Thanks for this! Love the movie and appreciate the reporting/background.


Opening weekend for "Pig" was my first time back in a movie theater in ages. And so well worth it. I came for the pig. I stayed for Nicolas Cage.

Great to see this belated in-depth writeup. "Pig" is one of those movies where, after you've seen it, you just want to keep talking about it and reading about it.

"Block said the film was crafted so that it felt like Rob is passing through various 'realms' after emerging from the wilderness outside the city to return to his old haunts." I believe one of the many reviews I read after the fact made a "stations of the cross" reference.


As is stated in the article, Cage's career, especially the past several years, has been decidedly hit-and-miss - and frankly, more to the "miss" side - but, "Pig" is a notable exception; perhaps his best performance in the last decade, and one that, if I may be so bold as to say, could potentially garner him an Oscar nomination.

I don't know that there's much more I can add, except to note the irony of casting Adam Arkin in a part that makes his scenes with Cage feel like an eerie transposition from when Arkin played a similarly abrasive, anti-social, hermetic gourmand in "Northern Exposure" some 20 years ago, and who was frequently at odds with the town's rich, ambitious patron. I don't know if it was a conscious choice on the part of the director, but for people familiar with the series it feels something like a wheel turning full-circle; a subtle, but also deeply satisfying paean to an earlier incarnation of the same character types.

If you get the chance, I would highly recommend viewing this as a double-feature with the also-Portland-shot feature "First Cow", not because they both feature animals as major plot-points, but because both evoke a vision of a wilder, softer, petrichor-infused sense of the Pacific Northwest, where longing and loss mix in equal parts with idealism and dashed dreams. Both are beautifully rendered, small, quiet, SLOW films that grow on one like moss on the side of an ancient fir tree.


Correction, Arkin played the role of Adam in "No Ex" 30 years ago...

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