Slog AM: Vaccine Approval for Kids Probably Coming Soon, US to Welcome Vaccinated International Travelers, and Forcing a Showdown Over Texas' Abortion Ban



A snarky and snippy news roundup as usual Matt.


Damn it I accidentally clicked Matt Baume’s video, I hope youtube doesn’t count this as a “play” for him as that will only encourage him to make more.


People who say they are "doing their own research" regarding vaccinations really mean they are looking for specious justifications to continue perpetuating their inane, dangerous worldviews.


Hysterical NIMBY Boomers take note:

Alabama IS DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111OMFG

Alabama population on course to shrink for first time ever as Covid takes toll

“Here in Alabama, we continue to see deaths at a really high rate … 2020 is going to be the first year that we know of in the history of our state where we actually had more deaths than births.

Our state literally shrunk in 2020, based on the numbers that we have managed to put together, and actually by quite a bit.”


@3 - I could not agree more.
@Matt - Nice video. I enjoy your work in this medium much more than your overly opinionated slog posts. :)


I didn't watch, but know The Handmaid's Tale didn't win one award at the Emmy's. It broke Mad Men's record of nominations vs. no wins. And no Black actors won either, despite a record number of nominations. News isn't that difficult to fact check.


That's some nice whataboutism and deflection going on when referring to a murder in Seattle. Everywhere else is seeing an increase in gun violence, so I guess that means we don't have to do anything about it, right?

A smarter comment would have at least mentioned all those throngs of highly qualified community violence workers lining up for jobs to fix the problem; definitely won't end up like every other massively understaffed social work position in the city. Whatever, carry on with letting perfect be the enemy of good, gutting existing systems, and trying yet another idealistic experiment with no accountability. It's not like the victims actually paying the price will care - they'll be dead.


Meanwhile in the news. A nice fire broke out in the violent homeless camp once known A Ballard Commons. That's 890 fires in homeless camps this year and a new record. Hooray!


"Disgusting"? What is disgusting is your sanctimonious and horribly biased "reporting". Ugh.


3, 'People who say they are "doing their own research" regarding vaccinations really mean they are looking for specious justifications to continue perpetuating their inane, dangerous worldviews.'

People who say 'doing my own research' means they are searching the web with their smart phones.
Next time someone says that, ask him or her, "Are you publishing soon? What protocol?"


Is it just me or are comments disabled on RS little hit piece on Harrell?


Man of all the fashions at the Emmys, to make fun of a black woman’s outfit when these white bitches look pretty fuckin dumb too really pisses me off…

Are we beginning to understand yet that white supremacy isn’t all pledges, hoods & obvious violence, but the quiet accumulation of racist shit like this, sitting right in front of us? Or are we too inundated with Seattle’s liberal racism to even notice anymore…?

Check your whiteness, brother. Do better. Thank you….


The comments page is 404ing, if they wanted to disable comments it wouldn't be a 404. Unless they lost the sticky note that Sean Nelson left about how to disable comments properly.


@13: Oh please, the "Wait, you can just wear a Snuggie to the Emmys?" caption is hardly a thing to play that card on ... brother. That hideous cloth around any actress of any hue would deserve the same wrath.


If the highway system didn't exist, you wouldn't be able to afford the cost of food deep in your urban paradise, Matt. And if you think rail, sea or air transport of food crops is greener (or cheaper) than a truck on the highway, boy are you in for a shock.


Vaccinating children is child abuse.

From the CDCs own numbers by age Jan 1st 2020 -> Sept 15th 2021

5 yr olds: 11
6 yr olds: 8
7 yr olds: 13
8 yr olds: 13
9 yr olds: 14
10 yr olds: 9
11 yr olds: 11


@17) 1=2: A Proof using Beginning Algebra



That's quite an impressive assemblage of random numbers you've provided there! Have you also considered 7, 12, and 5?


@13 - Check your umbrage, bro. Utilize critical thinking more.


@18 - According to leadership in the Seattle School District 2+2=5


@19. sorry, my random # generator is not as good as the CDCs.


RE: Transportation awards.

