Slog AM: Lots of Wind and Possibly Record-Breaking Rain on the Way, New York Times Is Encouraging People to Kill a Beautiful Insect, Expect Idaho to Begin Begging Like Alberta



Now I sort of want to get those collars for my cats even though they don't go outside.


"Capitalocene" and "cow-jaw-stunning" are not going to enter the lexicon like you hope they will. Keep to wine reviews, Charles, you're good at those. A wordsmith you are not.


Poor kitty. What an annoying thing to do to a cat.


«The long night of COVID keeps getting darker in Idaho»
Idaho anti-vax rubes are flooding into Harborview MC because Idaho cannot care for them.
Nurses at Harborview are seriously talking about STRIKING right now because of the resultant conditions. That means NOBODY will be caring for the C19ers flooding in.
So, image in the nurses DO decide to go on strike. What do you do next?


«Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is all about starting a civil war to save the purity of the whiteness in America.»
Has anyone had a good look at the 'purity of whiteness' in Texas?
All that whiteness are morbidly obese, averaging 20 teeth, speaking in thick mush mouth and spouting about Jeebus without ever having read the New Testament. Sound scary?


It's in the Bible!


4 - I wouldn't even drive through E. Washington and Idaho now, what if you got in an automobile accident and had to go to the hospital!


You glossed over the career of Pastor Bob Enyart with your dismissive "Didn't another conservative radio person die of COVID recently? I think so."

Here's a highlight from Wikipedia:

Enyart angered families of AIDS victims when he read a man's obituary on his television show, Bob Enyart Live, calling the deceased a sodomite.[9] A regular feature of the show involved reading obituaries of AIDS sufferers while playing "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, whose lead singer, Freddie Mercury, died in 1991 from complications from AIDS.


You glossed over the career of Pastor Bob Enyart with your brief notification, "Didn't another conservative radio person die of COVID recently? I think so."

Here's a highlight from Wikipedia:

Enyart angered families of AIDS victims when he read a man's obituary on his television show, Bob Enyart Live, calling the deceased a sodomite.[9] A regular feature of the show involved reading obituaries of AIDS sufferers while playing "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen, whose lead singer, Freddie Mercury, died in 1991 from complications from AIDS.


@4, Re Harborview nurses striking in response to Idaho covid-19 patients flooding the hospital, is this something you've heard from people in Harborview (working there?) or was this on the news recently?

That being said, if the Idaho patients aren't turned away, they should be triaged behind the locals.



"In the land of 20 toothed mouths, the 21 toothed mouth is king..."


Bring the USNS Mercy up the coast and let Idaho pay for the patient transportation.

I like good strong rains, so much of what we get is just boring piddle.


It’s the Anthropocene Charles.
Humans didn’t need Capitalism to drive the Pleistocene megafauna to extinction 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.
It’s human population, not Capitalism driving Climate Change Charles. Even non-Capitalist economies (see China and the former Soviet Union) can have devastating impacts on the environment.


@14, thanks for saying this. Calling the Anthropocene the "Capitalocene" is a trite, little Mudede-ism that trivializes and fundamentally misunderstands the reality of climate change. (And I say this as someone who's fully aware of "Capitalism's" failure to account for the negative externalities of fossil fuel use.) It's almost as bad as all these people who flood threads about climate change to claim it's all about overpopulation.

Of course, one person's unified field theory to explain the way the world works is another person's Golden Hammer. Hey, when all you have is a hammer...


Why are we helping people from Idaho? Let them die. I no longer care. Just fucking die already and let sane people get back to trying to live a normal life.


@12 - ha!


14, 15 and 16, thank you, I love you for saying it like it is and saving me the trouble of being articulate on a Friday when all I want to do is leave my fucking job and go home and get high.


Thank you, Lord, for this blessed rain. “… I'd rather be dry, but at least I'm alive --Rain on me…!

Not too much water though, we don’t want massive mud slides along with our deadly menu of plagues.

Surprising that progressive Alberta has that “don’t mess with Texas” attitude and then begs B.C. for medical help.

Goodness knows Texas has paid dearly in human life for non-compliance in receiving inoculations.

Nice to know it’s cooler up in mighty Alberta, what with impending global warming adding to our collective human misery.

The Spotted Lantern Fly invasion may be a precursor of The Ten Plagues of Egypt
as detailed in the Old Testament, brought on by the Greenhouse effect and Global Warming.

