Seattle Sticker Patrol: Cut Off Your White Dreads!



some good ones in there, but really, White Dreads? I get it, but tell me what's not fascist about micromanaging others harmless fashion choices? Surely there are bigger fish to fry

People don't want to be judged by one small percentage of who they are (skin color) but then turn around and judge others for some innocuous fashion choice? Where does it stop?


@1 not to mention the Rasta community has come out multiple times to say 1) the use of the word "dreads" is demeaning (the history is... fun) and they prefer to call them locs and 2) they fully embrace anyone of any color in their community. I know a white rasta guy with suuuuuper long locs, and nobody within the community gives him shit for it. It's only those on the outside that criticize his hair.