Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind 9/11, still awaits trial because the USA complicated the case by torturing him and four other co-conspirators.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind behind 9/11, still awaits trial because the USA complicated the case by torturing him and four other co-conspirators. Handout / GETTY IMAGES

Check out the latest solution to homelessness, straight from a visionary startup genius who just so happens to be looking to save his own ass. Geekwire reports on a business guy who aims to curb the losses from his travel-based startup idea by pitching these little plastic storage sheds to local governments as a way to...more easily store homeless people in warehouses? Before you spit up on your shirt, check out the amenities: “The units also include Amazon Fire Tablets affixed to a panel to help residents access virtual services in the privacy of their rooms, including mental health experts or support for treating substance abuse."

We do not need Amazon Fire Tablets in tiny shelters that only work inside bigger shelters to solve the homeless crisis. We need to triple the pay of social workers, raise a billion dollars a year in progressive taxes to pay for publicly owned affordable housing, and legalize apartments citywide. Anything that's not one of those things is a tedious waste of time and money.

It's not just Seattle: Housing prices have risen all around the state over the last four years, especially in Washington's smaller cities, according to a new analysis from Sightline. Median rents in Spokane jumped over 50% in the last four years, and home prices have followed suit. State lawmakers can help slow these skyrocketing prices, Dan Bertolet argues, by reforming zoning laws statewide next session.

Kshama Solidarity campaign responds to "racist voter suppression" from Recall Sawant campaign: At a press conference this morning, the solidarity campaign framed the recall campaign's decision to sit on its signatures until this earlier this week as an attempt from the landed white gentry who fund the recall to suppress the votes of the more diverse and lower-income residents who have voted the council member into office three times.

The solidarity campaign supported that point by arguing that the recall campaign could have turned in its signatures early enough to make the November election ballot, which will draw a higher voter turnout and thus would have led to a more democratic result. Hard to find the lie there, given the fact that Recall Sawant campaign manager Henry Bridger II initially said he deliberately did not want to make the November ballot, then said he did, then moved the signature-collection goalposts around several times over the course of the last few months before finally moving those goalposts again this week by turning in over 16,000 signatures rather than the 13,000 to 14,000 signatures he said he was aiming for. This is the kind of pathetic, bottom-barrel political bullshit the rich will pull to remove from power a brown immigrant woman who fights unrelentingly for the poor and the working class, and who has the gall to raise her voice while she's doing it.

Teen turns herself in for hit-and-run: The 15-year-old girl allegedly hit and killed a jogger last summer. On Tuesday cops said they found her car, and on Thursday night she entered the King County Sheriff’s Office precinct in SeaTac, KING 5 reports. According to a spokesperson for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, a judge found probable cause for second-degree murder and hit and run. "The defense did not address the issue of detention, so the teen remains in custody pending a filing decision," he said. That decision should come Tuesday. Sad news all around.

Good news:

New "Kraken Community Iceplex" now open in Northgate: Today a new $80 million ice rink / team training facility / restaurant & bar /community center thing opened up "at the old Northgate Mall site," KING 5 reports. Have fun up there.

E.J. Koh wins Washington State Book Award for her memoir The Magical Language of Others: Told ya it was good. Spokane novelist Jess Walter won the fiction prize for The Cold Millions, Clyde Ford won a Creative Nonfiction prize for Think Black, and editors Phoebe Bosché and Anna Bálint won the poetry prize for Take a Stand: Art Against Hate, a Raven Chronicles Anthology, according to the Seattle Times.

🎶Some of those who work forces are the same who 🎶allegedly lead "a violent outlaw motorcycle gang." According the Tri-City Herald, a Walla Walla County Sheriff’s deputy arrested a Washington State prison guard for his leadership role in Pagans Outlaw Motorcycle Gang following a monthslong investigation. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Pagans are "primarily concerned with trafficking cocaine, methamphetamine and PCP."

Kids aged 5 to 11 could be eligible for vaccine in late October: This date has been in the air for a while, but "top U.S. health officials" tell Reuters that Pfizer will have the data it needs to request emergency use authorization for that age range during that time, which should slow the spread in schools. That's good news because...

The unvaccinated are 11 times more likely to die, 10 times more likely to wind up in a hospital bed, and 4.5 times more likely to catch COVID-19 than the vaccinated, according to an AP analysis of a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We could sorta go back to some kinda normal if everyone got vaccinated, but...

The GOP insists on continuing to wage culture war atop the corpses of 650,000 dead Americans: South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton threatened to sue the President for imposing vaccine mandates. Biden's response? "Have at it," the New York Times reports. Good response, Biden.

Twenty years ago the USA increased its imperial ambitions by waging war across the globe, Bush II said, to spread American democracy. Now democracy is backsliding here and in many other places in the world, and "more Americans now think the government is doing a poor job than a good one at protecting the right to equal protection under the law, 49% to 27%" according to an AP analysis of a new poll.

A little under 20 years ago the USA imprisoned and tortured alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and now he and four other assholes still await trial in Guantanamo Bay. To tell us why it's taken so long to administer justice , Al Jazeera quotes Human Rights Watch Andrea Prasow: "Because the military commission, and Guantanamo itself, are so fundamentally flawed they cannot provide any semblance of justice." The news outlet added: "Proceedings against Mohammed and the four other alleged co-conspirators are enmeshed in a legal nether zone, caught between US military and criminal legal precedents and complicated by the CIA’s torture of the accused."

English folk singer Michael Chapman dead at 80: Pitchfork reports. Never heard of him. The Guardian called him "the man who connects Elton, Bowie, Nick Drake and Sonic Youth." Now he lives among the trees.