For those who don't quite see the idiocy in the rhetoric tossed around by Sawant and her ilk, look no further than the allegation that a fully mail-in election is going to be some kind of example of "racist voter suppression." Only white people (excuse me - they are of course "rich white landed gentry") can get to their mailboxes? Morons.


"This is the kind of pathetic, bottom-barrel political bullshit the rich will pull to remove from power a brown immigrant woman who fights unrelentingly for the poor and the working class, and who has the gall to raise her voice while she's doing it."

This is one of the funniest things I've ever read on The Stranger. I think Rich actually believes this. Yes, indeed, we were all having a great laugh about this over tea and scones at the Rainier Club. Excelsior!


Among vocal recall supporters is Harriet Walden, a strong, no-BS, African-American woman who doesn't take marching orders from any white hierarchy and who has long worked to hold the SPD more accountable. And she is not alone among the 16,000 signees. Hey, Stranger staff: 16,000 signatures! Perhaps this means Sawant and The Stranger and her other enablers should respect the widespread discontent this represents and acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, there's some room for improved performance by Sawant. Her absurd, hateful rhetoric is so redolent of Trump and his sick, cult-building denialism. This is like the medieval church and its obsession with heresy. One word suggesting you disagree with or disapprove of Sawant, and you're dismissed as a racist "right-wing" sell-out. What a sad, repulsive reminder of why so many people--black, brown, white, yellow, and red--signed on for a recall. Can't Sawant ever acknowledge critics have some serious, valid points? Must her opposition always be dismissed as insidious "right-wing" operatives trying to take over Seattle? They aren't. They're mainly moderates and liberals fed up with her self-promotion, sanctimony, and deceit.


Well said, @4. And I actually voted for Sawant in the last election.


So if these shelter boxes have to be put in an existing building, are there buildings hidden around the city that could have sheltered people but were only missing a structurally superfluous plastic box with a tablet bolted to it? If not, we still need money to build housing, whether or not we cram the ugly boxes in there after the fact.


Let them sue. There is no such thing as a right to spread disease. The longer they demand the right to sicken and kill people, the more of their own they sicken and kill. There will be no one left to vote for them. All of their voter suppression, gerrymandering, and flat out cheating won't matter. They will never win another election. I hope they waste all of their money suing. Trump as squatter in the WH could do whatever he wanted, including being a Russian asset and inciting treason, but Biden can't do anything to protect people from being sickened and killed by these motherfuckers? Fuck them. The more of them that die the better. The more of them that end up with nothing financially the better. The death cult ceasing to exist by their own hand? Priceless.


Those pods don't look so bad. I can see how they might make a large cavernous space like a deserted Walmart into habitable indoor space (yes, as someone else pointed out, you do need a building to put them in which limits their applicability, but "ghost malls" and the like do exist all over the country). If someone were offering these for rent right now as affordable housing for, say, $500 a month, I'd be tempted.


@8 xina +1 Agreed and seconded. Now if only every member of the GOP down to their most shameless of MAGA-stupefied rubes could just all die first.


Yeah, xina and auntie are mad at the vaccine resistant. So are we. Wishing death on them because of their politics for some reason makes them feel more profound, but it does nothing but make their arguments cringingly childish.


And why do I say this? Because a percentage of the unvaxxed are persuadable. And that's what I'm trying do with a loved one now. I have hope I can be successful.

Hence, I'm doing far more to bring this pandemic under control than these nasty women with their vicious words.


@13 - I think that a lot of the vitriol at the unvaccinated is because they tend to be the same people/MAGAts who brought us the Trump debacle, which (among other crimes) led to the pandemic getting out of hand as it did. Not to mention all of the other shit that happened over the last four years. I'm sure some see at poetic justice in the fact that the deniers are now the ones getting sick.


oh the irony.



@14 A lot of anti-vaccers are African Americans who are, understandably, suspicious of such things due to the long history of abuse perpetrated against black Americans by our medical institutions. I think they're wrong, but I get where they're coming from.


@14: A good portion of them are. But another portion are clinging onto other stupid and cavalier excuses not to get the shot. Idiots yes, but worth saving.

A scientific approach is to attempt to vaccinate the persuadables and it's quite doable. Vaccination rates are increasing again.


And I overlooked what @16 said. That's another population deserving of respect and our efforts.



Oh, just call them bitches like you want to already.


@16 - Yes, a good number are African AMerican, probably for the reasons you cite. But they are not the ones ranting about Gummint and FreeDumb and Stop the Steal. It's the latter group that a lot of us are really angry with.

This actually should have been a chance to rebuild some trust between Blacks and the medical community. Here, there is no question that African Americans are being given exactly the same treatment (the vaccine) as White people or anyone else.


@19: No, I don't. But I do retract 'nasty'.


The “right wing recall” is nonsense. I have never voted for a Republican in my life. Sawant has failed this city and District 3, and I can’t wait to see her removed from office for turning over her responsibility to voters to a cult on the east coast. It is frustrating that she won’t be removed in November due to her sabotage of the signature gathering process. It is just one more reason to vote to remove her in January.


