Wait you can just wear a Snuggie to the Emmys?
Wait, you can just wear a Snuggie to the Emmys? Rich Fury / Getty Images Staff

You’ll be able to travel internationally in November. But should you? International travelers will be allowed to come to the US starting in November, as long as they’re vaccinated. Currently, visitors from a long list of countries have to show a negative COVID test within the last three days. The easing of restrictions makes some sense, as infections have begun to decline in a few countries. But they’re still quite high in the US — are tourists going to bring this American disease back home with them?


Abortion ban test case, let’s gooooo! San Antonio physician Dr. Alan Braid announced that he provided abortion care to a woman earlier this month, in a statement amounting to “what are you going to do about it?” This is likely a first step in an attempt to get a court to rule on the new law. In the meantime … can he collect the bounty on himself?

A North Seattle man was shot to death on Sunday. A second man was injured. Police claim that gun violence is way up this year. And what are they doing about it? Asking for more money so they can be more “visible.” That ought to do it. Also this weekend, there were shootings in Rochester, South Carolina, Dallas, Miami, Oakland, Chicago, Danville, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Louisiana. Body count so far is 8 dead over the weekend, forty injured — and that’s just mass shootings, it doesn’t include cute little mini-shootings like the deadly one we had.

We’re one step closer to vaccinating kids. Kids 5 to 11 have had a good response to the Pfizer vaccine, which means we could be just weeks away from that age group being approved for vaccination. Kids are at particular risk right now — pediatric hospitalizations are up (about 30,000 in August), and kids account for about 15% of new cases.

Quarantines target disease vectors. Great news: A West Seattle family is complaining that their kid’s school is making unvaccinated kids stay home longer than vaccinated kids if they’re exposed to COVID. The family has so far refused to get vaccinated because they don’t “trust” the vaccines — so who do you trust, the virus? Sorry to break it to you, Gollyhorns (that’s the family’s name, not my creative insult for them), but preventing contact between people who are sick and people who are at elevated risk (like, you know, your unvaccinated kid) is the entire point of a quarantine.

How green is your light bulb really? Not very, says the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe, which is suing Seattle over what the Tribe says are misleading claims about how eco-friendly our hydropower is. The dams block fish passage in at least three spots. In response to the lawsuit, a spokesperson said they are “committed to studying the viability” of making improvements. That’s government-worker talk for “please let this issue disappear into a committee until I can find another job.”

Someday, the people who manage America’s highways must be brought to justice. A coalition of state highway departments just recognized various states in the “America’s Transportation Awards,” and it is jaw-dropping what they consider award-worthy. Here is the winner in the category “Quality of Life/Community Development.” They’re all like this — absolutely disgusting. Every state highway department should be dissolved and replaced with agencies whose sole purpose is to undo their damage.

A good night for streaming services at the Emmys. Oh, right, there was that other awards ceremony this weekend. Lots of Emmys for Netflix and AppleTV+, with prizes for The Crown, The Queen’s Gambit, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Ted Lasso.

You can download the latest iOS this morning. It’ll be available at 10 am in our time zone. (You may want to wait, though, to make sure there are no bugs in the update.) If you haven’t updated recently, you absolutely need to do so in order to patch a colossal security hole.

Tonight is a full moon; do with that information what you will. They will arrive on your doorstep at dusk, wet and bedraggled, two newlyweds whose car broke down at the end of your driveway. Reluctantly, you let them in to shelter from the storm, the rain sheeting behind them. You warn them that before the full moon rises behind the clouds you must lock yourself away in the basement. Under no circumstances must they intrude, no matter what sounds they hear, no matter how desperate their curiosity tugs at them — you must remain sequestered. They agree, but you suspect it is to no avail. And several hours later, your heart shudders with dread when the cellar door creaks open and light pools into your lair from behind their shaggy silhouettes. For a moment, you stare up at them; they stare down at you. And then the two werewolves tromp happily down into your workshop, exclaiming, “hey, you’re into model trains, too?”

Dog meets mouse. This twitter thread is full of pictures of large dogs interacting with small animals, which is something you might need to spend some time looking at.

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