No, this is the anniversary of when the rebuilt bridge reopened, the old one sank in on Thanksgiving day 1990.


Until the State of Idaho gets their collective shit together, any hospital in WA receiving a transfer from there should just shove them in a hallway until all the local emergency cases have been dealt with; fuck triage. Actually, they should do that with local cased when the patient is unvaxxed as well. These fuckers have had at least six months to be good citizens and do the right thing, so why should other patients have to suffer because of their stupid, self-centered, childish egos?


Another nit Matt. This one about your lede about the Idaho governor: "exploring ways to stop people from getting vaccinated."

No Matt, he's joining other governors going against the vaccine MANDATE. Nobody is suggesting actually PREVENTING people from getting vaccinated.

Please, things are crazy enough already. Please be precise. Especially regarding COVID.


@3 Idaho's Lt. Governor is running around telling people that the vaccine will kill you. Seriously. She's fucking crazy.


4: - My god. When truth is stranger than fiction, there's no need to embellish the truth.

(Regarding #1 - new bridge, not rebuilt)



Denying companies the right to protect their employees and customers by implementing mandatory vaccination policies IS "stopping people from getting vaccinated', because at this point it's literally the ONLY way people who are still unvaxxed can be compelled to do so; that is, if they want to keep their job, eat in a restaurant, attend a live event, or in any way interact with other people in an enclosed environment.


Surely there's some legal way to prioritise Washington residents and keep the Idaho death cultists out or at least, out them at the bottom of the list.


6/8: Indeed yes! But imagine the day when there are overt attempts to shut down vaccination sites - we'll need that distinction.


The thing I don't understand is that the Anti-Vaxers are already vaccinated for at least 6-8 things! Polio, Measles, Hep, Tet, etc.... Their stupidity is mind numbing.



True, but many of those vaccinations were administered when they were children. Apparently, the fact that, as adults they've never contracted any of those diseases is completely lost on them, which is even more mind-numbingly stupid.


Phoebe Bridgers in Wallingford, I just want to say. I appreciate your discipline about facts and the meaning of words, and your putting that ahead of discipline in political messaging. I appreciate your willingness to admit that you didn't have all the facts at the time you said something.

I think we can all be more like Phoebe. It is by making everything political, by tailoring every message to maximize political gain, and by never admitting any infallibility that the GOP has now become the party of letting children die a horrible death from COVID.

As to the topic at hand, it's hard to imagine, but Idaho Governor Brad Little is even worse than his predecessor Butch Otter. And unlike his predecessor, he doesn't even have the redeeming quality of a super-cool name like "Butch Otter."


@14, so well said. I mean, why even bother having a real political debate with Ann Davison when you can just cancel her?

Not exactly an Ann Davison fan



If Davison and her ilk want to nominate themselves for Darwin Awards, who are we to stop them? But, they have no right to drag those of us who have no interest or inclination in participating in their idiotic, suicidal competition along with them.


The vaccine is free, easily available, remarkably effective, and has very few contra-indicators if someone refuses to get vaccinated they should be refused admittance to any hospital.
Fuck them. Let them go die at home.


Don’t know what this has to do with the City Attorney Race.
Seattle has effectively been without a City Attorney for 12 years as Pete Holmes stopped prosecuting the majority of misdemeanors.

We’re now faced with a choice between someone who wants to stop prosecuting all misdemeanor crimes and someone who might be a Republican but shows no evidence that she’s a batshit insane Republican.

So it’s a shitty choice. But when I have to choose between an avowed insane leftist who wants a job they’ll refuse to actually do or a moderate Republican I’ll reluctantly vote for the Republican.


@19 absolutely right. What NKT is proposing to do is basically subvert the entire judicial system and set herself up as one person arbiter of justice. For those of you who would say its the discretion of the city prosecutor to determine what cases to move forward or not you are absolutely correct however the lens through which that determination should be made is vastly different than what NKT is suggesting. Instead of looking at whether the case has merit based on the available facts/evidence and the ability to provide justice/closure to the actual victim she is viewing this entirely through the lens of the perpetrator. That is the job of the defense attorney not the prosecutor and by deliberately refusing to prosecute cases she would be abusing the power of the office. The fact that there are some on this board and at The Stranger who are so blinded by idealogical premises that the office has no ability to influence or enforce says how little merit NKT's platform has as a public safety measure. This is pretty much straight out of the Sawant playbook; demonize your opponent with frightening boogeymen in hopes low information voters take the bait and vote in fear rather than knowledge. The sad part is it may just work to the detriment of the rest of us.


@18, beautifully stated. It should be obvious that Ann Davison is so far beyond the pale that to even believe that she is worthy of legitimate political debate is a fundamental betrayal of Seattle values.

Simply put, anyone who isn't willing to cancel Ann Davison deserves to be cancelled themselves. Or is it canceled? (I'll tell you what's really cancel-worthy. All those grammar and spelling Nazis.)


