Jaypal in the hot seat.
Jayapal's office said the stories Buzzfeed reported were unrepresentative and that "women of color are often unjustly targeted, regularly held to higher standards than their male colleagues, and always put under a sexist microscope." COURTESY CONGRESSWOMAN PRAMILA JAYAPAL'S OFFICE

These fucking jocks: The state's highest paid employee, Washington State University Head Football Coach Nick Rolovich, continues to refuse to explain how he plans to comply with Gov. Jay Inslee's vaccine mandate. Rolovich said "I plan on adhering to all policies that are implemented for the unvaccinated" and then refused to offer any actual answers to questions from KING 5's Chris Daniels.

Annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival and Halloween party returns to Seattle Center October 29 –31!
A weekend of art, performance, readings, & more! Festival ends at Seattle's sexiest Halloween party.

117 COVID cases in Seattle Public Schools: Students account for most of those infections, and the highest concentration of cases shows up at schools in Central and South Seattle. The district has a total of 51,650 students. SPS updates its dashboard here each Monday.

It's going around: We don't know if they're catching COVID-19 in the schools, and "severe illness continues to be uncommon, especially among younger children," but kids now represent 27% of infections, whereas they only accounted for 15% of infections "since the start of the pandemic," the Washington Post reports. In some schools, the number of infected kids so far now exceeds the number of infections in kids in "all of last year while forcing nearly 1,700 temporary closures."

City Council sorta splits the difference: The Seattle City Council rejected proposals from both Alex Pedersen (who wanted to allocate more money to police hiring) and Kshama Sawant (who wanted to move more money away from the Seattle Police Department). Instead, the council voted to split $15 million in savings from SPD officer departures between SPD and community-based programs. The cops will keep $10 million, Dan Beekman reports for the Seattle Times.

We're paying them for doing less work: "SPD leadership" pointed to a new state law that imposes certain limits on use of force and warned its cops "against laying hands on someone not actively committing a crime," which has led to a 45% reduction in the number of people the city's cops involuntarily committed to medical treatment last month, Crosscut reports. This deliberate misreading of the law puts more pressure on designated crisis responders, who are the only other workers authorized to involuntarily commit people. Hard to see this work slowdown as anything other than an attempt to sabotage a developing system meant to take care of the jobs cops say they don't want to do.

Alki is back to later hours: The park on the beach will again start closing at 11:30 instead of 10 pm, but the fire pits are "supposed to be closed," West Seattle Blog reports. A commenter reports the new restrooms are "still fenced."

Former Pramila Jayapal staffers say she runs "a dysfunctional and volatile workplace:" Seattle's Congresswoman overworks her staff and underpays one of them relative to AOC's staff, 14 anonymous people who worked in Jayapal's office tell Buzzfeed. They say she, "berated staff in front of others, demanded grueling hours, and maintained an office culture marked by constantly changing expectations and little tolerance for error, to the extent that some staffers sought therapy and questioned their careers in public service." Concrete examples range from almost making her lowest-paid staffer pick her up during the insurrection to yelling at a staffer in public once and then apologizing, all within the context of her having one of the highest staff turnover rates in Congress (she's 33rd). Jayapal's office said the anecdotes were "in no way representative" of what it's like to work for her.

The exacting boss/tough job dynamic is common on the Hill, and the reporters love the hypocrisy angle here ("she says she's progressive, but look how she treats her staff!") a little more than they love the less journalistically palatable angle, which is that Jayapal can't pay her staff the money they deserve for working long/off hours because few politicians want to spend their political capital on increasing salaries for burgeoning political operatives selfless public servants. It's not hard to see Buzzfeed writing "Republican Congressman Runs Dysfunctional Office, In-line with His Hatred of Workers," but I just haven't seen them run with that angle. Anyway, this rumor has been going around a while and it's good that people worked to verify what they could.

If any staffers want to complain about other allegedly overbearing Washington Reps or Senators that people have been gossiping about for the last several years, then blink twice in your next press release. Or just shoot me an email, a direct message, a text, whatever. My contact information is extremely available!

Democrats plan to tax the upper-middle-class and some of the rich: Rather than tax wealth from the richest people on the planet—many of whom live right here in King County—Democrats plan to fund Biden's $3.5 trillion budget package by increasing the capital gains tax by 5%, raising income taxes on people who make more than $400,000 from 37% to 39.6%, adding a 3% tax on multimillionaires, returning the estate tax threshold to (a still astoundingly high) $12 million, and messing around with passthroughs, the New York Times reports.

Look, I'm 100% against militarizing the schools, but maybe calling in the National Guard to drive the kids to school during a school bus driver shortage isn't the worst idea? A Republican governor in Massachusetts is doing it, the Associated Press reports. Would probably cost a bundle, but if we do it then we should make them all dress up like Ms. Frizzle. Someone talk me down.

Update your iPhones: "Apple issued emergency software updates for a critical vulnerability in its products on Monday after security researchers uncovered a flaw that allows highly invasive spyware from Israel’s NSO Group to infect anyone’s iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac computer without so much as a click," the New York Times reports. If you don't see the update alert, go to your settings.

I don't think Biden knows how clones work: In a bid to give California Governor Gavin Newsom the ol' Biden bump (does that exist?) ahead of today's recall election, the President stood onstage and called Larry Elder, the right-wing doofus who will likely not prevail in the contest, "the closest thing to a Trump clone that I’ve seen in your state," Politico reports. Elder and Trump... do not bear a striking resemblance.

They both do, however, allegedly harass and intimidate women (though Trump outscores Elder by a mile), they both say they believe a bunch of backward nonsense when really they're just doin' it for the clicks, and they both lie all the time.

Lol, although I don't know if Trump ever flubbed a grift this hard:

Oh wait what am I talking about: Of course he did. Anyway, the point is, if you're in California, then vote Newsom.

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Biden administration blames Trump for chaotic withdrawal: At a Congressional hearing yesterday, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered the same argument he's been delivering since the day after Kabul fell to the Taliban: Biden inherited Trump's bad timeline, and staying longer wouldn't have helped anyway, the BBC reports.

Kim Kardashian on her way to smash a window at an Amazon Go: She's just gonna have to make sure to change up her bloc next time or else she'll fundamentally destabilize the integrity of the Met's horizontally structured antifascist movement.