When Will Seattle's Covid Bubble Burst?



I’m still baffled why these people that won’t take the advice from nurses, doctors and immunologists even end up in the hospital.

Why the sudden trust in medical care after being an idiot about it all this time?


Healthcare workers, and by proxy, the rest of us will be oppressed as long as the unvaccinated exist. By helping them we hurt ourselves. When will they be held responsible?


@2 because admitting they were wrong about this is like tugging a thread that will unravel the entire garment.


“Idaho’s latest pandemic surge has placed a huge strain on the state’s hospitals.”

The first part of that is also wrong. We need to stop generalizing the reason behind the collapse in terms like “Idaho’s latest pandemic surge.”

It should read “Idaho’s glut of unvaccinated patients” or “Idaho’s ongoing inability to vaccinate its citizens.”


@4 - of course, but again, why go to the hospital where the very people they don’t believe/trust will care for them? Why don’t they show that rugged individualism and tough it out at home?


Please tie this latest Covid surge directly to the ending of enhanced unemployment.


Why are we coddling the unvaccinated? THEY ARE THE ONES THAT SHOULD BE PUT TO THE BACK OF THE LINE. Everyone who needs medical care that is vaccinated needs to take priority. We are going to be paying (literally, financially paying) the cost of all of these COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths for decades. And all of the long haul COVID cases and all of the children who survive COVID but live out their lives with chronic illnesses.

I fail to comprehend the constant deferral to the most deranged, most unhinged, most dangerous fringe contingent of this society. Seriously, ENOUGH.

Make them wait. They all die anyway. Why should everyone else be traumatized and inconvenienced by them? They don't give a shit about anyone but themselves. They don't give a shit what's being pumped into their bodies when health care workers are desperately (and pointlessly) trying to save their lives.

Fuck them. Seriously.

This country cries every year over 9/11 and yet shrugs its shoulders by the slaughter of nearly one million people by its own government and citizens.


If it was Ebola, anti-vaxxers would be .01%. Maybe the prospect of suffocating to death is not as alarming as bleeding from the eyes.


hell yeah, montreal expo 67 dome


Hospitals will not admit to rationing prior to an official declaration from their state's governor that permits rationing. Do do otherwise would expose them to consumer lawsuits. If you are baffled by the lack of alarm in statements by hospitals and their trade groups, that's why. Note that Idaho hospitals are now finally using the R word, in light of Gov. Little's announcement.


Maybe Idaho should have a $10K citizen bounty to report any anti-vaxer who gets treatment that isn't prescribed by a veterinarian or As Seen on Info Wars or leaves the state to get an FDA approved COVID treatment.


It's not just recent events from Idaho.
I was hospitalized in January this year (not Covid related, thank God).
My nurse during weekly follow-up care advised there were 3 nurses on that building's floor 1 year ago, and one of them left - and was not replaced. Now the 2 of them were doing the work of 3. This appears to be a typical story - the strain on health care workers has now been baked into the system, with no end in sight.


Informative article, Charles. I'm wondering if at one point Idaho will engulf WA state east of the Cascades, as it seems like the polarization between the two halves of the state is only getting more extreme.


I read in a ST article the hospitals are obligated under federal law to take this overload from red states run by these criminal GOP governors. I'm wondering if they can get around this somehow by having them put up these tents for their enormous covid-infected numbers - within their own states. What happened to doing this? We saw coverage of tent/hospital expansion strategies at the very beginning of the pandemic, but suddenly, everyone's trying to get in someone multiple states away? Let them erect tent hospitals in their own states. And let their residents pay for it out of their own tax dollars. Then maybe they'll stop electing these mass murderers. Otherwise, dunno myself. The hospitals need to get around the federal requirements somehow - so they can reject these patients or not even have to deal with the requests.


@17 I'm waiting for someone from the Biden administration to tell these people, in accordance with their own professed beliefs as so-called "conservatives" - you made your own beds. So lay there in it - and pay for it, too, yourselves. "Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand."


@17 - as much as I'd love to see that happen, it won't, because the Biden administration is composed of fundamentally decent people who will do what they can for all of us. We kind of got off that track over the last four years, and it's good to be taking steps back the right direction. As infuriating as it is to expend resources saving these morons from themselves, it's ultimately the right thing to do.

Now, booting these unvaccinated apes off the Federal payroll is also the right thing to do and I'm glad to see it coming. And I hope that state unemployment agencies have the balls to tell them they get nothing, because of being fired for cause.


Jesus, this is all so batshit crazy!

I was briefly hospitalized in the summer of 2020 (and, like pat L, fortunately not due to COVID-19). I had to test negative to get admitted for my scheduled full bilateral hysterectomy that corrected 43 years of abysmally horrible monthly misery. My incredibly amazing gynecologist should be inducted into sainthood for insisting that, during the intensity of a presidential election year and no CDC approved vaccines for COVID available as yet, I should have my procedure done ASAP before she retired at the end of March, 2021. Five days after my 56th birthday, I had my operation, and everything since has healed beautifully.
Had I put off what has improved my overall physiological health tenfold (despite my long term endometriosis), I would be SOL now.

@14 pat L: You and I are among the lucky ones. I pity anyone whose initially scheduled life-improving surgery has now been cancelled to serve an unacceptable septic tidal wave of incoming selfish, undeserving people who acted out of their own "What are you going to do about it, libtard?" level of MAGA-stupidity. My heart goes out to all healthcare workers and hospital patients everywhere who are needing surgery to improve their health but suddenly can't get it.

@15 steelmonkey: It already appears to be happening.


@8 xina: Agreed and seconded.


@15 steelmonkey: I used a poor choice of words re @19. I agree. The polarization between Western and Eastern Washington has been steadily happening for decades, and is worsening at an exponentially worsening pace. The Cascades have indeed deeply divided our state.
I wonder what Spokane's hospitals will do with the incoming septic tidal wave of anti-vaxxers from Idunno now that COVID has officially won.


I wouldn’t worry too much. Now that the Taliban (and ISIS-K) have a new friend with the Chinese the only thing left is to let a few infected “refugees” stroll through Bumpershoot, Events at the Gorge, Coachella, the Fremont Street Fair, Safe Injection Sites, the many homeless camps with a new and improved virus and the healthcare (not to mention population centers) will be a moot point regardless of what “color” a state is today.