Imagine if we lived in a country where everyone just got vaccinated, as their duty to all of the other people in the society in which they live, and there were no need to force people already underpaid and underappreciated to now ask for proof of vaccination. I mean people are getting assaulted for telling people they have to wear a mask. What's going to happen when employees tell people they have to prove they've been vaccinated. And somehow these employees are supposed to be able to discern fake vs. real proof? Gee, I can't imagine why no one wants to work any of these jobs.


Yeah, I spent a half hour this afternoon on Zoom with one of the County staff working on the new check system. One thing that surprised me was they hadn't previously considered accepting WA Dept. of Health "patient vaccination and forecast records", the document the State uses to track your various flu, shingles, Tetanus, et al shots; which, as I pointed out, is much more "official looking" than my janky-but-nevertheless-authentic, hand-written CDC-issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record card. So, hopefully, that'll be taken into consideration.

Also, I quite literally begged them keep the free testing sites open. Speaking from personal experience, and as someone whose entire household is fully vaxxed, they're still very much needed.


"Abbott bizarrely promised to 'eliminate all rapists' in response to a question about whether or not the measure would force rape victims to give birth."

all Life is Sacrosanct in Texas
(which is why they gotta Execute
so many human beings down there).

your Rapist will share with you Joint Custody
and should he happen to be outta Work
or whatever your Paycheck will come
in Handy for him. the Patriarchy
ROCKS don't it? speaking of
Freedom: 'freedom from
Religion'? I do Not
think so. the Talis
got Nuthin' on
the Texans.

@1 -- they oughtta see if they can join SPOG
and never hafta put up with a Scoffvax again
just Taze 'em & let the dogs drag them away.


@3 In the olden days if you raped a women her father could force you to marry her.

"You broke it, you bought it."

Maybe that's what Gov. Abbott was getting at.


@1: In the final analysis, an honor system is probably just as effective. Vaccine passports is a layer of bureaucracy that has too many problems of its own to be effective. At some point we just have to trust our fellow citizens. It's only a minority that will be deceitful in being vaccinated, and if you're vaccinated, you're pretty much in the clear.


"At some point we just have to trust our fellow citizens."

you mean
those 75,000,000
who voted for a pathological Liar?

your Faith
has trumpfed
your common sense.


Trust - but verify -isn"t that what Reagan said?


Get vaxxed
Vax info entered into database; QR code generated
Vaccinee enters personal info in database search engine to confirm their vaccine was documented & capture QR code
Store/bar/etc either checks QR code at entry or requires masks. No QR? No mask? GTFO

Can’t speak to enforcement at step 4 but we’re already doing steps 1-3 so it can’t be that hard to push us over the line. The honor system doesn’t work if you can’t trust people who don’t even care about their own safety.


I trust my fellow citizens to act in the most selfish way possible.
After all they’re all rugged individuals and if they want to camp in a park, shoot heroin in public, refuse to wear masks, open carry AR-15s to Starbucks, or refuse to get vaccinated and lie about it, that’s their god given right as Americans!



@8: And nothing to prevent downloading a pirated QR code to a device.


and if we the peeps wanna Outlaw
the Homeless there's Always
Slavery. 3 hots & a cot?

well they gottta
Pay for that too.
perhaps they have
Fillings? remember: PROFITS
lie around Every corner if you're
just willing to Look Hard Enough.

is no longer
The Answer.

'less you wanna
go all Talibanner.


@10 nothing to prevent someone from walking onto the bus this morning at 9 am with a 24 pack of Busch Lite and proceed to open the box and pull out a can - other than me telling him not to drink it on the bus, that is.

Look, it's all fine until you affect others. And the Mu variant doesn't care about your excuses, even if you're a toddler.


@10 this is a fantastically poor argument.

People can also forge, steal and pirate regular passports and drivers licenses. So we just abandon testing and licensing drivers? We just abandon proof of citizenship at ports of entry?People also can counterfeit money. So I guess there goes fiat currency!

Criminals exist who will skirt laws. So when they do you try to catch them and prosecute them. Like any other crime.

Vaccine passports are the only way forward now that US society has spectacularly failed its collective responsibility and the virus is now endemic. Otherwise we’ll just accept a few hundred thousand senseless deaths every year and the greatest contraction life expectancy in history.


