France really likes making weapons. It doesn't matter where they are used, they just want to make them. It is almost a perversion. France is pulling ambassadors and otherwise throwing a fit over what? Have they been attacked? Are they somehow less secure? No, they just won't make as much money selling arms as they thought they would.

Sometimes a former empire just wants to act like an empire. They had colonies too, you know.



The US is well aware of at least one of France's former colonies.


They loaned the not quite U.S. yet funds needed for the revolution.


@2 You really need to study your history. If France had not helped the Continental Army, we would all be speaking English now.


In a city that already does nothing about the homeless population other than bitch, complain, piss, and moan (oh and move them around), forcing 60,000 additional people into homelessness makes TOTAL sense. In a country that already does nothing about the homeless population other than bitch, complain, piss, moan (oh and ignore the fact that they even exist), forcing tens of millions of additional people into homelessness makes TOTAL sense. Meanwhile billionaires pay no taxes and are playing out their space fantasies. Greatest country in the world my ass.


I expect to see Migrant Roping as the next Rodeo event in Texas.


@6 You really need to study your history to find the last time the French succeeded in a military campaign. Like 200 years of history.


@8 Yeah. All those desperate people literally risking their lives and the lives of their children for the chance to be a despised minority in the United States are fools? Really? Western cultures are a beacon of hope for much of the world. Walk a mile in their shoes.


@8: Complaining about homelessness is a good thing and keeps it from being an accepted norm.


Been waiting a while to pull that one out, haven't you?
Well done...
*slow clap *


People like to joke about France and surrendering (I do too), but in truth France has been one of the most militarily successful empires in history. Napoleon was probably the greatest military commander in history. Take the "cheese eating surrender monkeys" with a grain of salt. Those defeats were in the modern era, during the Ancien Regime, France was unbeatable.


Next up :
Seattle cops need a supplementary budget appropriation to travel to Del Rio TX to pick up lots and lots of bull-whips.


@18: Oh tee hee. You're so witty and funny!



I'm surprised prof angry-pants hasn't showed up to shit all over all of you for not knowing every minute detail about the history of colonial France.
Must be sleeping one off...


@18 there would be no unjustified shootings if cops only carried whips and not guns.


@23: The facts say that the latter is a slim majority, but keep idly wondering and not lifting a finger to find out if that's your preference, I guess. Far be it from me to supply you with figures and dash your ignorant bliss.


@24: Oops, that should be "...slim measure", not majority. I'm blaming that one on auto-correct.

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