable." She went on to write, "From the beginning, the intention to provide extra security was to keep everyone on our museum property safe... This was not meant to antagonize our unhoused neighbors." In another email, the workers told me they plan to regroup and shift their demands in light of the museum's termination of their relationship to Star Protection Agency. I'm still waiting for SAM to give me comment on the situation and on these emails. UPDATE 9/8: The SAM says they have no comment on the situation.

Biden surveyed damage wrought by Hurricane Ida in New Jersey and New York today: At least 67 have died across eight states due to the deadly storm, reports NBC News. "Every part of the country is getting hit by extreme weather, and we're now living in real time what the country's going to look like," Biden said. "And if we don't do something — we can't turn it back very much, but we can prevent it from getting worse." The White House has also asked Congress to allocate $10 billion for hurricane recovery and another $14 billion "for other natural disasters."

Got a migraine? There might be a spray for that: Seattle company Impel NeuroPharma just got FDA approval for a nasal spray called Trudhesa that treats migraines, reports the Seattle Times. It'd be first to deliver the drug to the upper nasal cavity, allowing for "faster drug uptake." You can expect to see these bad bois in stores in October and to shell out somewhere between $600 to $850 for four doses. Whatever happened to stick relief?

Cardi B and Offset are parents, twice over: The iconic rapper couple welcomed a new child over the weekend. No word on the baby's name, but given the fact that their first daughter is named Kulture, might I suggest Art?

Adios pendejo! Mexico City's mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, announced that the city will take down the giant statue of colonizer Christopher Columbus on Paseo de la Reforma and replace it with "a memorial by Mexican sculptor Pedro Reyes honoring Indigenous women," reports ArtNews. The statue had already been taken down for a "planned restoration," but that fucker isn't coming back. The new statue is expected to go up by October 12, the day Mexico celebrates Día de la Raza.

That potential sickout over vaccine mandates at Seattle City Light? Only two out of around 250 high-voltage line workers called out, reports Daniel Beekman at the Seattle Times.

For your listening pleasure: As an annoying biracial person I'm obligated to report on Annoying Biracial Person Supreme, Drake, and his new video for "Way 2 Sexy" off his latest album Certified Lover Boy. It's silly and made for the internet to screengrab, obviously.