10 sure but this doesn't mean we should just give up entirely, because most people aren't going to go to those lengths and the do-nothing alternative is obviously worse, and anyway we could also check ID to confirm it matches the QR code, or if we're extra fancy vaccine status could be linked to directly to the driver's license so you just have to scan the ID. The tech to do all of this already exists, we just lack the political will to take advantage of it.



"we just have to trust our fellow citizens."

Are you joking?


@13/14: Of course, ID verification is required for drivers license and all sorts of purposes. And forgery and fakery does not negate that need.

But vaccine passports is likely to have diminishing value, as variants come and go and vaccine efficacy diminishes, and the pandemic ultimately subsides. Fine for companies to verify employees, but it's a big burden on restaurants and bars -- and for what? Catching a few folks trying to slip by when we're already vaccinated and it's no more risk than that guy in the grocery store down the street who wasn't wearing a mask?

In addition, it lays the groundwork for more and more government surveillance. That should raise eyebrows for all good people left or right.


@15: Yes, and I'm not joking. You already do that every time you drive a car, take a cinnamon roll from a buffet table, cross the street, help someone in distress, and so on.


But vaccine passports is likely to have diminishing value, as variants come and go and vaccine efficacy diminishes, and the pandemic ultimately subsides.

This is based on nothing but utter speculation and a poor attempt to justify a bad argument through a specious post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy as well as the typical Slipper Slope fallacy. It's about time you updated your software here.

Vaccine Passports have an extreme value NOW, when we need them. To aid in financial and economic recovery and get to your final destination of "pandemic subsides."

They are the current recommendation of a vast array of epidemiological institutions whose expertise and advice directly contradict you.

If their value fades then we phase them out.

And at this point in the pandemic it's about time you discarded these debunked taking points and began listening to the people that are experts in these fields. These fallacies should be well chastised by now should you who imply them possess the intellectual wherewithal for that kind of self analysis.


The above did not put the first paragraph in quotes.

I did not realize the UI here was so primitive and did no except HTML.


If the pandemic in America has proven anything it's the the old libertarian chestnut of "Inform the people and let the market decide" has been an abject failure. Which is why environmental, labor public health polices and laws are necessary in the first place.

Because merely crossing you fingers and "trusting people" is insufficient during the spread of global infectious disease. Anyone still holding on to that kind of simple minded rhetoric is clearly incapable of an honest assessment of reality and should be ignored.


@18: If opinions and observations are talking points, I cede that point.

Epidemiological experts, the wise ones anyway, accept elements of risk in social scenarios given the likelihood of transmission and are continually fine tuning that.



They used to let us use html but for some reason they shut it off a couple years ago.


@5....spoken like a true ultra maroon.

@6 kristofarian: BINGO--FTW!!!

I wonder how many women and adolescent girls from the Texiban state are considering permanently fleeing to Mexico if not to bluer, saner U.S. states.


@15 Urgutha Forka: No, unfortunately he's serious. Elmer (@5) is just being his usually slow-as- old-glue self, fueled by MAGA stupidity and nothing of importance to say.

@23: Yeah, well, "The Bumpkin Factor" is what's killing our democracy as well as the health and safety of our country, Bugs. And the RepubliKKKan Party of the Texiban is chortling all the way to their banks.


Methinks the Lone Star State of Confusion should come up with a new state slogan than,
"Don't Mess With Texas". Thanks to Texiban fueled RepubliKKKans and the MAGA-stupefied rubes that keep cheering them on, Texas is messed up enough with any additional outside help.


@26: Aiiigghhh---damned typos! Correction: Make that: "Methinks the Lone Star State of Confusion should come up with a more fitting state slogan than: "Don't Mess With Texas".
Thanks to Texiban fueled RepubliKKKans and the MAGA-stupefied rubes that keep cheering them on, Texas is messed up enough without any additional outside help."

Note to Griz: don't type comments until AFTER consuming red wine.


Note to Griz: People always understand you even with your typos. No need to post corrections.


@10 A QR code is a scan-able link. It's not hard to code an app where you register with the app, it verifies you are in the state vaccination database and generates a QR code. The person verifying you then scans the QR code with their app, and it shows them enough of your driver's license that they can verify that it is the same as the ID you presented. Quick, easy, yet hard to fake.

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