As Indian prime minister Narendra Modi continues his attempt to transform the world's largest democracy into a Hindu nationalist enterprise ruled by right-wing politics (man, authoritarianism is really getting around, isn't it?), journalist and lawyer Suchitra Vijayan is out with her people's history of the modern country.

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To write Midnight’s Borders, Vijayan took seven years to travel the 9,000 miles of India's borderlands, photographing and recording accounts of lives lived in those often heavily militarized regions. The level of terror and oppression that follows these people reveals the daily devastations and indignities wrought by distant imperialists and raging nationalists. "These stories are likely to haunt a reader long after the reading is done," Bhupinder Brar said of the book for The Tribune. So prepare to get haunted.

Town Hall Seattle will host a virtual reading with Vijayan this evening at 7:30 pm. Tickets start at $5, and you can find them here

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