Every Single Sandwich at Lasa in Lynnwood Is Deliriously Delicious—But Especially the Lechon Kawali Roll

You need a Lasa sandwich in your life. Hell, why not six of them.



Where does their meat come from?


Lechon Kawali is killer, can't wait to try it, but "I knocked it out of the park first try"? What did you knock out of the park? Sounds like they knocked it out of the park and you ate it, and you're giving yourself credit for that. Or -- that's not what "knocked it out of the park" means.


Looks like The Chicken needs to plucking sit down, take a deep breath, and eat a sandwich. She was faced with so many choices that she had to take a swing at one of them, and "knocked it out of the park" by picking what she considers to be the top dog. Actually, it looks like they hit for the cycle, and more...


@3 Hmmm, maybe. Just sounds awkward, patting oneself on the back for ordering food.


Can we for once have a Sub Missives that doesn't feature the meat of dead animals? How can you repeatably ignore and sidestep the adverse environmental impacts from meat consumption -- is the taste of pigs really that important to you?

At the very least, please address periwinkle's question (as to source of the rotting flesh that you so absurdly crave)....


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I would say she threw a Hail Mary and scored a hole-in-one! (Seriously, it's been a long year and a half. Even the tiniest of personal victories are worth celebrating.)