"“America’s Transportation Awards,” and it is jaw-dropping what they consider award-worthy.... They’re all like this — absolutely disgusting. Every state highway department should be dissolved and replaced with agencies whose sole purpose is to undo their damage."

Look, I'm all in favor of switching to mass transit, but seriously--Lighten up, Francis.


The car thing has been decided. Most people like cars and trucks. We're going to switch to electric as soon as we can. Poor people and knuckleheads will continue to drive internal combustion for as long as they can. Of course we will need to build and maintain infrastructure for the vehicles. Time to move on, Mr. Baum. The argument is over.


guys hear me out, what if we withheld life-saving medication from kids so more of them die for no reason bc so far not nearly enough of them have died for me to care


@25 Of course your assuming vaccinating millions of kids will result in no side-effects.

I am aware of one 12 year old girl in the trial who became paralyzed soon after her vaccination.

@19, if you have better numbers produce them please. Also, keep in mind, these are children which have died WITH covid, not FROM covid. Everyone is routinely tested for Covid when the enter a hospital, and something like 40% of children reported to be hospitalized with covid had few or no symptoms, but were there for other reasons (cancer treatments, accidents etc.)


@3 and @4 are correct and the rest are mostly out to lunch.


Yes i am assuming the results from the independently reviewed & placebo controlled clinical trials represent reality and kids are going to be just fine, but since you brought up numbers i can't help but notice you think 1 paralyzed child that probably doesn't exist is worse than a bunch of dead ones who definitely do exist, which is a very weird thing to think! Arguably much weirder than thinking routine preventative medical care is child abuse.


"@25 Of course your assuming vaccinating millions of kids will result in no side-effects.

I am aware of one 12 year old girl in the trial who became paralyzed soon after her vaccination."

Good god that's some lazy trolling.


@27 - paralyzed after the vaccination (assuming that this anecdote is accurate) is not the same as "vaccine caused paralysis."

Frankly, letting vaccine denies raise kids is pretty much child abuse.




It’s always funny when ppl who just discovered the stranger last week are shocked to find out this progressive alt weekly is progressive. They’re always pretty sure the stranger is going to ruin seattle’s politics while also, somehow, desperately clinging to relevance.

Maybe try finding a local media outlet or am radio program that shares your views instead of complaining about the editorial position of a paper that’s probably older than you? Your whining only makes them stronger.


Lol no, i love where this is going please tell me more about these human impulses you speak of


What the fuck


Odd tone on the story about rising shooting deaths. Ordinarily it would seem to be in poor taste to use the word "cute" to describe a murder where the body isn't even cold yet, but I guess because the author did it in the service of mocking the SPD, it's clever or something? The fuck?



Nope, not gonna happen! And YOU will be forced to read it. Every single Godforsaken day... For the rest... Of. Your. Life.



It's too early for you to be this drunk


Another example of the SLOG comments being more of an interesting read than the SLOG itself.

@13: Not that I would ever defend Matt's version of the world, but I doubt his Snuggie comment was racially motivated. To jump from a comment about a dress to white supremacy is an egregious foul. Check your civility (or your underwear), brother. Do better. Thank you….

@16: More to the point, if the highway system was shut down as Matt wants, there would be no alcohol at Pony or Supernova, or wherever Matt goes to write his posts.

@20 - According to leadership in the Seattle School District 2+2=22 when it comes to stupid decisions.

@26 "Frankly what we need to do is just throw our children into Superdome sized pits filled with candy and toys and then just check back on them when they turn 18." I can tell you what will happen when they turn 18 - they be on staff at The Stranger writing SLOG posts.


Sterilize the Ameriban.

@4 Original Andrew: Alabama's population is dropping? Good. Further proof that the MAGA-stupefied states of confusion are dying off fast. The sooner the better for the rest of us trying to stay healthy and vaccinated.
I wouldn't be surprised if the entire Southeastern United States becomes a sparsely populated wasteland within the next five years. It is already a food desert, and millions of people have to drive long distances to get anything close to adequate healthcare.

@33, @35, @36, and @39: Eudamonic? Is that you? Please get a rabies shot.


@36 blip: Sorry. I meant @38, not you.