Visiting Vancouver B.C. During the Pandemic



It's one of the few areas in which Bryan Adams and I disagree. While coyotes are a spirit animal, there's also a long tradition of hunting them.

Does the high percentage of zero emission vehicles make itself felt from your viewpoint? At current numbers of 15% of all BC vehicles, I would think it might begin to be noticeable.


Charles - Glad you enjoyed your trip to Vancouver, BC.
I hope to visit there someday, along with my jar of Canadian coins -Loonies, quarters, and the like. But what can I do with all my Canadian pennies?


Charles, next time you want to visit Canada ride A bike. Be True Green.


Those damn trucks are utterly absurd and getting stupider every year. I feel dumber every time I look at one. Quite a large number of them always look way too clean, free of evidence that they are being used as, well, trucks.


I'm pleased that you traveled to this much loved city, CM. It is odd, the thought of travel, vacation . . . much of anything really outside of work, housekeeping and lite porn.