Slog PM: COVID Is Still a Killer, Jeopardy! Faves Return, and a Right-Wing March on Washington Eats Its Own Tail



Those with underlying health conditions are the ones who need to get vaccinated more than anyone!!! It is so fucked up that that child has no parents because they didn't get vaccinated.

I am sick of the endless stream of deaths and stories about why people didn't get vaccinated. I feel nothing but contempt for people who die from COVID because they are unvaccinated by choice. The rest of the world would love to have the supply of vaccine this country is having to throw away because of its population's refusal to get vaccinated.

When the pandemic is over we should have to have another census because having the census right before the Republicans decided to slaughter one million Americans is total bullshit.


Republicans are such drama queens. There’s nothing touching than a middle-aged conservative white guy. I feel sorry for his son.


@2 Freudian slip?
Still probably right either way.


I don't know what Matt is smoking, but maybe he should ease off a little.

"Another Pride? Sure, why the hell not."
"After attending the Grant County Fair in Central Washington, they both fell ill and passed away."

Well, sure, a Volunteer park event will be smaller than a county fair, and Pride attendees are probably more likely to be vaccinated than county fair attendees, but still, maybe put the stories in different posts?


“She was vaccinated but was infected by others who chose not to be." Yet the linked article provides no proof of that claim. Do people honestly not realize that us vaccinated people can easily spread Covid, and might even be more likely to unknowingly spread it since we would be less likely to have noticeable symptoms? I believe everyone should get vaccinated, but this widespread delusion that being vaccinated magically absolves us of being able to still spread it to others is very disconnected from the reality of the situation.


@5 if everyone that could be vaccinated had been vaccinated as soon as they could have been vaccinated, the delta variant would never have entered this country, nor would it be spreading through this country as it has.

vaccinated people need to wear masks and social distance from people still because of their risk of spreading the much more contagious variant(s) that exist solely because of the unvaccinated.

this woman's family stated she did everything she was supposed to. unvaccinated people are responsible for this pandemic continuing to rage on and sicken and kill people worse than it ever was in 2020. trying to pretend that it can't be proven that this woman died because of the unvaxxed masses is just a way to blame someone for their own death.

fuck the unvaxxed masses.


@1 & @6 xina: +1 Agreed and seconded. I do wish that the DeathCult that is GOP fueled by an Orange Turd would experience mass extinction, and soon. The rest of the world can't wait much longer.
How hard could it be for the RepubliKKKan Party of None to wipe entirely out at this point? They represent the overwhelming majority of the willfully unvaccinated in their Race to the Bottom. They can just breathe on each other en masse and drop like flies.
I, for one would feel no remorse after all the criminally insane level of local, regional, national and global damage RepubliKKKans---the American Taliban---have done.


@7 - way to spread the misinformation!

Seychelles is 71.4% vaccinated today - not 100%. The population was vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine and a version of the Astro-Zenaca vaccine produced in India. During the peak of it's covid outbreak (in MAY) it was only 60% vaccinated. While there were breakthrough infections among the vaccinated (20% of total positive cases), almost all of the hospitalizations and ALL of the deaths were unvaccinated.

Gilbraltar has a population of 34K. It is currently 100% vaccinated (based on number of doses compared to population). While they did have a slight outbreak of positive cases
(1097 cases total = 3% of population between July1-Sept 13), presumably mostly among the vaccinated - only 3 people have died of covid in Gibraltar since MARCH! Also it is not clear when they reached 100% vaccination.


3,000 fired in France. Out of 2,700,000. That’s 1/10th of 1%. Non-story, Matt. France doesn’t have a “problem” any different than the rest of the world.


Idiots died. There, fixed the headline. The tragedy is for the child. The parents were morons. Afraid of "complications from the vaccine"? WTF? Hey - NEWS FLASH - a complication from COVID is DEATH!

@7 - you're a moron too. They used the Sinopharm vaccine and experienced an outbreak because why? It hadn't been proven in large scale trials. So shut the F UP.


Oops - update on Gibraltar. It appears they have actually only obtained "full vaccination" of RESIDENTS over the AGE OF 16. Also, they reportedly had a 3.5% vaccine refusal rate. And there are 15,000 "cross border workers" in Gibraltar who cross over daily from Spain. Spain has only vaccinated 31.4% of it's population. (So 1000 people testing positive over the last 10 weeks makes more sense now.)

Oh what I wouldn't give for a 3.5% vaccine refusal rate!!!


"The Hunt For Red Bastille Day"


Whoever the state employee was who came up with that giant asian hornet graphic deserves a raise. And another toke.


This commenter @7 was spreading vaccine misinformation just a few weeks ago on another thread. And just like when I started reading that person's first comment a few weeks ago, when I started reading this comment @7, I was like, "What planet is this person living on?"

I'm curious as to what this individual's motivation is.


Mr Richards was really only at his best on Divided.


@6 She made an unnecessary trip and put herself at risk, so she does bear some responsibility. And while I agree that this pandemic has gotten a hell of a lot worse because of the unvaccinated idiots, the vaccinated act like they have carte blanche to go back to normal life even though they can still be infected with and spread variants, so Delta was able to gain a foothold regardless. You can walk by any bar, restaurant, or event and witness people blatantly ignoring the guidelines we have in place. So maybe we need to stop acting so smug, invincible, and blaming it all on everyone else while continuing to do our part.