Slog AM: Free Britney, Poor Unwanted Cruise Ships, and a Power Rangers Spoiler



«Residents of [Cowlitz County] to our south are only about 50% vaccinated, and it shows: The morgue is so overwhelmed by the number of dead bodies that commissioners may declare an emergency to help them obtain an extra refrigeration trailer.»

Commandeer the empty meat lockers from these dead rubes.


Satire and dark humor are OK if you are a government employee. Knoxville isn't going to be the subjective thought police. It won't create an ideological requirement for public employment.


Cowlitz County has clearly made poor life choices, The state, meaning mostly Seattle taxpayers, shouldn't encourage or subsidize their poor choices, that would only lead to more irresponsible behavior.

Cowlitz County just needs to give up fancy coffee, and the avocado toast, maybe get a second job, and they can get their own refer trailer to house their dead.


Nobody's getting rid of all the cars, or of any cars, just because you have a whiny little urbanist hissy fit over it in every posting that appears under your name. You're getting to the point where every time I see your byline, I'll just pass it by, like with Mudede.



They're all full still with last season's elk and deer, and this summer's cattle carcasses...


Long-time residents of Cowlitz County wouldn't be caught dead (!) drinking fancy coffee and eating fancy toast; it's weak Folger's drip and burnt Wonder Bread for them, or nothing (speaking from personal experience.)

And why in the ever-loving FUCK would ANYONE think building a brand new from-scratch city in the DESERT is a good idea? Or is it just that, since about 40% of the Continental U.S. is now vulnerable to uncontrolled desertification (not including the roughly 30% that's already desert or semi-arid) our Billionaire Overlords figure they'll just plop it down any-old where and wait for Climate Change to take its natural course?


@3 -- brilliant.

perhaps they might convince
the locals to Airbnb their
Homes to help Pay
for another refer
or two.


@3 -- disgusting.


3 Correct. Have these people forgotten that they have BOOTSTRAPS they can pull up whenever they want to? Try running your town like a business, too!
And if you get sick, die quickly like a respectful conservative!

Better to never receive free help from anyone and die painfully alone.


Amazing how badly The Stranger wants a white girl to get all her money back. And then they’ll turn around and demand taxes from poor old Brit.

You guys will love her until she’s rich again, and then you’ll hate her cause… well, she’s a white, rich girl from Mississippi.


Self reliance means storing grandpa's body in the deep freezer out in his garage.


@9 -- it ain't the Money
it's the Lust For It.
see: Dolly Parton


Is Loftium the name of the anti-depressant you take to deal with the fact you're paying money to manage someone else's business?


Oh really, you want brittany to have the money she earned but also think she should pay her TAXES?!?!!! liberals are such hypocrites and anyway you're supposed to hate her for being white or something. I don't make the rules or even know if they exist i'm just here to enforce them


Britney Spears, PAX, Power Rangers. It's clear. I've aged out of SLOG.

There's nothing I can say great about Dan Savage that hasn't already been said hundreds of times. Not to imply that he's St. Dan. I'm sure he has his days, but what a man for all seasons. What a life he's lived. I'm awfully glad that he was part of my time on Earth. Czechoslovakia had my eyes brimming over.


"Also, it’s nice that in these disagreeable times, just about everyone agrees she should be allowed to run her own life."
But it would be nice if she didn't destroy her life 2 days later......and we didn't all have to read about it daily for the next 5 years.

"Cowlitz County......last week, the county passed a resolution condemning businesses that require vaccination."
I usually attribute this to what I like to call "The Bumpkin Factor".

"Marc Lore has proposed...... Has any billionaire ever come up with an original idea worth anything?"
I usually attribute this to what I like to call "The Bumpkin Factor". FYI Google MXC "Minnesota Experimental City". The UofM actually planned & tried to build it in the 1960s, to be completed......get 1984!!!


Are the Costa Cruise ships upright or lying on their sides? Why don't the Italians just do what they do in Seattle?.....put in those cell phone system powered parking meter kiosks and charge $40/hr for parking.



Her finances have been in conservatorship for 13 years. I have step-grandchildren who don't remember a time when her daddy didn't hold her purse strings...


@5 COMTE and @6 kristofarian: +2 Kudos, both of you, for sheer brilliance!

When every member of the corrupt, neofascist RepubliKKKan Party of the Texiban finally kills themselves and each other off from their rabid fixation on anti-masking, anti-vaxxing, cruelly mistreating women and girls like farm animals and being forever hellbent on shoving the U.S. back into the 18th century I'll be getting out the good red wine and dark chocolate.


Charles's SLOG template isn't rendering completely this evening in SLOG PM. It falls apart after line 1444 as seen by view source, where the pitch for receiving SLOG as a newsletter usually is. Its just boiler plate HTML and when compared to other articles no change is seen until lower on the page.

The At Risk Youth are gonna have some fun trying to fix that from their phones in a bar someplace.

This is an Outrage!


no commenting on Chas'
schlog tonite?
too bad

a delicious taste:

Anti-Vax Cops Present
an Elegant Solution to
Police Budget Talks

a twofer!

Surprise! The rich are not paying
their fair share,and that is the
entire purpose and meaning
of capitalism.

also: Terry Gross of Fresh Aire had a nice interview of Michael K. Williams that aired today. he was A-MAZING and Disturbing as O’Mar in The Wire – he got so deep intio the Role he had a Hard time getting back out. It fucking Shows. RIP Micheal

thnx chas! that oughtta
get me thru the next
couple days easy.


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