Seattle has lots of wonderful and even magical parks, dear driver. Why not walk to one this weekend and keep that awful pollution machine at home.
Seattle has lots of wonderful and even magical parks, dear driver. Why not walk to one this weekend and keep that awful pollution machine at home? Charles Mudede

Seattle Times transportation reporter Mike Lindblom recommends that drivers stay at home this weekend because "six transportation disruptions in Seattle" will make the hell that driving already is even more hellish. Lindblom's exact words: "...this is a great weekend to explore your own neighborhood." Indeed, walk around and see what you are missing when encased in all of that industrial metal and plastic.


In today's episode of what's wrong with our car culture: "Man hits, kills man then leads police on lengthy chase to Federal Way". This is a dry loss. Meaning, nothing here can be recovered. It's all bad from beginning (suspected drunk in pickup truck, dead pedestrian, car chase) to end.

Does the mayoral candidate Bruce Harrell really care about this kind of anti-car stuff? From what I've heard, he places the economics of a city above all else. And a major part of that branch of economics is seriously plugged into the most irrational but still very profitable form of transportation.

Seattle will be cool this weekend, but the rain, which has been on vacation for nearly all of this summer, is telling our meteorologists that it may or may not come. How about next week? The real rain will give it some thought.

Seattle Times:

If we do not get the rain, we could end up with the driest summer ever recorded in Seattle, with only .11 inches of rain recorded at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport between June 21 and Sept. 9.

Sing it Prince:

So let the rain come down
Let the rain come down
Let the rain come down, down
Let the rain come down
Let the rain come down
Let the rain come down, down

Surely Jesus Christ must totally agree with the Northwest carpenters who want a better offer from the owners of capital. Marc Stiles of the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that "[u]nder the latest four-year contract offer, carpenters would receive hourly wage hikes of $2.50 in the first and fourth years and $2.20 in years two and three. The current wage for a general carpenter makes $46.92 per hour, excluding health care and retirement benefits..." Jesus never really died. He rose from the dead in three days. Eyewitnesses say no bones found in his burial cave. He is still around and surely still knows a thing or two about his trade, carpentry. Jesus is with you, Northwest Carpenters Union. Expect to feel him when you vote on the present offer this Saturday.

Herald Net says something good is going on in Marysville. The suburb (at least that's what I think this corner of the Seattle metropolitan area is) has started "building a low-income apartment complex that is expected to house 60 families." We need to hear more good news like this from Marysville, Everett, Shoreline, Ballard, and so on.

People who badly want to express their American freedoms by not wearing masks "on planes, trains and other forms of transportation" will face fines that have been increased by the Transportation Security Administration. The fine range for first offenders is now between $500 to $1,000, and for second offenders the range is now between $1,000 and $3,000.

Spain now says no to the American anti-vaxxers. Just keep that anti-scientific shit in your own country or take it to saint elsewhere. The Netherlands, Norway, Italy and Denmark are also telling this class of American cray-cray to stay the fuck away.

But five zebras are experiencing American freedom right now as we drink coffee in the morning light. They have been "on the loose in Maryland for over a week." This born-free-meets-don't-fence-me moment began after the African equines escaped some animal farm on August 31.

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According this Gallup poll, 6 percent of Americans do not approve of "marriage between white and Black people." Now, why do I think that figure is too low? My guess is it should be somewhere north of 25%, somewhere close to the percentage of diehard Trump voters in white America.

Zambia, none of these policies pushed by your new president, Hakainde Hichilema, will improve that lot of your poor. Trust me, austerity does not and has never worked.

Speaking of Zambia, let's end with a track by the Zambian-born rapper Sampa The Great:

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