Re: Bizzarro

It looks like SFD was able to contain the blaze to just the one structure, but the two adjacent have suffered some water and smoke damage. According to Bizzarro's owner, they're going to close for the rest of the month to clean up and reset, but otherwise it sounds like they came through in remarkably good shape, all things considered.

If you're a Bizzarro fan (and if you're not, I imagine it's only because you've never had the experience of enjoying their incredibly delicious fare!) then show some love and patronize the original Wallingford location: tell JPW COMTE sent you, he'll know what you mean!


@20 So far as we know, there is no "universal moral yardstick." No Guy in the Sky that we can turn to for guidance. Sadly, we just muddle along and try to gain as much social and scientific consensus as we can. Obviously we do better with the science part than with the social part. And yes, the consensus does change over time.


@19 Having been to a few candidate forums in 2019 where Ann Davison was on the agenda, I can assure you that she's nearly as batshit as Alex Tsimerman. She just hides it a little better.


One can give progressives and leftist idealists the benefit of the doubt up to a point, but if Ann Davison doesn't win Seattle will be an increasing miserable place to live and do business.


Okay so we have two batshit crazy candidates for City Attorney.

Since Thomas-Kennedy’s version of batshit crazy is to stop prosecuting criminals I absolutely refuse to vote for her.

Davison seems the least deranged of the two.



If the fire is large enough (this was reported as a "three alarm"), multiple departments, including SFD, will respond in that area, which is what was reported by news outlets, so I guess we're both correct.


@29: It's perfectly appropriate to belong to the political party of your choice in a democracy. Partisan demagoguery isn't democratic, and isn't something any Democrat should be proud of.

The current leaders and influencers of the parties is a tangential discussion.


@29, thank you for saying what needed to be said. If these two candidates for City Attorney ever get together to debate and Ann Davison wants to start talking about "the issues," some right-minded Seattleite needs to walk right up there and snatch the microphone away from her. "You, ma'am, have lost the right to express any opinion about anything."

Folks, it's a slippery slope. If we start allowing Republicans to engage in legitimate political debate, the next thing you know the American Nazi Party is going to want to exercise their right to "free speech."

I think we need to start with a zero tolerance policy right here on these comment threads. Any commenters who are willing to acknowledge any legitimacy to Davison's candidacy need to be banned from Slog ASAP.


OK, enough yelling, everyone.


@33, I'm with you. And I think we have to call out everyone who has "spent the better part of day shrilly going condition red" on these comment threads.

I can only speak for myself, but I know I'm no longer willing to tolerate the notion that a Republican has any right to hold elected office. And every time she tries to tell us why she should be elected to office, we need to shout her down with a simple reminder, "You're a Republican, beyotch." (Not sure if there should be a comma there.)



I think in that sentence the comma is optional, as either reading would convey your intent; the only difference being whether you mean she's generally a beyotch who otherwise happens to be a Republican (which is conveyed by the comma) or whether she's specifically a "Republican beyotch" (sans comma).


@36, eloquently stated. I dare say we have not witnessed such a righteous and passionate argument for justice since the days of MLK.

I encourage you to reach out to the NTK campaign and offer to be a proxy for her. I think the more you speak out in support of NTK and against Ann Davison, the better off we'll all be.

Sadly, the day is getting long, so I'm going to have to give you the last word on this matter.


I have a great idea for a drinking or pot smoking game. Calling it: "The Professor or Not The Professor".

One person has to serve as a kind of "dealer". That person begins to read a random post from any Stranger article. The rest of the group has a choice: decide at what point to yell "Not The Professor!" or "The Professor!" if they think the comment post was written by Professor_Hiztory or not. If the person that shouted it out first is wrong, that person becomes the "dealer" for the next round and reads the next comment to the group. When the first person to shout out "The Professor" or "Not The Professor" gets it right, they get to hit the bong or take a drink. Can't wait to play as I am getting really good at identifying his screeds within a few words. We can refine the rules as we go.


@ 38 You seem to be looking for some kind of objective Truth in an indifferent universe. I can't help you with that. We simply don't know how all 13.8 billion light years of space/time came to exist or what it means, if anything. We have learned that our place in this universe is not special or unique. We have much more to learn.


@9 - that already happened in LA when a bunch of anti-vaxxers tried to blosk the entrance to a vaccine site. See

I believe that they actually succeeded in keeping some people from getting vaccinated. Sadly, no one ran over them.


Idaho, our hospitals are not your garbage dumps---shut up, mask up and get vaxxed all fucking ready; California voters, do the only right thing and keep Gavin Newsom Governor of California fer chrissakes, and Texas, keep your bans off our bodies!!!
And don't get me started about the idiots in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, South Dakota, South Carolina, Ohio, and Arizona.

@34 Will in Seattle: I'm so mad at RepubliKKKan misinformation superspreaders I needed the outlet.


someone toss a rock at prof's condo window, make sure they didn't have an aneurysm in their sleep last night. maybe they are the white center fire starter. yep. prof is so full of rage that they are the new 'carrie'. lol


I hereby retract the second paragraph of @31.

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