This new COVID variant will inevitably induce health care rationing like we’ve never seen, at least since the last big one in 1918.

The red states have it really bad because they thought God would protect them, or perhaps Trump’s intellectual and moral vacuum, which is a nice idea, at least from a philosophical standpoint, if you’re a redneck, but that doesn’t hold up against medical and scientific reality.

You cannot fix stupid—although you can shoot it.

Remember that numb-skulled twitter salvo by Laura Looper if you don’t think
this is the real deal. Vana Gloria must be one of the Seven Deadly Sins, along with self-serving tweeting.

One problem with partisan hacks on both sides of the aisle is that they want to pack the Supreme Court with their philosophical companions.

Let’s keep the Supreme Court politically neutral and running smoothly, as intended by the framers.

More tub-thumping from the crackers, as Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick dusts-off the Martian invasion theory of mass sentiments with the “Texas Hold 'Em” brand of political gambling and distorted view of social reality from ingesting too many processed meat products.

Biden had the highest vote-tally of any presidential contender in history. If nothing else, the Biden Administration is operating from the position of real electoral strength and the will of the people.

You always have these puffy rednecks with shrimp-dicks who think there’s a red under the bed or they can contest the results of elections because their candidate got his or her buttocks waxed.

The way Trump tried to distort the presidential election results is a familiar, painful example.

Biden has done an exemplary job of addressing the COVID debacle, which probably helped usher him into office as he displayed temperance by wearing a mask, and has skillfully addressed the needs of the masses, many of whom have been severely sidelined by this horrific contagion.

Hopefully this monumental infrastructure package that Biden-Pelosi-Schumer are pushing though has extended unemployment benefits for those still ailing from the debilitating after-effects of COVID.

Trump’s campaign performance was the electoral equivalent of Jeffrey Toobin’s cam-to-cam masturbation exposé which was transmitted to numerous horrified viewers over skype.

Additionally, we should do our best to support mayoral candidate Lorena González as she goes toe-to-toe with the shiny Seattle Rotary Club and their perverted Dr. Pepper acolytes who continually fail to address the health and social risks associated with wanton drug-use and street-camping, although some progress has been made providing shelter for homeless folks.

Time for Durkan to get a Brazilian and get outta’ town. Don’t forget your anal area and for the love of Pete, do something with your hair!

Remember to vote for Kshama Sawant when she runs for Mayor, so we can get this city whipped into shape with some concrete, socially progressive policies that will make Seattle the citadel of the pacific northwest.

Look what happened to Portland--a bigger Tacoma--and you’ll realize the importance of voting for intellectually qualified and socially conscientious candidates like Lorena González or Kshama Sawant.

That cat-collar gimmick is another example of a solution seeking a problem. Cats were meant to hunt tasty birds and that thing will never stay on anyway. Cats are like the amazing escape artist and spiritualist Houdini when it comes to extricating themselves from collars.


@18, listen, I'm fully aware I'm a dipshit. And a piece of shit. And a pile of shit. What I wasn't aware of was that I'm a defender of free market capitalism.

Sadly, due to the demands of free market capitalism being placed on me today, I'm going to have to give you the last word on this matter. I'm sure that, whatever takedown you have coming my way, I've totally got it coming.


Why should states like WA be responsible for caring for people who have COVID from Idaho who refused to get vaccinated? Why should ANY STATE be responsible for another state's unvaccinated assholes who run to the hospital when they get COVID? Idaho won't be reimbursing WA for the cost of the care foisted on the state. Idaho wants to do NOTHING and they want other people to clean up their mess. Fuck them. And Fuck Texas. And Fuck Florida. And fuck every state that is pulling this shit.

Meanwhile, the travel industry (airlines, trains, buses) within this country are still refusing to demand vaccination proof from people traveling within the country. Why? Some assholes from Texas went to NYC where there is a vaccine proof mandate at businesses and when they were asked if they were vaccinated by the hostess of the restaurant (Carmine's) three of the fucking shitbags beat up the hostess! And all they got were desk tickets to appear for the assault and then released. FUCK THAT. Those shit bags from Texas should have been thrown in Rikers and hauled back to Texas (PAID FOR IN FULL BY TEXAS FOR ALL COSTS).

This nightmare is never going to end because of these assholes whose brains are rotting due to whatever disease they have - Trump derangement syndrome, syphilis, COVID - and this country's refusal to stop coddling them and demand they get vaccinated and prove it or be forced to stay in and go nowhere. At the very least force them to stay in their own goddamn disease ridden states.

