Sara Nelson Said Fremont Brewing Didn't Lay Off Anyone During the Pandemic. Unfortunately, That's Not True.

Former Fremont Brewing employees were surprised that Nelson didn't seem to know they'd been laid off.



Nikkita Oliver says abolishing the police will make the city safer. Unfortunately that is not true either.


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What a waste of space...a gotcha article about how Sara created only kept 70 something people employed and eating during the pandemic, not 80. What an expose. How many mouths did Nikkita feed during this time? Let's hear about some real issues, who has a plan to house people, how are they going to do it, do we need to accept free for all camping until everyone is housed, or are there middle ways? Who gives a fig about what you are writing about? Ughhh!


That picture of her is so douchey


Just think how this kind of sleight of hand will work in negotiations with the cops.

She'll just reallocate their positions and cut them anyway.


“"I think people get unhappy and jaded, so I think getting rid of these people who were vocal about not being happy working there and hiring fresh faces gave them a chance to hit reset on the culture button," one of the laid-off workers said.”

So Fremont fires 7 workers with attitude problems.

But rather than just firing their asses they called it a lay-off. Meaning the former employees could still collect unemployment.

If Fremont has just shitcanned those 7 employees the “beertenders” would have been ineligible for unemployment.

So instead of being fired from jobs they hated the employees got laid off so they could collect unemployment.

What’s the problem?


@8 the problem is Rich and the Stranger will do anything and everything in their power to make sure Oliver and her crew are elected so they’ll keep digging through the trash for whatever gotcha they can find. If this is the best he can do I feel good about Nelson’s chances against someone who couldn’t be bothered to vote in the past.


Love how all the usual trolls are dancing around this one: "well, she only fired seven (or was it ten?) out of 80 workers, so she wasn't really lying!", "They were maybe not happy about doing whatever they were doing, so they don't count (as if no one in the history of work was ever not happy about doing a job they kept doing)!" "The Stranger is just running a 'gotcha' article by pointing out someone fired some people when they said they didn't fire any people!"

You-all must buy your mustard by the Costco-tub, because you sure do know how to twist them pretzels!


They got an extra $600 periodically on unemployment and the chance to find a job somewhere they are valued.
When life gives you lemons...
As for Ms Nelson, she sounds pretty good at arguing semantics and laying blame elsewhere; if I didn't know any better, sounds like she's already on the council!


Sara Nelson is a liar who pretends to be concerned about workers' rights. Her company also installed big cement blocks to prevent unhoused people from parking nearby. Like fellow right-wing crank Kate Martin, Nelson keeps running for office and never wins. I will continue to boycott Fremont Brewing and my vote will go to Nikkita Oliver!


@12 "Her company also installed big cement blocks to prevent unhoused people from parking nearby."

When was the last time you were at Leary and 9th Ave. NW?


Yet another Seattle election menu that doesn't have anything appetizing on it. Yuck.


There's way more to this. The wage/pay structures at Fremont betray both her motivations and her policies' impracticality. Follow the tip-pooling.


Slippery slime wants badly to work for the elite and block a dynamo Black Lives Matter Hero.

OLIVER - we want her!

We will vote for Oliver.


We hate politicians and Nelson is an example why. Go Oliver!


1 It sure isn't safe with them.




@17: There are only two cops on patrol from Green Lake to Golden Gardens during weekday afternoons, according to an SPD officer a neighbor talked to.

That's pretty much like it is throughout the city. Cops are as extremely hard to find these days. You're safe enough from being gassed by SPD, even without marching on Capitol Hill.

That should make you feel better. Or at least find it humbling.


@15 seconded. My thoughts exactly


This is cutting edge journalism.


Fremont's always provided lots of jobs in the brewing industry -- mainly because nearly everyone with any talent can't stand to work there for very long. Ask around...


Their explanation makes sense to me.