@22 - I'm with you. But you have to remember that in the eyes of the Stranger, anyone who opposes a) buying a house in Laurelhurst for each homeless person and b) passing a law banning Amazon and calling for the execution of landlords is a "right-wing landed gentry fascist."


@11, @13, @17 & @18:......said the MAGA-stupefied trolling ultra maroon holing up in his mom's basement 24 / 7 with nothing else to do but spew senseless gibberish on ma's online account out of sheer boredom.
That's the short of it.
Here's the long:

@13: I'm staying masked outdoors and in public when not driving, and have been fully vaccinated since April 10, 2021. I haven't had a cold or bronchitis in well over a year and a half but still mask up because I could be asymptomatic and unknowingly pass on COVID symptoms to someone else. The last time I was in the hospital was for surgery back in August 2020. I had to test negative for COVID-19 in order to be admitted for my procedure. I was grateful to have tested negative---a strict hospital pre-op requirement with no exceptions---or I would not have been admitted. All this was before COVID vaccines were made available through the CDC. I am lucky to have no respiratory problems still to this day, credited largely due to the free masks I received through my local public transportation providers.
Even with vaccines readily available, militant anti-vaxxers have over-crowded ERs and hospitals nationwide. Medical staffs are being needlessly pushed past their limits. Many healthcare professionals nationwide are quitting their jobs for something less stressful, and all because the very same MAGA-stupefied idiots cheering on Donald J. Trump are occupying every last hospital bed now. Anyone else needing surgery is SOL. I would most likely be unable to have had my procedure had I waited until this year. So I am doing everything I can to stay healthy and out of hospitals and especially the ER. Healthcare professionals have my deepest respect and heartfelt sympathy for doing what they can to keep the public healthy and safe. I could not do what they do on a daily basis. They are indeed among our heroes.
Hence, I'm among many doing far more than trolling incels like you who are scared shitless of women simply stating facts, whether our words are "vicious" or otherwise.
Hundreds of thousands of people in the U..S. alone have died needlessly listening to Donald Jackass Trump, a wealthy, recklessly corrupt and unsound degenerate who was bought illegally into occupying the White House as Vladimir Putin's pool boy because too many people wouldn't rightfully elect his educated, experienced and competent Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, largely because she's a woman.
Outside of ~ 75 million MAGA-stupefied rubes, and an alarming number of whom STILL, despite overwhelming evidence stating otherwise, stubbornly believe that a fair and impartial election was "stolen" and that the January 6, 2021 Trump-ordered attack on the U.S. Capitol was "warranted". The ~232 million amongst us should rightfully have say over any RepubliKKKan misled QAnon thugs, Patriot Players , Proud Boys, or anyone else deliberately remaining unmasked and vaccinated insisting they're fighting for their "Free Dumbs". None of these avoidable tragedies would have happened if Clinton were to have made history as the first female U.S. President. Many of us deserve to be angry right now. All RepubliKKKan atrocities being willfully committed at the expense of the Earth and the rest of us should spell the end of the GOP. PERIOD.
If anything I post leaves you or any of your fellow "Ew! Ew! Angry women are mean! They're scaring me! MAMA!!!" ilk cringing, I don't give a shit, Elmer. Facts are facts.
Too much of what is happening in real life is unnecessary and globally destructive, cruel, and unjust. For me, that's beyond "vicious". It is inexcusable.

@14 dvs99: +1 for the WIN! Agreed, seconded, and amen.


@20 dvs99: +1 BINGO and spot on! Thank you and bless you for nailing it again. Kudos.


@13: That's all very interesting. But the volume of your anger and the amplitude of your imagination illustrates blowing off steam, but that's about all.


@24 "All RepubliKKKan atrocities being willfully committed at the expense of the Earth and the rest of us should spell the end of the GOP. PERIOD."

Well, sorry, it won't. In fact, the GOP has a better than even chance of retaking the House in the midterms. But, it's always fun to see how high you score on the Unhinge-O-Meter.


@27: So MAGA-stupefied you misnumbered your response!
Good one, Elmer!
Johnny, tell him what he's won!
You, Elmer, get to join Swifty on the Unhinge-O-Meter!
The wild ride of the incurably MAGA-stupiefied into oblivion! Wheeeeeeeee!

@28: It never ceases to amaze me how the elite members of the GOP that you so blindly support would gleefully use you and your avatar as a dart board for target practice. Have you ever heard of Schadenfreude? Now run along before you and Elmer miss SuperFriends on Channel 4.


@28: By the way, I know you're really Mellow turned Muffy, Swiftbuns. You're not fooling anyone.
Get a flea bath already.


@29 I don't support any of them. I vote a straight Democratic ticket. You score high on the Unhinge-O-Meter today!