This country deserves NO RESTAURANT INDUSTRY AT ALL. And it also deserves all health care workers to quit en masse. This country wants to coddle the insane and fuck everyone else over it deserves nothing.

We want the death cult to rule and do whatever they want? FINE. Bring it on. Shut everything the fuck down and let everyone die, slow, fast, however it's going to happen. Fuck this insanity. This slow death bullshit is sick and sadistic. If any country had done what this country has done to its own people we would be at war. We have all the nuclear weapons. Just blow up the country already and end it. End the world for fuck's sake. Humanity is not worth saving. And having to slowly and deliberately be destroyed by sick stupid fucks is too much to bear. We need a fast flash and for it to all be done and gone in seconds.



I don't know about trains and buses, but you can't board a plane in the U.S. or Canada right now without providing proof of a negative COVID test result within 48 hours of your flight (my spouse just had to take two back-to-back trips to Ontario due to a couple of sudden deaths in her family, so I know of which I speak.) Certainly, it's not the same as a vaccination certificate, but actually it's a better policy in the sense that it provides timely evidence that passengers aren't infected and shedding virus, regardless of their vaccination status.


@23 You can have a negative COVID test 48 hours prior to (whatever it you are using that test to prove) and have COVID 48 hours later. A test is a snapshot in time that applies only to that particular moment in time. You can literally become infected with COVID seconds after a negative test. Negative tests are NOT the same and should NOT be used as assurance of safety as they do not provide any. At this point, because of all of the unvaxxed assholes, even being vaccinated isn't assurance of safety because a vaccinated person can be infected by the unvaxxed, be asypmptomatic, and spread the disease. And that only is a thing because people in this country chose not to get vaccinated. If everyone who was eligible to be vaccinated got vaccinated when the vaccine was first available to them, this would not be happening. But this country is determined to pretend we can move forward and do everything we want to do because we're all just so sick of this pandemic already.

So I return to my prior statement. It will never end. The virus will continue to rage, spread, and mutate. People will continue to get sick and die. And that is how it will be until there are just no more people to sicken or kill.

The fact that humans believe they are the smartest animals on earth and that Americans believe they are the greatest people in the greatest country on earth while all of this goes on proves neither are truths.

We are too fucking stupid to live. And we're going to prove it.


The pandemic of 100 years ago, which killed my grandfather, had its share of anti-vaxxers and the pandemic finally ended - but back then there was no mass media, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump.


The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 came at least 12 years before the development of the first influenza vaccine in the early 1930s.

But there were anti-maskers during the pandemic.


And just in from WaPo:
'For the first time in known history, Alabama had more deaths than births in 2020.'


@8 - how many times has the Stranger told us that furry culture is not just about sex?


Dear Idaho: No, we do not want your dying COVID-19 patients (except those few who were eligible for and got vaccinated). We worked hard to get our hospital capacity back. We embraced the idea of shared sacrifice. We restricted our businesses and schools. We isolated at home. We continue to wear masks. Through these efforts, we now have one of the lowest infection rates in the country. As we led by example, you called us Sheeple and our leaders Tyrants. Meanwhile, Idahoans’ collective failure to take this problem seriously has sustained and fueled the virus, and now you’re paying the price. This is what personal responsibility looks like.



That's totally true; however, a PCR test covers a 72 hour window, because that's how long it takes for the virus to replicate to the point someone who's infected would begin shedding it and potentially passing it on to others. So long as everyone on the flight is within that 72 hour window you know no one will be shedding active virus for the duration of the time you're in close proximity to them, even if they may have been exposed sometime between when the test was administered and when they boarded.


Def loving the irony of all the posters insisting we should let unvaxxed people from outside WA die due to the consequences of their own choices are also the same people that continually say we should spare no expense to take care of any meth addict that shows up on our doorstep (and guess what? there is a good percentage from out of state). What's the difference?


@31 your definition of irony should be left to die too


Wouldn't it be great if it were just that simple? A rainbow collar? Then the kitty cats could go outside every now and then for some fresh air AND we get to keep our gorgeous songbirds. Win-win! Although the collar Charles pictured looked rather cumbersome. Would they have to be that large to work? Would a cat get used to something that big around its neck or would he/she constantly be trying to remove it? I have friends that have cats, but I'm not a scholar on feline behavior. I can see my friend Charlotte, who has a feral cat, saying, "Is anybody?"

