How did Ms. Pak-Man make it through the last year and a half? Well, she’s a survivor. And with all the pharmaceuticals in her life, she’s bound to have gotten a couple of vaccinations in there at some point. Scott Shoemaker’s weird campy comedy show, which was originally scheduled to debut back in the spring of 2020, is finally back for an all-new run at the Century Ballroom (RIP to her previous home, Rebar). Expect some singing, some dancing, and some tragic monologues that culminate (if the past is any guide) in a darkly funny triumph. Where else are you going to get nerdy celebrity gossip about your favorite 1980s video game characters, all accompanied by backup dancers?

The show runs Thursday through Sunday, with showtimes at 8 pm on Thursday, at 7 and 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, and at 8 pm on Sunday. Tickets start at $28, and you can find them here.