David George Gordon, the world-renowned and Seattle-area bug chef, eating giant hornets like they were chips.
David George Gordon, the world-renowned and Seattle-area bug chef, eating giant hornets like they were chips. Charles Mudede

While some are keeping an eye on the mu, others are keeping an eye on the next big thing: the Asian giant hornet. Over 100 of these buggers were ghosted last month. We thought they had learned their lesson. We even showed up in spacesuits to conduct this lesson. "Yes, getting rid of you is like going to the moon for us," the Washington State Department of Agriculture said to the hornets. But it seems the hornets did not get the message because there have been two new sightings of them in a place not far from the nest where the spacesuits did their deadly business. But what if this war against these bugs becomes too long and too expensive? Spacesuits all over the forest, going nowhere. What then? I recommend we just start eating them like chips in a bag.


Horse medicine is rising in popularity in Washington State. That's to be expected. But here is the key piece of information in the Seattle Times' story on this hee-haw of all hee-haw matters in America: "Over 88,000 ivermectin prescriptions were reported nationwide in the second week of August, an amount 24-times higher than the pre-pandemic figure, the Washington State Department of Health said in a news release." So, we are back to the root of all evil: money. The vaccine is free; the horse shit is not. This is why anti-vaxxers are permitted and even receive a great deal of attention in the press. They are a ripe market for products that come from nowhere else but left field. Such products have very low marketing costs.

Why are religious exemptions the same as medical exemptions? If you are so religious about not vaxxing, then why go to a game? Why not stay at home? And pray, and send curses, and masturbate. Religion is about a belief. It's not, strictly speaking, a medical condition. Anyway:

The Kraken will allow some unvaccinated fans into games with a negative COVID-19 test taken within 48 hours beforehand, but only if approved in advance for exemptions on legitimate medical or religious grounds.

Seattle says, for now, "no way" to a cop vaccination exemption. Portland says "yes." But let's think about this for a moment. Doesn't the anti-vax issue provide a city with a way to finally weed out its bad cops? Nothing good can be said about an anti-vaxxer, and, as a consequence, nothing good could ever come out of an anti-vax cop. For once, we have a mechanism to really root out the "bad apples" in urban policing. This is something to consider.

The Seattle-Bremeton ferry route is bare bones at this moment. Just one ferry is operating between the cities. KOMO reports that "this is due to crewing challenges and a shortage of vessels."

Once again, car culture, the motor of American capitalism, destroys a young person's life. KIRO: "Deputies identify 15-year-old girl as suspect in hit-and-run that killed jogger."

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The future of Mount Rainier? Is this what's in store in a warm world of our master's making? So snowless?

Surprise! The rich are not paying their fair share, and that is the entire purpose and meaning of capitalism. It is a class-ordering system that has captured economics and claims to be what it has only captured.

We saw the great Michael K. Williams become a ghost a few days ago. We also saw him in time (my brother, in time) dancing to the keys of life in a park. But what was the beat that was moving him so? It was a remix of "Celebration" by DJeff Afrozila.

Washington Ensemble Theatre presents amber, a sensory installation set in the disco era
In this 30-minute multimedia experience, lights & sounds guide groups as they explore a series of immersive spaces.