BC is inundated with new Covid cases, Alberta is just catching up, really, after being rather cavalier about precautions. I think BC was more progressive in its prevention and vaccination efforts - and there for a while it was looking so much better, but delta has really cranked the infection rate back up. I was watching Vancouver news last night. Every night they give the stats. It's bad again. People are being hospitalized and dying again. 81.5% of the cases in hospital were unvaccinated. I'm worried about the18.5% who were and what that means. The good news is that British Columbia's vaccination rate is pretty impressive. And yes, they have pesky anti-vaxxers there, too. fighting efforts to mandate immunity including, sadly, the BC nurses' union.

Nobody deserves Covid, but certainly not my dear, sweet, enlightened Canadian friends.


Are these "overflow" patients from Idaho fully vaccinated or under 12?

If so, sure Washington State should help.

If not, why should we? It's on them. Have them call their Uncle Darwin.


Delta's quicker than 72 hrs to contagity -- I think it's more like 40 or 50. the next variants will prolly shorten that. what an insidious fucking Can of deadly Worms the Lying Liars (go, MAGAts!) opened up exposed us to let's hold those Fuckers Accountable.

GREAT fucking Post xina
thank you.


*other than the
two-second End.


Having endured 30 years of Texas thunderstorms every spring, I laughed hysterically when I saw the warning to beware of possibly 1" of rainfall overnight. Haha, now I'm giggling again!



I think there are plenty of important differences between the two groups, though I'd wager the most relevant one is that drug users are primarily only endangering themselves with their choices. If meth use threatened the livelihood of everyone in the users immediate vicinity, as well as the ability of our healthcare system to adequately function, I imagine we'd have a much more hardline approach to the problem. And I think this is illustrated by the fact that we ARE much less tolerant of these users when they're out victimizing people, either because of or in support of their habit.



Which is why no one is allowed on a commercial flight unless their test has been administered, analyzed and results returned in no more than 48 hours; they would literally have to leave the testing facility and be exposed within a couple of hours afterward in a scenario where they tested negative but carried the virus onto the flight.. But even with a 40 - 50 hour incubation period they would still reach their destination well before they began shedding. And in Canada at least they would still need to take another test within 48 hours of their return flight, so that would be more than sufficient time to return a "positive" test result, which would automatically disqualify them from boarding.


@40 Where are you getting your information.

Masks are required but I can't find any evidence that testing or vaccination is is required before boarding a domestic flight unless you are flying to Hawaii.

The CDC recommends testing but I can't find anything stating it is mandatory.


thanks, Comte!


First time I set foot in Texas it was in 6 inches of water at a gas station off 1-40. The hell else was I supposed to do.


Hey, unmasked anti-vaxxing pro-Trumpist Idahoans and Albertans: For those of us in Washington State, USA and British Columbia, Canada who wear masks in public in case we're asymptomatic and are otherwise fully vaccinated, do us and our already over-crowded hospitals a favor: drop dead, already. Your fight for your "Free Dumbs" has proven futile. COVID won. Donald Jackass Trump and its lackeys are laughing at you and always will down in hell, dumbfucks.

My beloved little Love Beetle and I enjoyed one last sunny day on Thursday driving with the top down, just in time before getting the window seals replaced on the convertible top and my VW safely garaged. Welcome to monsoon season, for those of us in the PNW.

@3 Phoebe in Wallingford: Agreed. Kitty doesn't appear to be too happy about wearing so visible a collar.
@20 pollysexual: Agreed and seconded--particularly about rednecks and cats.

@4, @5, & @27 Yeshua, @16 & @32 Brent Gumbo, @22 & @24 xina, @29 periwinkle, @34 Will in Seattle, and @36 kristofarian: SO spot on, well said, and summarized! Agreed, seconded, thirded, fourthed, fifthed, sixthed, and seventhed. Kudos to you all for so brilliantly covering the comment thread. I have nothing further to add other than my above related comment. Thank you all for beating me to it.


lol... idaho. what a trashcan state.


NYT is right about the lanternfly. RIght up there with Murder Hornets.


@46 dvs99: Agreed and seconded. If our own self-induced demise from climate denial, fossil fuel dependency, and anti-vaxxing stupidity doesn't do us in nature finally will, one killer insect at a time.