@31: Actually, methinks it is you riding the ol' Tilt-a-Whirl, today, Muffy.
Your uncanny ability to flip-flop between political parties like a seal on steroids makes your testimony in this or any other comment thread in The Stranger cry false.


@32 It is possible to be a Democrat and not be a crazy person, like you.


@31: Oh, and I suppose you're a wealthy ex-pat with six mansions on locations worldwide, a fleet of lear jets, a garage full of high end sports cars, and your own private marina crammed with MAGA yachts so wastefully enormous, that Jeff Bezos envies you.
Fake--just like your prized gun arsenal claim.


@33: Down, Muffy, down. As usual, you're nipping at the wrong commenter's heels. Why don't you run along and play with Elmer? He's just your speed--40 going on 14.


"We need to triple the pay of social workers, raise a billion dollars a year in progressive taxes to pay for publicly owned affordable housing, and legalize apartments citywide."

And a pony. How could you forget about the pony?

OK, deep breath, because we're going to review some actual facts now. Seattle had a "Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness." This plan began in 2005 and was set to end homelessness in which year? Think hard, now. Yes! In 2015. So, did homelessness end in Seattle in 2015?

No, it did not! Right again! What happened instead? Then-Mayor Murray declared a "homelessness crisis." So, how did Seattle's ten-year plan to end homelessness collapse into a "homelessness crisis?" You have no idea, do you? Nope, didn't think so.

In the six (!) years since our "homelessness crisis" began, how much more money has Seattle spent on trying to end homelessness? That's right, you can't ever possibly hope to count that high.

Want to alienate Seattle's voters against helping the homeless? Try ignoring everything that has failed miserably so far, and simply demand a huge amount of money from those voters, no questions tolerated.

Oh look, you've already done that! (Congratulations, I guess?)


Hey guys, the Chinese government is cracking down on decadence in the entertainment industry. They have "ordered broadcasters to resist “abnormal aesthetics” such as “sissy” men."

Read the whole thing here:

Anyway I guess Candace Owens was right . . .


"This is the kind of pathetic, bottom-barrel political bullshit the rich will pull..."
Need I remind you that Kshama Sawant, herself, is also FUCKING RICH?!
Shed the Microsoft money, the designer glasses, the $400 scarves, and your house in an uppity as fuck neighborhood, Kshama. Be one of us lowly not-rich folks who apparently can't be bothered to mail a ballot because we are too busy being surpressed by the likes of you.

Kind of shocked professor angry-pants isn't in here with like 20 comments simping for Kshama. Hey, I just came up with a new merch line. Shirts and stickers for ya stolen bike that proudly read, "I SIMP FOR KSHAMA". I promise to give 10% of the proceeds to Mary's Place.


@40 "Need I remind you that Kshama Sawant, herself, is also FUCKING RICH?!"

Socialists generally are.


@40 When blue collar folks become radicalized they usually gravitate toward some kind of fascism.


Really!! Wow - all these pathetic neo liberals can't stop themselves from shooting down people who speak up for the underclass. Rave on Rich we can hear you.
We want the super rich taxed for the money for the homeless and social services. Did you not get that? It works so much better that way.

That's part of the big change. I don't care if Sawant is rich but you probably are and your eyes are dead and your ability for empathy was never realized. The socialists I
know are working class and hanging in there. Some are rich? So what! Good on them.

How's the payments from Amazon working out? Or is it the chamber of commerce???

We have worked our asses off for years for tiny social security payments and experienced homelessness in real time. There is NO stopping us and we are the other District 3 that will pull your boot licking boots off of our necks.


42 You are no hero but a right wing, cheap, sleazy coward. You are gone.


How about T shirts that say We simp for the Super Rich????

And you are right wing hysterics that are mirrored by your looney comments to the Stranger.


speaking of the US Senate
Fascists and Social Democrats:

McMitch MKkKonnell net Worth:
2007: $3,000,000
2021: $35,000,000

Bernie Sanders net Worth:
2021: $3,000,000

if the Fascists weren't
so far up Billionaire ass

they'd work For US.


@46: Comparing salaries of politicians doesn't make a point. Nancy Pelosi's 2021 net worth: ~$120 million. Both Nancy and Mitch have their spouses to thank.

Bernie is luxury challenged and wouldn't know what to do with more millions.


Wait, I thought the beef against Sawant was about misappropriating some staples.


@46 kristofarian: BINGO!


Re @47: s/b Comparing net worth ...


This is so typical. The Stranger talks about Sawant, and the top of the comments are the usual Fascist scum who are always spewing their classism and white supremacy.


I've heard of him. A sky burial, huh?

@6 is correct, it's just a fancy way of saying SRO hotels. Something we needed two centuries ago, needed a century ago, and still need now, but are unwilling to admit it.



On her 2021 public disclosure filing Sawant reported a net worth (assets minus liabilities) of $550,000. If I add my savings, 401K and pension together I have that much - and I don't even own a house. So, I guess I'm also FUCKING RICH, if that's your standard.


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